Petit Brabancon - 刻 / 渇き

Koku was good but a bit underwhelming compared to what I was expecting from the teaser. The transition from the first verse into the second chorus wasn’t nearly as strong as the transition from the first post-chorus into the second chorus.

Kawaki is thunderous though. Reminds me a lot of early Korn. The drumming is groovy (I’m really enjoying how much yukihiro is using tasteful hi-hat patterns where many other drummers might just bash away on the crash cymbal), and the impact of the transition from the intro to the first heavy section is massive.

OBEY is fun. It goes in a handful of directions that I wasn’t expecting, and the dance riff has me hyped up.

Production is pretty good across the board. The rhythm guitar tones are fantastic, I like how they were able to have them be so warm and thick while still being clear and articulate at such a low tuning, and it stands out among a sea of bands with super bright and tight rhythm guitars. Bass tone is fantastic too, it has just the right amount of distortion on it to cut through the mix without poking out TOO much. The drums sound great, though I do wish there was a bit more presence on the kick in some of the heavier sections. And I wish overall the drums sounded a little wider, on first listen on speakers I thought Koku was in mono. Just, like, push those toms out a little bit to the sides, maybe inch the hi-hats to the left a bit… The drum tones though are really good.


really fun single that’s got me pumped up for a full album

OBEY whips ass

I’m enjoying these tracks quite a bit. Nice to hear Kyo in a more straightforward-ish rock band that actually has a good flow/groove in the instrumental department too. For sure some of the vocals remind me of the DEG albums that came out around the time I got into vk so it hits a special spot.


Yeah, if you just randomly dropped this in my lap and told me to listen, I would immediately know Miya is involved.

Hearing Yukihiro in this context is interesting. I don’t like him in L’arc, as he sounds way too stiff and robotic. Here he’s way more relaxed. Some of the fills even sound like they’re about to fall off the rails, which I really like. He sounds human!


Mmm, those Marrow-esque vocals sound great. Can’t believe how good Kyo still is. This single definitely has some throwback vibes, but they feel pretty fresh at the same time - especially if I’m comparing them to the recent just-okay DEG singles. I’ll have to check some of the other members’ bands.

Assuming we get more material before that tour next year? Looking forward to it.


I love this description of Yukihiro’s drumming on this track “about to fall off the rails.” Like, that’s exactly it. The playing is so loose, it ALMOST feels uncontrolled, but right before it feels like it’s going to all fall apart the control regained and Yukihiro ends the fills exactly how they need to be ended to fall back into the main groove.

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Apparently they have at least 10 more songs in various stages of completion already, so I have a hunch we might get a full-length just before the tour comes (at least I really hope). :sunglasses:


I wasn’t sure what I was getting from the teasers, but altogether these songs are fantastic. Love the atmospheric sounds and the muddy guitar work in Koku. Hearing major Deftones influence in this.

That’s what make him stand out from others drummer, he got his own groove !

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I like this fusion of Miya and Kyo a lot more than I thought I would. This song reminds me a little of both embryo and Fukurou no Yurikago.

The obviously “enhanced” screaming is not my favorite.

Is the dog supposed to be a member?

Not just a member, the MOST IMPORTANT member!


Yeah am assuming there will be some new stuff before the tour. Would be pretty hard to tour with just 3 tracks… haha.

I can’t believe they completely nuked good fifteen years of ~creative authenticity~, ~musical soul-searching~ and ~their evolved worldview~ and recorded this, I didn’t expect to love anything sung by Kyo this much in my life ever again.

it’s very amazing, and I actually liked all Diru singles released over past few years, this is just better and less try hard in so many ways at once. I can imagine Kaoru is insufferable to produce music with.


“I can imagine Kaoru is insufferable to produce music with.”

Why? He seems pretty chill generally. Haha.

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There’s hardly anything more trite and tiresome than DEG’s metalcore at this point… except for those 20yo boneheaded MUCC riffs :weary: Big meh… the vocals are nice though but that’s no surprise.

I am all the way om board with this. Looking forward to seeing where this band goes.


I really like the song but feel like the chorus doesn’t really fit. Kinda disjointed.

Is what they do even metalcore at this point? I feel like the closest they got was on MOAB and the chugging riff in Vinushka. Not much -core influence at all in what they do these days imo


Isn’t that par the course for VK?


I don’t doubt he has a nice public persona for, like, interviews and fan interaction.

it’s mostly the lack of him collaborating with anyone else (that would at least produce a single or a session band), strange band interviews implying they don’t hang out with each other, and Kyo having time for 3 active projects with Deg only releasing one single over the entire 2021, and announcing a PV collection for the next year. back at their prime, he was totally fine releasing one off solo singles while Deg was more active, and K. did the majority of the composing work.