Petit Brabancon - Automata


Ep is nice, but nothing mindblowing

Hate to say it but the EP is pretty underwhelming. Kodou is obviously the best song but still only like a 7.5/10.

I think the cover was better than the EP.

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I’d say the first track is pretty mind blowing.

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the video is so gross!!! I’m glad VK is finally healing… coming back to its sensibilities…

It is better than Fetish. Surely is a top-tier dog jam


Wow, I thought Miserable was really good and I thought Fetish was pretty fun so I was excited for this but 4/6 songs are complete garbage filler. I hope their next project has a lot less “what if sukekiyo but bad” songs.


That video is both unexpected and totally excellent. Love the aesthetics.


…shit, where in my room do I put this when it arrives, I can’t sleep when it’s not completely dark xD


I actually really liked it - I could like, understand what was happening more here? I guess… whereas that album I just like couldn’t get a grip on anything it all just seemed chaotic to me

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I’m into it. I liked most of Fetish quite a bit, but it’s nice to see they aren’t sticking to just that sound.

The main track is a grower actually (their best track to date?)! What do you guys think about the other songs?

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I just noticed that there are song names written

Not the best release ever, but better than anything DIR EN GREY put out in the past 10 years lol

Kodou absolutely gives me Yokan/Wake/early DEG vibes and the EP seems to be more diverse than their album. Definitely feels like they still have to look for “their sound”, but they’re on their way.

Come on dude can’t agree on that :crazy_face: There are many masterpieces on Arche and Phalaris that play in completely a different leauge imo. Revelation of mankind, Behind a vacant image, kukoku no kyouon, rinkaku, 13, oboro etc. Kodou is pretty good but nothing mindblowing and miserable sounds like a track (non single) on a Mucc album.
The other 4 songs on this EP are filler trash, hate to say it.

But YES, kodou is a grower for sure. Wish it had just a biiiiiit stronger chorus tho to make it more memorable.


Surely and common destiny are cool to me, weakest song imo is loser. I also would have liked a proper song instead of the useless intro

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Feels weird for Puchibra to do some 90s vibes in Kodou. If they gonna continue this sound, then I’ll have problems with differentiating the sound among Kyo’s bands.
Common destiny is the most FETISH sounding track that it doesn’t fit in on Automata. I’m curious if this track is the one that was added later (initially it was announced as a 5-song EP)


Not saying they haven’t released a single good song, it’s just that these albums are completely forgettable as albums, have lots of recycled guitar riffs/drum patterns and also didn’t convince me live. Can’t see a real evolution or growth.
Like I said, I think they’re still looking for their sound and this is a good step. I think antz’ and Hirofumi’s contributions are adding a lot to these old farts.


I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. Miserable and Kodou are bops, for sure

I think the drum production is better than on Fetish as well. I’m not sure if they layered a sample under the snare or somebody just told Yukihiro to hit the damn thing harder, but there’s a LOT more power and smack in the snare across this EP, while not sacrificing that pitched ringing in the sound that I’m actually a big fan of.

I know I won’t be angry about owning this on physical, at least :slight_smile: (if even just for my tismatic sense of completionism)


I don’t think yukihiro changed the way he hits the drums (harder) on this EP compared to Fetish. The guy playing drums for 30 years. It’s definitely a mixing thing you describe. They did it better on this EP, but i believe it can sound even better. (Maybe next release?)