Petit Brabancon New Single "渇き" (Kawaki) Release

Petit Brabancon have announced their first CD single “渇き” (Kawaki) with an April 27th release date.
This single includes all three previously released tracks + a new song titled “A Praying Man” (written by Miya).

They also revealed a new artist photo.


“new” single more like “old single with one new track”

The prices for the PrEmIuM stuff is ridiculous. Especially because the blu ray will only contain 2 PVs [Edit: Not to mention they already made people pay 15000 yen a ticket for the “show” where they shot these PVs].

CD - 1650 yen
CD, booklet, bluray, t shirt - 9900 yen (-> shirt [and booklet] is 8250 yen)
CD, booklet, bluray, t shirt, vinyl single - 16500 yen (-> vinyl is 6600 yen)

Kyo and Miya teaming up was a mistake haha

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Those are some…interesting prices.


The complete edition of this single is even more expensive than the deluxe limited edition of the upcoming DIR EN GREY album lol.


Standard CD is fine but wtf is up with the pricing on everything else? Jeeeez. Haha. Then again if all these mugs will pay these prices theyll keep upping it.


that’s the price of having a l’arc en ciel band member pulling in rich fanbase.


Side-eyeing them a bit for this move, but I can kiiinda see it being justified as a physical release, as opposed to the original digital single (that said, LMAO @ that limited-ed. price).

Anyway, looking forward to hearing the new track!

wow its like resellers whenever limited prints are sold out lol

Why are they flipping their own releases? Better question, why are fans going to buy these without thinking twice and get upset when it sells out?

I could’ve sworn it said somewhere that the LP version was 200 copies limited, but I can’t find it anymore lol

Edit: It’s limited to 400 copies, 200 from each store… probably sold-out already lol

Someone signed under freewill I was drinking with drunkinly mentioned wanting more money as some motivation for side projects, with those prices me thinks it couldve been more than a drunk joke :joy::ok_hand:


I tried explaining this to my partner, that side projects and other materials are generally considered as “High Tier”. Its almost Gacha like mentality.

Edit: spelling

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Some bands just blatantly try and juice their fans and they are ok with it here.
Like some L’arc fans told me they all know they rerelease stuff so much just so they can reach contract bonus terms but they are cool with it. :joy::ok_hand:

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Man those prices… the desperation for money man, the desperation.


Eh, since they released most of the songs digitally already and the CD-only version’s price is pretty standard, I don’t mind this model that much. They’re probably not going to play very many shows due to all the schedules that need to align, so might as well make that $$ where they can, I guess.

Then again, I don’t usually buy limited/deluxe versions anyway, so it’s not like I really have a stake in this.

Prices are stupid, rivalling sukekiyo.

Thankfully the standard CD is actually reasonable. I’ll most likely purchase a copy. Fuck the limited editions.

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I mean I feel like 9900 yen so….$80 for a cd, booklet (not sure if it means a photo book or what since cds come with a booklets usually) bluray run around $80-100 by themselves and a shirt is around $30 so sounds reasonable to me. :man_shrugging:

Edit: After seeing that the bluray is only pvs that sucks, so this shouldn’t be more than 7000 imo. That being said I’ll probably buy it because we’ll likely only get a yearly or every six months release from this supergroup that has been everything I wish S.K.I.N. could have been.

Are the prices egregious? Yes.
Are they going to re-release these songs in the future? Probably.
Is this a collector’s item? Yes.

I’m like fairly certain this band is going to do a few more releases and then fizzle out…even the most invested of musicians can only put so much of their time and energy into different projects. On that basis alone, it would be cool to own this just to own some Diru-adjacent material. Hell, a visual band is releasing a vinyl? That don’t happen everyday.

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Yeah I definitely feel like it’s a collectors item for fans of the bands that the members are a part of and this band, and I won’t be surprised if they go on hiatus without announcing a hiatus next year or if they go on hiatus and never come back.