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Where do all the rumors about Kyo come from? That he is the king of fingering/really good at it?
I got really surprised to read that.



i will be fielding no further questions


There are certain japanese places on the internet where bangyas talk about stuff like this. A tumblr blog posted some translations from there. A lot of stories that involved Kyo mentioned fingering and that he was good at it. Is any of this true? Who knows. Is it funny nontheless? Absolutely.
Do I remember the name of the blog? No.


It was probably “fuck yeah tanuki”
Idk if it’s still alive tho


Im pretty sure i still have the link to it (for some reason) and ive seen some new posts but im not sure

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Haha, great. Tanuki field day incoming? :laughing:

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We got our own thread up here too

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Do you guys personally think Kyo gives off the vibes of being a fingering-expert?
I am really shocked to hear about this myself.

@Baroque Remember this thread is for unpopular opinions, not discussing rumours! Please take any gossip discussions to the rumour thread as posted above.


I’m happy than some of the old “idols” are retired and no one can’t find their traces after disbandment or cutting off their ways with music.
They are still here for friends and those who was their close friends in the past times, it’s scary when gaijin otakus are begging for their mails, accounts or personal information (as full birth date, children, current occupation…) for years…

The amount of japanese jrock/VK bands TRULY worth listening is like 5… Or maybe less.

declining account, u will lose suscribers

Sorry I dont get it.

I really hesitate in posting this, but I have thoughts and nowhere better to share them. I’m going to spoiler it so you can choose if you want to read it or not. It involves the GazettE.

I wonder if 2024-04-15 is the day the first domino falls.

For the vast majority of the time that I’ve been in the scene, there have been two breakaway bands: Dir en grey and the GazettE. I’ve once heard the GazettE described as “the last visual kei band to make it”. I can’t really argue with that assessment. I personally conceive of the visual kei scene as three distinct tiers with the following properties:

Indie: Mostly comprised of new, independent bands but also includes bands signed to a small label or with limited distribution of their releases. Think of this as the group that includes everyone that’s not in the following two groups.

Liminal Space: Bands at the top of the indie scene. They are not quite major but they have an established line up, a few releases in their discography, a defined sound, and a growing fan base.

Major: Visual kei bands that sign to a major label specifically and may still be visual, but leaves the indie scene behind.

The visual kei boom ended around 2010, so for the last 14 years these two bands have remained the dominant forces in the scene. There haven’t been many bands to cross over from the indie scene to the liminal space section in the last 14 years that are still active today. Now we are in a situation where one of the titans has suffered a great loss.

If the GazettE folds, who takes their place? JILUKA? Not even a dig at JILUKA, they’re really the only band I can think of that occupies the Liminal space while still remaining independent. If the scene wants to continue, we need more bands to come up out of the solidly indie scene and position themselves to become the next break away unit, whatever that looks like. It can’t just be Dir en grey and JILUKA. Maybe DEXCORE? Zigzag? KIZU is a stretch but maybe?

I am seriously struggling with envisioning a scene that doesn’t have the GazettE in it in some way, shape, or form.

Now I don’t want to be a negative nancy. News is still fresh and emotions are high. I’m sure even the band is uncertain about a lot of things right now. But it’s a recurring thought that I just can’t get out of my mind. All four of the bands that I listed could do just fine without visual kei, but the reverse of that statement is not necessarily true. Someone do their best to convince me I’m wrong, and put me on to some one I don’t already know.


But do we? A scene can be completely indie underground and still survive. Do you think younger bands only come into the scenes because everybody wants to be Gaze or Diru? I think a lot of people don’t want to “make it” they just love music. And honestly, that’s the kind of musicians we need anyway.


Putting my reply to @zeus in spoiler please read only if you choose to or ready:

Well I believe mejibray would have been on that list by now but… ya no how that went. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Tbh I don’t see anyone taking their place it’s hard. I can see dexcore or jiluka but it’s really a matter of what band will be able to take the world by storm like the Titians did and currently have been doing and if they do things smartly.

In my opinion I believe it ended on 2015 but truthfully it ended around that time.

Overall, A lot of really good older bands have suffered recently and it’s very unfortunate. In some way we need some newer bands to take the spotlight now. Vkei will continue but it of course isn’t the same without certain bands existing in the scene. The gazette having taken a huge blow and it does leave a bad taste for the future but I believe the band can recover from this. Even reita’s last words were that he wants them to be eternal and the gazette to last forever. I believe the gazette will try their best to do so and fulfill his wish.

Really quickly let’s just take step back a bit a look at some bands that disbanded. Honestly in my opinion right now I feel vkei is a bit in shambles or at least a bit all over the place. There are a lot of new bands. Just naming some semi-recently active vkei bands/big names here that were very popular and phased out recently just naming a few. If i missed any let me know :sweat_smile::

D → hiatus till ???
Buck tick → unknown??? (not sure on this one)
girugamesh → revived now Unknown??
Alice Nine → Indefinitely hiatus?
X-Japan → Unknown??
Sug → Semi-hiatus/unknown??
Kiryu → Indefinite hiatus

However on the flip side we did get some decent revivals periods and full revivals. This just shows how certain vkei bands still are popular even when they are disbanded and how dedicated vkei fans are.


This was the biggest bullshit that i read on that time. Gazetta do povo has very good albums and their activities has power because the fans and the members to keep the band alive.

Nowadays, we can’t say that one or two bands still dominate the genre also is a bad behavior from the fans to define and monopolize everything around a band. Ignoring everything that has been done by the others and is still being done on the scene.

Even if there is no rise of any other band. Because times change and the dynamics of what is a good and internationally known band in a specific genre change too.

Just as in other musical genres it has taken many years for a new band or artist to emerge and become bigger, so it will be with vk. No one is going to replace Madonna for example, the legacy will remain to inspire the next generations and so on.

All we can do is appreciate what’s still on the scene and hope that a new rise will appear again. It may take a while or not. But it has always been this way with many tries and mistakes of the bands.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say yes, but not for the reason you might think.

One of the assumptions underlying my breakdown of the scene earlier is that there’s a transition from Indie to Liminal, and from Liminal to Major. No band starts in the Liminal space. They might make a meteoric ascension through the Indie scene, but Indie is where everyone starts, because visual kei is already a completely underground and indie scene.

The main ingredient in transitioning from Indie to Liminal space is time. You need time (and a good dose of luck) to make music, grow your fanbase, go on tours, etc. A lot of visual kei bands break apart before they get enough time. But another ingredient in that transition is also connections. Success is often parts what you know and who you know. Connections really fosters a mentor/mentee relationship between established bands and newer bands, but that assumes that there are people around to mentor. The third ingredient is money; a band is a business and if you can’t make enough money to operate then you can’t make music.

These two (three) things are sorely lacking in the scene at the moment. New bands are so fragile. They come and go at the drop of a hat. Now on one hand, that’s just how music goes, but on the other hand the scene has gotten very comfortable with the transient nature of its bands. If we accept that bands have a short shelf life, we are also accepting the opportunity cost that less bands are going to transition into liminal space, because there are less bands around to do it. If we accept that visual kei is a small scene, then we accept the opportunity cost that there aren’t a lot of bands to even consider. If we accept both of those things, then we implicitly have to accept that less indie bands are going to foster connections with more established bands, because there are just less of them!

We need musicians that play for the love of music. We need musicians that are in it for the money. We need musicians. More of them. A lot more of them. And they need to form bands and stick together. They don’t need to go major - they can stay in liminal space for their entire career if they wish - but they just have to get there.

I’m okay with passing the baton to the next generation, but there has to be someone to pass it to! I admit I’m guilty with this next statement, but for a while I’ve been complacent with the status quo as a fan because I felt that “Dir en grey and the GazettE would go on forever”. But now, we’re forced to reckon with such an undesirable situation where that might not be the case anymore. And once I’m forced to take the temperature of the room, I realize that there just aren’t many bands to consider picking up the mantle.

And I want to stress the difference between doubting that a group of bands could or couldn’t do it versus that group of bands just not existing.


The way I feel about it is that everything is a cycle of some sort. We want a situation where we have some artists that are at the peak of the scene, and other artists who are building their legacy to take over in the future. We want that to overlap. We don’t want to wait until one set of artists wrap up their legacy before other bands start preparing. That’s not exactly the situation as it is now, but I think we are getting uncomfortably close.

I made an post about this not long ago on the thread about vk going mainstream.

We are a few disbandments away from this scene colapsing. But I thing there is some band solidarity building up, and that’s gonna delay it a bit. We need more projects like the Japanese Visual Metal stuff, or MUCC’s coupling tour

Building synergy, older bands helping build up followings for another bands

(May I sugest we split this discussion for an proper thread? I think this goes beyond Unpopular Opinions, and is an interesting conversation)

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