Qventin's introduction


I’ve actually used Jrock One for ages (it was still Monochrome Heaven, and I still keep it as such in Mozilla) and I’ve finally created an account to interact with the community.

I started listening to vk some 15 years ago. I almost listened to that genre only for 3 years. After that, I eventually decided to discover more bands thanks to Plastic Tree: shoegaze bands, The Cure, The Smiths… And I even kind of stopped paying attention to what was happening in the scene during my university years.

I kind of started with An Cafe, then MUCC, then Dir en Grey, then cali gari. I was really into bands who were active around 2008-2011 (LuLu, Dennou Romeo, hachi-biene-, SEX-ANDROID, Kibouya Honpo, amber gris, cocklobin, -OZ-…). I don’t really care for newer bands, even though Kizu really appeal to me.

I’m now living in Mexico but I’m actually from Belgium. I won’t say much about myself, apart from my being in a new dark/post-punk band called Fake Robots. Our first single (the only one available at the moment) isn’t really vk influenced, but you might hear some elements from the genre in the near future.

Nice to meet you all. Feel free to recommend new bands if you want to. I’d appreciate it.


Welcome back! That’s a nice selection of bands you like – there are plenty of people here who share your tastes.

JRO also has a Discord you can join if you’d like to chat with others further.

Enjoy your time here! :wave:

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Welcome back (:

Enjoy your time in our community :sparkles:

sugoi :star_struck:


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