Random thoughts thread

It’s the return of the random thoughts thread. Feel free to shout into the void, post random nonsense, one-liners, rants, one-off stories and the like in here.

I put on some Diru while washing the floors yesterday and today my mom saw the Cage PV on the YT recommended page (on the TV). After watching it because she thought it looked weird, she thinks I should go to a mental institution :slightly_frowning_face:


Every year again I‘m shocked that so many people in my environment are hating snow. Snow is one of the most beautiful things in the world and I can‘t understand how anyone can say something bad about it. :sweat_smile:

Maybe I‘m a little biased because today is the first day of snow in my city. :laughing:


I also have a story about my mother and Cage. Years ago, I made her phone ringtone the beginning of the song (the music box part) because she liked it so much. To this day, she still uses that mp3 but hasn’t heard the full track and knows basically nothing about DEG besides that she likes that melody. I wonder what she’d think if she actually googled them and found the OBSCURE PV.


Snow in itself is pretty and if you’re inside while it’s snowing it’s a cozy feeling, but when I have to go out into the snow I instantly dislike it. :sweat_smile:

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I had to block some news websites because reading other people’s tragedies were affecting my personal life.

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This video kinda had the potential to be the spiritual sequel to funny Joey/Einshine videos mixed with the Gackt/Miyavi 2000s interview but instead we got the penis training variety show mixed with a Filthy Frank video.

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Yeah, I wasn´t even able to watch the whole thing because of the attitude.
(Not that I would have expected something else but still)

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Yes exactly. It was quite cringe-inducing… Like everything Gackt has done in the past 15 years or so.

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The real question is, how long until we get the inevitable YOSHIKI version of this trend also calling him “Japan’s biggest rock star”?

I mean, when you say “biggest” there can only be one, and HYDE was probably a better guess than GACKT at this point in their careers…


spring festival in China now, and it’s full of noise of firecrackers outside, really annoying, so I put on my headphone and listen to brutal death metal :rofl: and compare who’s more noisy

I thought you guys were celebrating new year tomorrow, not today??

I’m either cursed or the universe hates me because the amount of shipping related bullshit I have to deal with surely can’t be normal. Three out of the last four things I’ve bought/received have required some kind of incident report.

now, it’s today. spring festival eve ended 35 minues ago :wink:
I actually don’t really care, just have more dishes for dinner than usual, and I was literally fixing my computer again, sigh
but now works fine, at least. dunno when it’ll crash again tho. :slightly_frowning_face:

Youtube algorythms works strangely. I watched BabyKingdom new video recently and got recomendation to watch 0.1g no gosan MV from 2 years ago, but filmed at exactly same location as BabyKindom :thinking:


Too many bands are streaming on Valentines day -.-


I never really realized the western standard is to release (some) singles AFTER the album drops until TODAY. I always thought that the Japanese way of singles only, then the album was like the international standard. Damn. Tbh I really didn’t pay attention to music until I got into VK so that’s why.

You are aware of this, right? Yes I sure hope someone is able to do the Yoshiki version lol. Just, bring it on! As long as it’s not like, Taka … It’s a win.

Edit: highkey sad that Aki missed on the opportunity when she met Miyavi and Connor when he met ACME. At this point I just want “interviewing the biggest japanese rock star” to be a trend so we can get more interviews.

there’s typically a pre-album lead single, in some rare cases several, and multiple post-album singles which keep the hype going.

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ah damn, my exam will be on March 27th… previously April 22nd nearly every year, so I have to rush to my 2nd round of review now… :zipper_mouth_face: and my writing is still pretty bad in Chinese :zipper_mouth_face: why no English writing? sigh
goodbye everyone, see you in April, probably.

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