Random thoughts thread

You find the flow snow, yeah…

Lack of comprehension

Listened to MASS for the first time and it’s a very serviceable album by Ruki & co. I like it better than I did NINTH which turned me off of them completely, which is kind of crazy since I loved DOGMA and pretty much everything before it except for DIVISION and BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY.


The AA= sound has changed so much since #1 in 2009.

Rewatching this since he’s successfully gotten the song stuck in my head by randomly singing it in every stream.

God, the way that he sounds like he’s slowly being stung by more and more bees with each round.

Oh I can schee the shunnn…

Just now discovering that there’s a DDJ YouTube channel with a bunch of longish videos. https://youtube.com/channel/UCVoWsX-rOLHTzfLEOrI0C-Q

Hell froze over, Snowden is now an official citizen of Russia. Now let’s get Assange out of prison. :crossed_fingers:t2:

bands that never had a PV :sob:


Why must there be spice receptors in the ass hole?

What the hell were the early humans stuffing in their butts that they had to evolve spice receptors in the place of excrement?

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They appear in the anus because they appear pretty much everywhere in the peripheral nervous system. What you’re thinking of as a “capsaicin receptors” is more properly known as the TRPV1 receptor, one of a family of transient receptor protein (TRP) receptors.