Regarding Yohio

Can someone explain what happened with Yohio? He deleted the tweets before I could see them

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Said he was mad about the covid restrictions or something like that, and said he was probably going to be assassinated. Then people found out his real name is Kevin, twitter had a field day with that one.

He also compared himself to Jesus in a way. So basically…him being his egotistical self.


His name has always been public though?

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I didn’t know that. But I’ve always ignored anything Yohio related cause he was always getting into fights with fans on twitter and it was annoying lol

kevin is my cats middle name but only bc it’s a joke like Kevin lmao

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He did also call one of his songs the best vk ballad and spoke about how massive of a genius his underrated dad is, and the next day he still stood by everything he said in his other rants


Your cat has a middle name?

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That one tweet about the girl telling him he deserved to be bullied because of his skin color was so fucked tho, even if it did sound like bait that he totally ate up. VK twitter is fucking trash

I get his point about the bullshit COVID restrictions not letting him perform within a crowd, but can’t a girl livestream at least??? That drama was a fucking mess tbh…this is why certain people shouldn’t be using social media in the first place.

inb4 a certain pokemon trainer enters the chat


yours don’t???

Smh at least Kanye has actual talent. Kevin needs to drop a record that doesn’t sound like Kidzbop Euro-rock Honkey-Tonkey Ass Bootleg Visual Kei before he can even say his own name and Jesus in the same sentence.


Am I the only one who thinks you can’t be VK if you aren’t in a Japanese band? Like a white dude living Japan in a VK band sure, but the VK Chinese and Korean bands and Yohio is just dudes in make up to me…it isn’t like we don’t have rock bands that are visual etc…see KISS or David Bowie. But they’re not VK.


there’s also the fact he defended gackt saying everyone in MM was dead, VK twit had a field day bullying the shit out of kevin that day

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I mean maybe but any venue he’s capable of filling rn will spare empty 60 feet between 5 diff visitors, it is perfectly socially distanced.

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Narcissism as no limit.

where is the tweet about MM ? Can’t find it

You’re missing the most important part: He actually played the reverse racism card lol

This is even more interesting considering that 4 one of his Swedish band mates was caught ordering antisemitic stickers and other stuff. This guy apparently also plays in another band which is distributed by the singer’s company called “Wolfsschanze” (Wolf’s lair; which was the name of Hitler’s first Eastern Front military headquarters). Being confronted with that he simply replied “He’s not a Neo nazi, I’ve talked to him”


Can we go back to the days were the jokes about YOHIO were all in fun? These allegations are serious and he’s not handling the responses well…


I also think so actually. I even don’t regard Indonesian bands like Chocoretto and Mogolian bands like Visual Moon and tons of those Brazilian bands as visual kei. western visual kei scene? Asian visual kei scene without Japanese? sorry, you have to be Japanese. but it doesn’t mean you can’t do make-ups, I’m listening to music of the bands, not looking at the music. something you just can’t imitate because you’re never one of them.

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it’s perfectly possible as evidenced by Chaos working with two different visual kei bands :`)

even the confirmed xenophobe Hakuei produced a Brazilian VK act before he transed himself.

That name sounds familiar and yet IDK who that is.

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well, that was just my personal aspect, it doesn’t make a difference on others certainly.