Regarding Yohio

Literally from the start of his Swedish career he said phenomenally stupid things like not allowing his sister to grow up a whore

Of course he wouldn’t let his sister grow up a whore, he’d been doing it since at least 2011, and it’s no ideal career path
(just had to put the video for the thumbnail lol)

Marduk was pretty cool back in 99 I guess heh

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No, Fredrik Widigs played there after he had played with Yohio (and was also found to have ordered stickers, the party policy of the “Nordic Resistance Movement”, as well as the books “Grundläggande raslära [The Basics of Racial Doctrine]” and “Sionismen - det dolda förtrycket [Sionism - the Hidden Oppression]” from a local Nazi organization). Yohio wasn’t involved at all, from what I can see.


Thank you for the in-depth analysis Disposan! I actually learned quite a few things from it.

I was very dissatisfied with that post because there is, somehow, so much more to this entire story. I’ve been thinking about writing ‘The Complete Great Swedish and Finnish Visual Kei Timeline’ for a long time now. There are is so much under the surface, and it is kind of a part of the whole wave of visual kei in the west. The only issue in such an undertaking is that these dudes have effectively purged their social medias dozens of times over. If I remember correctly, Yohio’s present feed ends somewhere in 2018, which is when he managed to pick himself up from his prior meltdown and restart KEIOS’ activities.

/w/ - YOHIO [/details]

Seike is also a master of bridge burner and a queen of PR. When Yohio blew up during his Eurovision gig it became apparent that the sinking ship of Seremedy was about to be a guitarist short, Seike went to the tabloids, accusing Yohio being a hypocritical, fan fucking alcoholic who just cast his boys aside. Unfortunately now you can only find this article Ex-kollegans attack mot Yohio: ”Får känslan av att han på allvar tror att han har gjort allting helt själv” | Aftonbladet which does not have the whole story. Naturally, Seike’s original blogpost has been purged and Seremedy made up for a last live. Later Kerbera was invited to Keiosfest and the Keios label itself, before they were mysteriously dropped. That may have not necessarily been Yohio’s doing, as Seike behavior got him kicked out of DIEMAY, a band he was involved with that was based in Finland. He’s in general a massive drama queen who recently accused Yohio of stealing a line from his inactive flop fashion label. Kerbera has also since disbanded, presumably because he didn’t get along with the rest of the members after their tour van died during the US tour with ACME, which is also another fantastic story involving ripping off fans in the middle of the Arizona desert, and asking parents to bail out your shitty band, as is the Scandinavian custom. These days Seike is doing surprisingly decent work in Ex-Bataar members’ project ‘SPOEKE’

One other interesting Yohio tidbit are his philanthropic ventures, where he has recruits some random dudes to join his label until he just drops them without a word.
The first one was Oskar Bruzell, who Yohio even took along with him for a TV appearance.
Naturally the music was horrific and it didn’t lead to anything. Since then Oskar tried his hand in rapping also leading to nothing, but now appears to be a member of the Swedish Moderates political party.

He also started a girl group called ‘Lovelipop’ whose flopping left a crater-sized mark into the earth’s crust. It was basically a Jpop girl group, and it was announced with a song, member photos and a introduction video. A signing session was announced to have taken place in Stockholm, but literally nobody came, no one. The writing was probably in the air after that and the project was disbanded without any formal announcement.
Since then, some of the girls released a song outside of KEIOS under the name ‘LVLUP’, and one of them became a moderately successful YouTuber specialising in Kpop covers.

A more recent signee is a French person living Japan who does modeling for a living like all 6/10 westeners in Japan. Yohio was feeling extremely active during the early period of the most recent Keios revival and Mitsugi put out something like six fucking singles in rapid succession, one of which involving a PV where the hero is lusting after a girl who is literally his sister (no, I’m serious.) Recently it looks like this venture has already been done and dusted, but Mitsugi still nonetheless has Keios on his twitter bio.

As far as the Finnish visual kei saga, this isn’t all that interesting. The main projects were Karmia and Jenlayn, later known as INSHADE, that had a good start performing at anime conventions, warming up for visiting vkei acts and battle of the bands type of events. Eventually both either disband or start leaking members and numerous projects form out of these two lineups, but hardly any of these manage to put out music consistently, other than Karmia, that looked to have lost interest in vk a long time before disbanding. Another project was a later The GazettE influenced Desier that was surprisingly not terrible, and one of their members (or was it two even I don’t remember) went on to join DIEMAY officially after Seike was booted out. The Finnish bands aside from DIEMAY and Desier didn’t in all honesty seem to have that much interest in vk. They were in it because a member or two liked X, and the gigs at animecons and as Satsuki’s warm up act were too good to pass up. Some of the later Karmia stuff is like… Worth experiencing. It’s so bad

Obviously there are a lot more to all these stories, Bataar’s Endigo experiment and the complete Yohio timeline for example, but I just felt like people might be interested in some of this. Unfortunately I think if no one collects all the stuff that’s left on their SNS and in peoples immediate memories, a lot of this info will disappear and we’ll lose important parts of the whole, comprehensive story about visual kei in Scandinavia. It isn’t going to come back, and I think Yohio’s career is on its last legs as well, so this was a historical epoch I was glad to have been around while we still had it!


Please do write that post - it sounds immensely interesting!

Ironic because I remember Seike telling me Yohio had nothing to do with Seremedy’s disbandment. But Seike was also equally a dick to me so honestly this whole thing doesn’t surprise me lol

Regardless of what may have happened, eventually they would’ve either stayed together through the sheer force of unparalleled cynicism or disbanded, simply because Seike doesn’t actually like visual kei. I don’t think I’m that much off base saying that he was in it for the fashion, and once that whole thing died down he was already riding the american scene’s coattails. Right from the start Kerbera was gravitating towards that alt-emo rocksphere not only by getting their music video on the BryanStars channel (how much they paid for that, one may only venture to guess since they paid for their YouTube views as well), but Seike would occasionally throw shade towards visual kei and the weebs. Kerbera sounded really fucking American when they actually had that other guy there who, unlike Seike, could actually sing really well. Eventually he was headhunted and left the band to wallow in irrelevance. This didn’t stop him from using any opportunity the western visual kei community gave him to promote his projects though, like the tour with Acme.

I legitimately don’t think there is a single western visual kei associated musician left who actually follows the scene. Patrik listens to Dir en grey and goes to the gigs, but I don’t think Yohio for example has heard a single new release in years. Endigo as well, despite making the resurrectVK video I don’t think actually has ever listened to visual kei all that much, and was able to comfortably transition to just streaming video games and putting out solo music that makes late Bataar sound like Luna sea.


I live in Japan and have a lot of friends in the scene and vkei guys are some of the most racist people out there, all the while loving western rock music. None of them think white people are vkei, they just won’t say it to your face. I’ve heard lots of trash talk about korean and chinese vkei and yes i’ve heard japanese onry a lot…but good for you for being oblivious.

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Perhaps show some evidence before making sweeping blanket statements like this about the entire scene?

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Some bandmen are racist, some are not, some people have different experiences with different bandmen. I’ve experienced both sides. I don’t think most except for a few like Hakuei really even think that deeply about the scene. Most literally say “It’s just music”.

Hell, let’s be real, a lot of them are in the scene because it’s easy to get chicks. It’s the age-old reason for learning guitar


100% this. Generalisations don’t exist for the most part because people are complex individuals who have differing personal tastes and opinions.

My advice to anyone who only knows racist people would be to find better friends who aren’t racists, unless you can tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Can we please stop talking about racism now?


I have a feeling threads like this are why Yohio hasn’t went into total obscurity by now. We can all admit, that he’s a has-been, since the train for foreign VK bands has long left the station. The guy most likely benefits from us weebs talking shit about him on forums, social media, etc . That’s as much recognition he will get and I bet my ass on it is the reason why he makes those stupid attention seeking tweets. He knows we idiots will eat it up.


I literally went ahead to double-check because something similar was on my mind reading this thread, and indeed good sis and damlam are the most discussed artists on this board at the moment

we don’t give a shit about vk and adjacent music anymore, the clownery is what we lust for


naw nothing about being oblivious, have been in the nightwork world for 7 years so there is no typical 建前 filter when talking to fans or people connected in the scene in that world when they are drunk as F###. Have I encountered younger little racist a-holes in the scene? yah of course. funny stories there. but those are just the typical humans with complexes just like anywhere else.
Have the honor to always hang out with people from the proto 80s era, to the 90s and on era, have heard lots of cute stories of them respecting the western roots. Miyabi from Gellonimo being super happy about Tommy Lee basically telling him to F off because he is the god of the genre was a favorite xD. Rem from Yokosuka Saver Tiger and I have had some great talks about that too, had some good talks with other street rockers era vk roots guys about respecting black american music roots even for the source of all rock when talking about BLM stuff in America going on. But younger vkei guys youngins/crap vk bandmen/menhera idols are def all around, but do not let their complexes make you oblivious to the other side of the coin too! Hell, I am in the scene so I can tell you better than anyone I know about the turds in it, but there are lots of great people who view it all the same and in my experiences the pros are often as such because they have got a good head on em and a good heart too ^_~


to sum up his career, sis did a Mediamarkt opening ceremony


his live vocals are actually really good rofl


No joke, I wasn’t expecting that. If I didn’t hear him inhale here and there I’d think he was lip-syncing.

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