Saddest Visual Kei Stories

Was a kpop group as well. Ladies Code, 2 out of the 5 members died from a van crash.


I remember that there was a pic that had a shadow of someone against the white of the van and everyone said it was a spirit of one of the girls.

Probably you had band Yoidore on your mind. They had similar car accident.


There was also Aikaryu, but i don’t think anyone died. Just severe injury resulting in pause/disbandment.

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To me it’s probably bands disbanding without any clear and justified reason. Like band member ditching the band without proper explanation, and even years after it’s still unclear what happened.

That time when I tried to find out why Viored had disbanded, and read somewhere that it was due to the vocalist Kei not showing up for a live due to personal reasons (I think someone posted on LJ back then it was due to his girlfriend making him quit or whatever). Which is disappointing af because I love that band.

Whatever the rumors are it’s disappointing when you’re not given any explanation.

Another one that makes me sad is how Sora (ex Aurora/Gechena vocalist) seems to have killed his career. I can still see him posting in Twitter but I’m not sure what’s he doing these days because he never writes anything substantial. Seems like he turned into a vocal trainer but otherwise doesn’t have anything to do with music much. So disappointing because again he had potential but ever since Aurora and Gechena there was nothing notable. I would love it if by some miracle they could be revived.

And of course I am sad about hearing no more from Yasu (Janne and ABC) and Ryo (Baroque/KANNIVALISM). It’s just so frustrating when people quit the scene and disappear into the void, with all respect due to wanting privacy and everything. But I wish VK didn’t have to be so much about public image.


IIRC Aikaryu’s injuries were: Kaworu got some bruises and a bumped head, Daiki got nasty bone bruises and spent some time in the hospital, Teru got some bruises and stuff went home in a day or so, Shagrath and their roadie cracked their skulls but both are fine now, and Uli broke both legs… which is what lead to the band ending since he was a founding member and their drummer. It was so tragic to see one of my fav bands come to an end like that, but I’m so thankful no one died and they still managed a last tour.


Probably the fact that Gackt contracted a vocal condition and it got so bad that he wasn’t able to sing anymore. I find it a shame because his voice was so beautiful, but not everyone is able to continue with their career.

You may be interested in this: GACKT successfully returns from hiatus

If he really has somewhat recovered, I expect there’ll be a comeback single soon.


-The- UnForGiveness - YouTube nothing ever came of this

someone said it was produced by Prince and now I’m feeling double sad :frowning: This would have been a masterpiece

Plus, Kanzaki is a killer performer. I can listen to RIBBON’s “Beautiful & Resistance” all day.


I don’t want to be premature, but I think this is playing out all over again. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

What’s going on here is classic 4 panel Gru memes. Yoshiki forms THE LAST ROCKSTARS to release music because X JAPAN has been struggling with various issues and can’t get an album out. Yoshiki announces a brief tour of the new unit and actually releases a single So You Know They’re Serious This Time. Yoshiki announces a new X JAPAN single. Yoshiki announces a new X JAPAN single.

I was expecting TLRS to be his one and only focus, because even though he hasn’t given a reason (or rather, reasons) behind why X JAPAN struggles to accomplish much of anything, he seems to yearn for the limelight, so I figured the super band the second time around would actually stick together. It’s 3/4 of the same member, subbing in Hyde for Gackt, so it’s rather comparable. The memes are funny but the situation concerning X JAPAN is not.

Yoshiki aims to wear his “Grandfather of Visual Kei” badge to the grave. I don’t blame him, but, like, can you form a band that can release an album on the sunny side of 2000? We were in this position before, where you had to choose between resurrecting X JAPAN or pursuing S.K.I.N., and X won and look at how much X have accomplished since 2007. There is very little fanfare or excitement for the “new X single”, which is shaping up to be another Yoshiki ballad, and unclear why it couldn’t be a TLRS song instead. Are we choosing X over TLRS again? That would be a bad, bad move.

X is dead. Long live X. TLRS is now. Long live TLRS.


I always thought Kyo’s gf going missing and turning up at his band members place having gome behind his back is pretty sad.

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i need the power harassment suicide tea now

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2003年4月5日 ヴォーカルの文有希 (享年24) が急死。

I think it is sad, that D’espairsRay did not come back after Hizumi’s vocal condition got better. As far as I know all 4 members are still active in the scene. I wonder if they had a falling out :thinking:

Never heard about this!

He cannot sing D’espairsray songs anymore, he adapts his voice for his New band.

I think their songs sound very Despa-ish o.o Despa could have made these songs as well. A lot of bands change their sound over time.

In my opinion, it only sound like D’espairsray on the surface. Those songs are totally forgettable, unlike D’,esp. I think NUL. will never produce something as impactful as Coll:set.

But, I was talking about the way he sings, he sings differently in D’espairsray, there was an interview where Hizumi explain it