Sailing Before The Wind new single "Inferno" (feat. CØRTES & Zoume) release

The new single will be released on the 18th October.


For anybody not familiar with the Band, check out their previous release song “Vanishing Figure”

About the Band:

Sailing Before The Wind is a Tokyo metalcore band formed in 2011. They have performed at some of the biggest metalcore festivals in Japan such as SCREAM OUT FEST and TRUE NORTH FESTIVAL. The band did “Revised Standards Tour 2019” as a headliner with Isotopes from Australia. The tour took place in 7 cities and 7 shows throughout Japan. The band released their 1st live album in March 2023.

More Infos about them :

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there is no water on the cover this time XDDD
Sanctuary had a forest, but fire on the cover feels like the opposite of everything Sailing ever had on their cover :joy:

Where are the features from??

those guys
Cortes seems to be the guitarist of the band (he is also credited in the song for the vocal production)

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Song is out and it got some pretty interesting parts in it

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