SARIGIA: new drummer, new look, new single「傲慢-arrogance-」

SARIGIA just went live on YouTube for a bit to introduce their new drummer, Miyabi.
He’s a Kansai boy and Shoma said that he’s happy to have another talkative member. (Asuka and Natsu don’t talk so much)

Can’t wait to see them at their 3rd anniversary live!

New look:


New single “傲慢-arrogance-”


I’m so happy they’re not giving up.

I already saw that look somewhere…

Perhaps there’s a communal VK prop cupboard.

I love how they deleted all older pv from their channel so no one remembers that once they were a decent band before they started to parade in $5 ebay horns


New PV sounds awesome I was concerned for a bit lol!

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Still wearing those cheap horns while wearing street clothes? Cringe.

Am I the only one who thinks that the intro really really sounds like Helios’ intro (from Matenrou Opera)? :thinking:

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Definitely not. It was the first thing I thought when I heard the intro. I thought I was insane for thinking that already! :joy:

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There are so many small bands out there with “cheap” outfits. I don’t think you know how small SARIGIA actually is. I go to their lives regularly and even at their anniversary oneman last month we were with about 15 fans only.

Maybe we shouldn’t just keep commenting on a band’s post if it’s only negative everytime. Don’t really see the point of it.

The song is alright, not into it nearly as much as arrogance but it DID get me to go back through some other Matenrou Opera again so I appreciate it!

As a fan of another small band, I’m just stating my opinion.

yeah copy-paste spotted !

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hope the drummer will someday have long hair again.
he looks way better with long hair.

Yeah that wig suited him. there are still 4 singles (+ looks) to come soon, so maybe he’ll try another wig haha

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