Share your sport activity routine!

I haven’t found any similar thread so I decided to make one since I’m kinda curious.
Do you guys play any sports or exercise? If you do then what’s your routine? Do you follow any workout related channels? How do you motivate yourself to be consistent?

Personally I’m not that super active in sports but I try to work on flexibility regularly and swim at least once a week though I should work on my motivation.

Found this guy’s channel to be inspiring

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Flexibility is so important(2) I also miss swimming very much myself :frowning:

Ok thank you for this thread because I’ve never had any reason to write this routine down since I made this up myself and work out alone - so don’t take any advice lol (I’ll TAKE advice if you got it)! So I come home between shifts and do:

wrist curl top - 1:30 hold
wrist curl bottom - 1:30 hold
elbow plank - 1:30 hold
weighted squat - x15 rep
overhead shoulder press - x15 rep
lateral raise - x15 rep
standing row - x15 rep
tricep pulldown - x15 rep
crunch leg lift - 1:50 hold
-incl. flutter kick x10 rep
-incl. cross kick x10 rep
lateral leg raise (R) - x10 rep
lateral leg raise (L) - x10 rep
ab crunches - x25 rep
dumbbell shrugs - x15 rep
lunging press (banded) - x15 rep
tricep pulldown - x15 rep
elbow plank - 1:30 hold
oblique crunches (L) - x15 rep
oblique crunches (R) - x15 rep
jus some regular ol’ pushups - x15 rep

It’s a lot of little things, really only totals to about 30-35 min, then ill take a break and drink tea, get high, browse here, play games etc. Then I run down the whole routine a second time before work! Motivation is mostly negative but it works. People who make it OUT to the gym on a daily are very impressive to me :open_mouth:


Nice. I used to workout in the gym too and swim in the pool a couple of times a week until last year. Now I can’t do a lot of what I used to due to nerve injury and limited motion range. But I am thinking of signing up for the pool again for the winter. In the meantime I’m doing physio and swim at sea when I don’t feel too tired. Since my job involves being outside a lot that’s pretty much the only way to cool down (that’s not involving AC which is not doing me good.

Wow, impressive :grin: I am uncapable of putting together a single routine and I always do exercise with different gear depending if I need to stretch or work on mobility and stuff. Also I really like to dance- been doing zumba and belly dance which is awesome for flexibility, not to mention your mood.

This has always been amazing to me Habibi Lal (Kira Lebedeva) @ TRIBAL BEAT FEST 2016 - YouTube

What kind of job do you do?

As for advice I suppose it’s important to workout responsibility and not try doing something that’s too difficult straight away and warm up /stretch before and after. Things I sometimes disregard but feel the consequences later. You probably knew that already though.

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Don’t feel bad about that lol this was the product of about a year of adding stuff as I learned more about what I wanted to work on! Having a variety of gear at home is great though, a few types of resistance bands alone have lots of possibilities! You’re probably getting some good cardio with that too - Which I never work on </3 Have you been doing it long?

That’s an awesome performance though I’ve never seen it in this context before :open_mouth: !!

I’m a vet tech, I’m just stuck with awkward hours because of how our staffing is set up post covid lol

mhmm I know this a bit yeah… I used to run a lot pre-covid but gave myself runner’s knee for a bit and depressed myself out of it :slight_smile: , hoping not to pick up any similar issues, New year’s res was rest days this year but I’m still working on it lmfao

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Don’t worry, I know my limits :slight_smile: As with everything else, if you expect too much and don’t perform well enough you’ll get disappointed and give up.
Working out in general or dancing? I don’t even know. Been taking the class since about when I started gym (2008 I think?). But I quit eventually because I wasn’t learning the things I wanted. Sadly there’s no tribal class here that I know of… I’d like to dance for a proper audience.

Oh. You should open your own vet clinic someday. Bet it will be popular :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Try to walk distances instead. Besides it’s way too hot to run lol. Here at least. Would be cool if there were any free sport meetups here, like walking groups. But that seems to have died a long time ago.

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I used to be in to a lot of fitness when I was younger. Adulting made me realize I have to treat it like a hobby if I were to commit so much time like before (2-3 hours a day). I have too many hobbies -.-

Now I just play basketball whenever my schedule aligns with an open gym and I use an exercise bike at home

I wish there was an adult version of basketball or football drills like they do in varsity but for older folks. Those were fun back then


I haul around 120 pounds of food approximately 25 to clients by day waking at 5 am till 6 pm, hand packaged, made and delivered. Whilst working nights in the fields not to mention the 80 thousand maunre I have to load and unload, so this is my sport routine, Other than that does walking count? Like 18 miles a day? I don’t really like fitness clubs especially when lightweights hog all the stairmaster and bench press and pose in the mirror after lifting 20 pounds for a minute or because it’s just trendy now. Actually I’m lightweight myself so jokes on me. I feel weird carrying something that’s heavier than me but gotta earn my bread.


Sounds intense. Are you one of those delivery guys with a humongous bag that drive a scooter?

lol gyms be all about posing.

Nah a scooter won’t carry all that, plus gotta keep it steady in case some moron displaced the nylon or the soup will flood the van.

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I gotta start working out again. I used to be on my school’s swim team when I was in high school, and that was great exercise for me. I’m going back to university pretty soon, so I might start swimming again once I’m there.


In 2017 I started sport activities but the sad thing is I stopped with it and that was in the beginning of the year 2021 due to my mental health problems. :confused:

But let me tell you my experience to that time, I started with jogging/running and at first it was so hard when I was running I had to take several breaks in between and had difficulties with breathing :sweat_smile: But nonetheless I was still motivated and just pulled through and all the effort had paid off. After some weeks I noticed changes and lost weight but gained muscles especially in the legs and calves and I felt much more stronger physically. My endurance had also improved significantly and I wasn’t so weak anymore and my breathing problems and side stitches that I had first disappeared after some time. I think my body just got used to it over the time. Although my physical health isn’t the best because I suffer from a rare disease and my bone metabolism is the worst and several people said to me I shouldn’t do much sport activities. But I can tell jogging/running was the best decision I ever made in life without having a bad effect on my body/bones in general. Okay sometimes I wasn’t really motivated jogging in the summer time was always hard and so I only did it in the morning hours after waking up and kinda felt refreshed for the whole day. Another thing I learned was that I should never ever run with a full stomach in the future, haha. That was the worst for me because my energy was in the nowhere and so I just decided to eat something light like a banana before I did running. Oh and it’s very important to drink enough and knowing your own limits, take breaks so that the body can recover.

I must thank you for creating this thread because I just remember how good it was then I did sport. :blush:Maybe I consider starting it again but not at these hot temperatures we have here atm. I assume I will start at zero again but that’s okay after having a long break. xD


I also like to run. Been trying to build my endurance and speed. Used to be pretty happy with my run duration and distance 2 years ago, but have regressed quite a bit since then. I try and run a minimum of 3 miles everytime I run. Will usually run a little over 4 miles most sessions. No real cadence, but maybe like 3 times a week.

Best thing is when I’m listening to my running mix and a song that slaps comes on and gives me an extra boost of energy. I start going turbo on the pavement.


I remember in high school we had to run 5000 meters (a 1000 m track x 5 laps) and I came first from the end and even 1 lap short. I’ll just stick to marathon walking lmao

We do have marathon runs here though where anyone can participate. It’s usually starting very early morning because of the heat (like at 3 am).

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I’m a construction worker ( more specifically a painter, but I do pretty much everything else too in my current workplace ) so that really keeps me in shape, but I like to do physical activity on my freetime as well. I try to go running regularly and sometimes I go on hikes, I find it really refreshing for the mind too. Long walks in nature are also nice.

I’ve been dreaming of starting to do dancing someday, it seems like the most fun form of exercise.


You do house repairs? Isn’t that difficult?

All that kinda stuff. Often I’m doing one big project, like right now I’m painting this big old crusty building outside and making it look new. It definitely takes a toll on your body ( especially working in the heat ). I still like my job although sometimes it’s sooo exhausting, so on weekends I pretty much just sleep.

I don’t plan on doing this kind of job forever because of the toll it takes on the body. It’s fine now because I’m young but I don’t wanna be 40 years old with broken knees and a shitty back. I’ve seen firsthand the health issues on my dad and coworkers who are older and have been working in this field since forever. It’s just not smart to do it forever.

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I feel you. My job certainly took a toll on my back and system in general. Though I’d be spending twice as long at an office job. Here at least I can take time off when I need to. Though it sucks in everything else lol I don’t know what I’d rather be doing instead tbh, because sitting at the computer in an office all day also wears me out.

Yeah, I really can’t imagine myself doing an office job either, I prefer a job that is physically active. I feel like I would just become super frustrated and lose my focus if I had to sit down the whole day. The days go by faster when you’re constantly moving.


I suddenly remembered my Qi Gong practice. Haven’t been doing it for a while but as long as I can remember it always felt good. Being unable to do a real workout I can still do this and somehow still feel most of the motion range I had.
The nice thing about it is that you do each movement slowly and mindfully instead of trying to reach some target. And it’s pretty calming but at the same time I get more focused after practice.
Should be beneficial to do daily for at least 20 minutes I think. Works nicely as a morning routine for me. Anyone else tried?

Found a few nice video exercises like this one that I think should be fine for low intensity.