SHiSHi will disband on 6 March

Another one bites the dust…

Message from Ohana:

Message from yamato:

im really!!! sad about this :(

It’s so unfortunately, I like them, and their music!

nooooo i love them a lot :((((( their “0th” mini still slaps :sob: :weary:

God fucking dammit not another one of the few bands I love…

Dammit, why this band :frowning: I’ll miss them greatly.

A true shame, I liked them quite a bit. I wish the members luck in their future endeavours!


i hope it’s not too long before mary pops up somewhere else


Tbh I was kinda surprised when Ohana cut his hair short, but I know why now. Should have seen “big changes” coming…

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They were great, sad to see them go.

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Also I purchased their Guruguru Shoukougun CD because I wanted to buy a CD of theirs sometime anyways, so guess I might do it now

BYeBYe :wave:

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I’m so sad to see them go! They were a lot of fun live, and they had some great songs. Hopefully, the members will come back in other projects~

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