shit u did as a teenager or still do to imitate bandmen

look, ok there’s no way I’m the only one who started to smoke cigarettes as a teenager bc basically every bandmen profile listed what their favorite cigarettes were. it was part of the lifestyle. I’m not sure it’s as prominent these days, but man back in the day like everyone had a cigarette. like I’d be smoking and I’m like “yeah, man, I’m so v系 bro” wearing some makeshift light osharei kei outfit I put together.

anyway I quit smoking already so that’s fine. I still buy edgy t-shirts and I’m never taking out my piercings. being an aging visual rocker is weird, man.



VK was very instrumental to me finding and accepting myself for how I am, so I actually ended up avoiding the imitation game thanks to VK, believe it or not. Stuff in the scene like not smiling in pics and being silent was a part of me before I got into VK and I’m glad I could have some guys who showed that life will be okay when you are who you are (lots of people told me to smile more and to talk more when I was a teen, which is just against my nature)

Umm, what I still do today is occasionally get my hairstyles from Bandomen. Like, when I was around 17 I started growing out my hair to get that thick, long, and luscious Atsushi Sakurai look because y’know, his hair is gorgeous. Eh, it sorta worked out, my hair was a bit dull looking in comparison but it was a good look when I straightened it. And like last summer I copped Ryutaro’s mid-2000s haircut and still have it right now though it’s grown out a lot (actually ended up suiting me quite well, I got more compliments on it than any other hairstyle I’ve ever had lol). Who’s next? I’m thinking big. Like, dying my hair piss-blonde and getting a Sharaku bob. My hair is super dark and I always thought it wouldn’t even take bleaching well, but if peeps with Japanese hair can go blonde, then so can I. We’ll see :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Through out highschool I rocked crew cuts and flat tops. During Uni, I discovered VK and the cool hairstyles available. I still use VK as reference for the hair styles I want. Only problem is the pictures available doesn’t usually do all-around portrait so I have to use modern hairstyles and try to tweak it from there.

Currently on Mejibray’s Koichi hairstyle :love_you_gesture:


which one? :grin:

Best I could find is the bottom left without the heart braid. He always has the parted thing on the front but it essentially is an grown-out undercut.

I still have to get the the two-tone color thing.


Hi teen fan here (18, not as teen but it counts)
I currently have blue in the tips of my hair which is naturally brown, so I said fuck it and started doing the half-up-half-down thing with some side parted curtain bangs. I took Tokai Junji’s Hotaru look as inspiration lol.
Uhh, I kinda do my make up inspired by Jupiter, mainly bc of my western face, so I just have to work with eyeshadow. I do the red under the eye, with mascara top and bottom. No blush, that kinda stuff.
Lastly is just accessoires bc I can’t really find the right clothes. I only have this hoodie that kinda works I guess: Bye Bye Kitty Star Kitty Women Hooded Zip Black-red L, 100% Polyester, Regular: Clothing
So I just wear a violin earring on one ear and a fake chained cuff on the other (not allowed to pierce it rip), and I often do my nails inspired by Sakai Mitsuki.

Sorry for long post lol


I also try to imitate vkei hairstyles. When the video for Belial by The Gallo came out I decided I really wanted to look just like Jojo, so I dyed my hair half black and half blonde. I never did look quite like Jojo lol, but I loved the dye so I still have my hair that way now.
I finally started using colored contacts a couple years ago after seeing every bandoman use them. I always thought wearing them would hurt but I’m glad I got over that cause I love the way they look.
I also really like wearing those medical eye patches now when I do my makeup but I haven’t gained the courage to wear them out in public yet lol.


Back in the day, I used to wear colored contacts and mix and match them as well. Like wearing a bright white one and a pure black one. My favorites were these lilac lenses that blended in nicely with my natural eye color so I could wear them around people without looking like a freak. I can’t find anything similar nowadays though :frowning: Of course my haircut was inspired by a bandomen, if I can remember correctly it was Yumehito from Ayabie (I didn’t even listen to them lol) and I always meticulously spiked the shorter layers with a mix of straightening iron and gel. The abuse my curly hair suffered…
I have 10 piercings on my ears and a labret piercing thanks to Takeru from SuG. Although, my labret closed a couple years ago, I want to get it re-pierced this year.
Outfit wise, my wardrobe was a mix of anything with chains/straps, some lolita stuff and I had a collection of weird hoodies, some with cat ears or horns. tbh, that me used to be really cool. :face_with_monocle:


visual kei is musical, not good-looking, as for me. I’ve seen A LOT of ppl who imitated to be “VK” but they’re like clowns to me. visual kei bandman needs a band, or he/she is just a cosplayer.


but isn’t a cosplayer someone who dresses up as characters who already exist in canon media? like anime characters or peter griffin idfk. the only bandmen I can think of that is in p much constant (casual) cosplay is sena.


yeah, so at least, to be VK, you have to be musical, even if you could just sing or write lyrics :sweat_smile:

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so if I play bass and wear h.naoto am I vk? :metal::pensive:

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yes, generously. visual kei is a concept after all, even the art itself is subjective. mind you, I think if a man played the guitar badly for most ppl, I wouldn’t say he’s a bad player, maybe he deliberately did it, we just didn’t know his purpose, or he just wanna challenge the “public knowledge” itself. also the same with visual kei. it’s just my opinion, I always have a generous attitude on every kind of art. anyway, our guess is guess, our thought is thought, not scientific. art doesn’t need to be objective.

hell yeah, man. art is never objective. :triumph:

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so, those kind of TV shows about music don’t make sense at all, I’ve never watched any of those tbh xDD

also, that’s why I could accept abstract art like, no wave, noise “music”, avant-garde, dada stuffs.

I used to try to copy hairstyles of VK bandmen and do the make-up, but well I’m kinda bad at it lol.
I have tried Koichi and Tzk’s hairstyle once, but I lost those old photos sadly lol.

Also last year I ‘‘tried’’ for fun, but well uhm… yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

( o . O ) * I look like a witch or something. xD


Like Mana, I never speak.


I did the usual punk/goth shut plus accessorizing like I saw in Cure magazine. I died my hair half
Blonde once and teased it out to be a little VK. It was all very fun. And even tho my passport picture was a disaster, it was worth it.


Some of my VK friends have piercings and tattoos. They mostly influence me, but I’m only 17 (not yet allowed to wear piercings or have tattoos). I still want to do it for fun. As for imitating bandmen, I would do for the cosplay (let’s say that I’m cosplaying as Kyo of DIR EN GREY) but not intentionally copy their lifestyle, character, or habits. I honestly think that VK fans should only stick to dress up as their favorite bandmen. Changing their personality and lifestyle is just like most Weeaboos do.


this is my “vk” phase

this is me today, several years later

still queer and gay though lol
I used wear makeup, robes from h&m and aliexpress, pretty cringey but hey I made it