Short-lived Visual Kei Bands

VIsual kei wouldn’t be what it is today without a share of mishaps and drama, which usually contributes to the inevitable disbandment. However, it’s even sadder when said bands disband within a year or so of activity, maybe even months. There are many reasons why a band chooses to disband so soon, which is what will be showcased here. This thread is for bands that disband within 1-2 years of activity at the most.

Kururu (June 2022~March 2023)
A three-piece vocal band unit which formed in June 2022, as a way to make vk band covers of bassist Puku’s original Vocaloid music. Originally formed with 4 members, the band was forced to slightly tweak their sound after vocalist AYUMU suddenly vanished just before the release of their first PV. Although they tried recruiting for a new vocalist, they settled with having everyone sing instead, which didn’t work out in the long run as they would end up disbanding in less than a year. What makes this pretty sus however, is that some domestic fans believe AYUMU never existed in the first place, and the band went with the 3-vocals direction to gain more attention, and more publicity from the singer’s supposed disappearance (and Nimomero’s pecs) - of course, this is all speculation.

DΣjGVLX (Dejgvlx, pronounced Degura) (February 2022~October 2022)
A band name often leaves a first impression on the average jrock/vk fan, depending on how unique it is. However, this band made a poor one with a name that no one knew how to spell offhand, but thankfully provided katakana on how to pronounce it, although it didn’t help much, given the unusual spelling. To make matters worse, drummer and band leader YOSXIKI already established a bad reputation within his peers, going so far as to make the band staff announce through their twitter - shortly after they disbanded - that fans should avoid his DMs…one can only wonder how that came about.

KAVKA (January 2016~July 2017) (formal activities)
Starting off as a session band a year before their official formation, KAVKA had a busy 2016 with a few limited singles, a mini-album release, and a feature in a vk omnibus. However, they abruptly decided to disband after vocalist Nil chose to be a devoted husband and father to his new child than stick to band activities.

What other visual kei bands have gone too soon, and just how messy was it? Or did they just decide to fall off the face of the earth? :joy: (non-visual bands can also be listed as well!)


Unli Furps, DEFINE, Doku, LIVERECHT, MOTHER, RAKUGAKI, ROMAN Kyuko, Haku. I’m done.


aim (2010-2011)
These guys basically lasted exactly one year, forming in November 2010 and disbanding in November of the next year. Inbetween they managed to release one single with 2 tracks that ABSOLUTELY SLAP. Although the band itself was gone way too soon, it’s notable because all the members except for the vocalist (who seems to have completely disappeared from the scene) re-grouped as the much more successful and prolific GALEYD. They even re-worked the funkier one of the two aim tracks! Nevertheless, I think aim had a more unique sound… even if we could only enjoy it for a couple of minutes in total. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Guitarist Meku went on to play support for KAMIJO, and is currently a member of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST under the name Valtz. Bassist Toki’s whereabouts after GALEYD are unknown afaik, and drummer Nikky later played in ALSDEAD, and is currently in RAZOR.


A few of my favorites:


Darian Marian:

Dead Children:


Doku: (It’s a crime they disbanded…)

ENVYL: (Just as good as DIMLIM or NAZARE, could never understand why they never seemed to gain popularity)






Will post more later when I have time


+1 shoutout to DOBE, they were pretty cool! One of the early adopters of going almost fully digital and easy-to-access with their releases too, if I remember correctly. Respect.


Yep, at least for the most part, I think they have 1 or 2 singles not available digitally. With their modern aesthetic I thought they might be more influential but unfortunately things didn’t go well for them and they disbanded right after 2 years. (Also ty for your comment without it I wouldn’t have noticed I linked to the wrong video for them haha.)


Does femme fatale count? I don’t like saying anything that Queen Kaya has done is a fail. :weary:


yeah, Femme Fatale, legends gone too soon <\3


was upset MOTHER disbanded, but then even more so when i found out they’re not on spotify anymore :sob:

You Were The Chosen One GIFfrom You Were The Chosen One GIFs

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Malisend (2015/03 - 2016/10)


Fucking miss these guys…

Half of them became VIRGE, kinda surprised the singer is a session guitarist now.

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Speaking of Virge, Mediena were also active for less than 2 years.



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a bunch of short lived bands produced members who ended in in “longer” lived bands :open_mouth: I think O.o

Of course ZeroCre died; he’s an awful singer and it’s why Unli Furps died too.

HISKAREA (2003-2004, 1 year, 9 months, 23 days)

Curse (2003, 3 months, 6 days)

Da’vidノ使徒:aL/pleur (1997-1999, 1 year, 11 months, 10 days/1999-2000, 1 year, 4 months)

UNFATE (2017, 6 months)



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excuse me that song is a bop