Show your food

I consider food as a kind of art. if you don’t mind, please show us some food made by you or your family, or your friends.

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lemme start.
I live in China so most of mine are Chinese related, probably xD.

two versions of “关东煮” in Chinese, or “お鍋” in Japanese.

random curry rice with pork.

two meals of rice noodles, which is really popular in Yunan Province, but I live in Jilin Province.

another two meals of curry rice but with a different type of cooking. one featured a pickled egg, the other featured four pickled olives.

random boiled white noodles.

another meal of rice noodles but because of the use of many tomatoes and chilli peppers, it’s a different version which is popular in Guizhou Province. sour and hot for sure.

here’s a jar of my pickled olives, which is, again, not usual in Jilin Province but in Fujian Province and Guangdong Province. I have three jars. they taste bitter and sour a little bit, but salty and sweet in general.

this is for making sandwiches. boiled eggs, sliced apples, pickled olives again, and some “豆干” (a kind of pickled dried beancurd, dunno how to say that in English sorry)


I was going to make a similar topic but you beat me to it! I’ll gladly take that L though lmao.

I made pork shoulders and chicken with black beans and yellow rice and yucca for New Year’s dinner and everything came out beautifully.


some old photos shot about four years ago.

ラーメン (ramen), Chinese version.

another ramen.

a jar of pickled okra, with red peppers. sweet and hot.

this is really Beijing-esque. a modified version of “卤煮”. some green cowpeas, pork, dried beancurd and golden needle mushroom rolls, boil them in pork gravy with lots of soy sauce. I prefer eating with chilli peppers or ketchup.

Chinese version of борш (borscht). Jilin Province is near Russia, so, why not.


holy damn they’re very roasty and delicious. where’s my bread! :laughing:

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Right!! It’s so good :sob::sob: The skin is always the best part too.

I love your descriptions btw. All of those dishes look amazing.

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totally agree. I can’t wait for the roasted duck tonight since it’s my father’s birthday today. :blush:

thanks, they’re not in detail. if you’re curious about some, just point it out and I’ll explain to you~~ :grin:

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Be sure to take pictures! How is it going to be seasoned? The pork and chicken was marinated in mojo and bitter orange so it was very savory and citrusy.

oh, forgot to say, our family usually buy roasted ducks from a nearby grocery store. their stuffs are pretty much only salty since Chinese northeasterners love salty stuffs, I’m totally not like that though lol
I think I will try my best to take a picture of it before my dad cut it up normally haha that’s the very first thing he does.

normal Chinese family seldom have a oven unfortunately, unless living in the countryside.

but I definitely can’t resist a kind of food in sweet and sour and hot flavor.

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Borscht originally belongs to ukrainian cuisine, not russian(even though its popular meal in Eastern Europe).
I’m sorry for corecting, but recently it became something like a hot topic, so it’s important to be 100% accurate. Cheers :wink:
Btw, a lot of good food on your pics!

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Not very original choice, but like it to be homemade. Some good tuna or salmon and its great.


wow, I didn’t know that, thanks for the info! I like learning cultures. also thanks for your kind words :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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mmm, that pumpkin, halloween? xD
I have a tool for making sushi rolls easily, but it’s like a decade ago when I used it last time lol yellow mustard for the win for me if eating sushi. traditionally, Korean sweet hot sauce is a must.

Oh, I actually made (pulled) pork shoulders recently (today, lol). Just curious, how did make yours? ^^

Btw, so many awesome delicious foods on here~! Makes me hungry now XP

alright, my father’s birthday dinner was just over. unluckily the roasted duck was replaced by another dish. that’s okay for me.

stir-fried bean noodles. the bean noodles are popular in northeastern China, they’re usually stir-fried like this, or boiled with any seasoning you like. they’re very easy to get flavored.

boiled broccoli, stirred with vinegar, salt, sugar and peanut oil.

this is the replaced dish, chicken meatballs. they’re steam-cooked with white pepper and a little bit of salt. they’re better eaten with this seasoning,

last dish is, fake canned hairtail fish. it’s not canned food, just taste like that. all the fish bones could be easily smashed into powder just by your tongue. very sweet and fresh, good stuff!

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I studded them with garlic cloves then marinated them in mojo and bitter orange overnight then roasted them low and slow all day. The skin wasn’t as crispy as I like, but it’s delicious and that’s what matters.

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wonton and noodle soup for dinner today!

90% of the wontons were made by me.

this is the filling, chicken, white pepper, ginger, green onion, salt and sugar.

finished! steaming and hot! extra coriander and vinegar!


a cat who smelled “螺蛳粉” and left. yeah, this food is a bit smelly but tasty (not like surströmming at all!)


anyway here are four dishes I had today and yesterday dinner.

I’ve shown this before but this time, it was a little different.

boiled chickpeas with soy sauce in the name of ジャガイモ, a traditional Japanese food. just cooked these chickpeas under a similar method of ジャガイモ but lots of pepper added. as far as I know, the chickpea is more popular in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Tajikistan. only Xinjiang Province produced chickpeas in China but I’m totally a fan of this.

yeah, another curry, our family is a big fan of curry, but corn and peas were added this time.

new stuff, dried-fried shrimp pancake!

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Everyone is such a gourmand!

@araxzijk - Your noodle and curry dishes all look very tasty :drooling_face:

@Jenova - Those pork shoulders and chicken cane out beautifully :relieved:🤌

My stuff is on insta so here’s a screenshot of stuff i’ve done over the years. The bottom 2 rows are dishes I made last year. Don’t remember when I did amything else.