Show your food

thx for your kind words! will definitely check your insta later when I get a better and stable proxy.

and you’ve already got my attention cuz I’m a huge fan of dessert.

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Cool didn’t notice there was a food topic👀

image image image

I recently made wraps, marinated bulgogi beef, Vietnamese pancake and sushi with random ingredients from the fridge😁


TO BE HONEST, MY MOUTH WAS ACTUALLY WATERING WHEN I CHECKED YOUR PICTURES :rofl: damn, my sleeves are dirty… oh, also I’m not thirsty now :joy:

the inside for the pancake is quite different in northeastern China, always full of oil-fried dishes which I’m never a fan of, so I usually add stuffs like, curry, fresh sliced cucumbers, sliced apples, lettuce, or ketchup and salad sauce, etc, pretty much like salad rolled in.

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HAHA I’m so sorry lol

To be honest, when you eat these pancakes in Vietnam it’s definitely very oily, but because I don’t like too oily stuff, I used less oil to make it, and as for the freshness of the veggies we have it separated. Usually we eat this with lettuce, it tastes so good with sweetened fish sauce.

I could imagine my mouth become sticky from all that oil if I ever tried northeastern China’s oily dishes xD

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or just like my grandma ever did, she just steam-boiled the pancakes. they don’t taste as “springy” as fried ones but soft and definitely not oily, also kinda hard to make. it’s just difficult to choose what fits these so I usually just eat with all kinds of sauces lol. cuz they taste very strange when I eat with the things like “salady stuffs”. I think that’s why our family seldom make these “steam pancakes”.

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a meal of beef noodles with tomatoes and other ingredients. my dad just got a Spring Festival present of 5kg beef which values 500 yuan. have a count, it’s very nonsense for beef of 100 yuan per kilogram! which is about 15.6 bucks.

but it’s easy to be a vegetarian in China at least I have to say.


I recently made chicken pho~ it takes some time to make it but it’s sooo good!


holy damn I could easily only live on this for a month with green tea poured rice, awesome job. :relaxed:

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Ah thanks! I’m actually learning some new recipes while still in lockdown so it’s been making the cooking quite fun :slight_smile:

I love baking so here are some goodies I’ve made recently! Plus…french toast.
When I can show Cambodian food, I def will.

french toast


That looks so tasty! I love sweet things. :heart_eyes:

Thank you!!! Me too. My sweet tooth will be the death of me and everyone I bake for hahaha

Haha I see, because of your pictures I’m in the mood to bake now! I love cookies, muffins and brownies. :star_struck:

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