Show your food

wow, haven’t seen dangos like these, good to know :drooling_face:

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since my exam was over, I might post something soon. :grinning:

Thank you so much @araxzijk ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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I’ve had this idea in my mind for over a year now but just now executed it. It’s Miso Ice Cream with Salted Fried Nori.

The miso actually works quite well. It’s almost like a light caramel ice cream. The nori adds a nice toasted finish and acts as a nice salty contrast to the sweetnes and creaminess. I think it worked out pretty well!


When you don’t celebrate Christmas, but still end up making cookies for it (and i got a little Christmas tree)


Mmh, it looks delicious, they turned out very well :heart_eyes:

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Watashiwa eru-des
Oh yeah it’s homemade.


I can’t get my hands out the cookie jar.


My gourmet supper. Even when I have absolutely no desire to cook I like my food to look aesthetic :stuck_out_tongue:


Making Yemeni-turkic coffee, watching nhk world japan.

Yesterday I made homemade donuts for the first time (and I’m not a cook but I wanted to make something myself for a long time) and I even cut one in half to make a grilled cheese sandwich. They turned out to look like chicken abominations but they were actually pretty good.


alright, it’s time to show food.

fake fried egg pancake (no powder so it’s fake, or just call it 玉子焼き) with shrimps. salty enough, I suggest eat this with rice or make it as a part of your sandwiches.

not your traditional “Shredded Beef and Pepper Stir Fry aka 青椒肉丝”, but I used green chilli pepper and pork. so it tastes a lot more spicy and oily.

very traditional chinese dish——boiled tomato and egg. salty, sour and sweet at the same time.

this is called “老虎菜” (tiger vegetable salad), a popular northeastern chinese salad type dish. there are cabbage, carrot, coiander, chilli sauce. I also added black bean sauce, which is uncommon here but our family like its taste. btw, black bean is like chinese version of 納豆 (nattou), but without special odor, just pure salty.

boiled eggplants and potatoes, nothing special. I added cumin though cuz I’m a big fan of it.

stir-fried pork with cumin (yeah, again). I guess this fits sushi and noodle. or you can even make this as a filling of “lettuce and rice roll of roast pork” (that korean dish).

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steamed rice in clay pot (aka 煲仔饭) in 親子丼 style. peas, corns, carrots and rice steam-boiled and put stir-fried egg and chicken onto the rice. easy to cook and sino-japanese.

cucumber and vegetarian tripe salad. the main seasoning are black bean sauce and chilli sauce. that vegetarian tripe is made of taro powder, not the real tripe, but tastes similar. it’s black magic.

boiled Chinese sausage, potatoes, carrots and coriander. lots of soy sauce is added.

pickled tuber mustard with black bean sauce and chilli sauce. pickled tuber mustard is a sort of traditional southern Chinese appetizer btw.


twice cooked pork. I used green pepper instead of red pepper and added carrot.

braised pork with pine nut, very Heilongjiang-esque.

pickled seaweed with lots of chilli sauce. hot and fresh.

stir-fried smoked bacon, also with green pepper and carrot but added onion.

steam bread with date. you can regard this as a Chinese answer to fruit bread.

“meat dragon”, not “meat wagon” lol. a kind of traditional Beijing food, not so popular today. I suppose this tastes better than 肉まん (meat buns) since the filling is spread, so you can taste the meat with every bite.


bruh/sis, you cookin up a feast every time you post

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thx mate! (I’m a bro btw xD). I’ll post more soon.

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水団 (dunno how to say in english…) is popular in northern China and 関東 district (as far as I know) in Japan. carrot, coriander, white pepper.

boiled peas with white pepper and soy sauce.

stir-fried green pepper with black bean sauce. a bit salty, better eaten with rice or noodle, or as filling of :rice_ball: or sandwich.

this is just a peach-shaped steamed bread, which is a freebie from a local supermarket.

picked ginger sprouts. sweet, sour, a bit salty. an unpopular northeastern chinese “canned food”. this could be one of the best filling for :rice_ball:.

stir-fried green pepper and egg with black bean sauce.

baked salty cookies with spring onions.