Show your food

wow, haven’t seen dangos like these, good to know :drooling_face:

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since my exam was over, I might post something soon. :grinning:

Thank you so much @araxzijk ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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I’ve had this idea in my mind for over a year now but just now executed it. It’s Miso Ice Cream with Salted Fried Nori.

The miso actually works quite well. It’s almost like a light caramel ice cream. The nori adds a nice toasted finish and acts as a nice salty contrast to the sweetnes and creaminess. I think it worked out pretty well!


When you don’t celebrate Christmas, but still end up making cookies for it (and i got a little Christmas tree)


Mmh, it looks delicious, they turned out very well :heart_eyes:

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Watashiwa eru-des
Oh yeah it’s homemade.

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I can’t get my hands out the cookie jar.

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My gourmet supper. Even when I have absolutely no desire to cook I like my food to look aesthetic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Making Yemeni-turkic coffee, watching nhk world japan.

Yesterday I made homemade donuts for the first time (and I’m not a cook but I wanted to make something myself for a long time) and I even cut one in half to make a grilled cheese sandwich. They turned out to look like chicken abominations but they were actually pretty good.