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That’s called a tribute, y’know.

In it there’s a part of Unfinished Allegro by Angra, while lyrics refer to their Carry On song.

I feel like doujin bands should be exempt from criticism in this regard as well, since the whole point is to copy songs and pay tribute.


That is true.
Although, specifically this song isn’t a Touhou cover, so that’s why I didn’t think of it as a doujin band song (I try to separate their discography into Touhou and original stuff)

Bullshit! The whole point of the touhou scene is to rearrange other songs from the touhou scene itself only, which are not trademarked, but that doesn’t apply to songs from other genres that are copyright protected.
That specific song you posted is a tribute in honor of Angra’s vocalist that died, yes, therefore it’s debatable, but all the rest are mere plagios and they’ve been plagiarizing Angra long before he died.
Being a touhou artist does not to give you an alibi to copy trademarked material from other artists that are not in the touhou scene. That’s copyright infringement through and through.

This is the part that’s legitimately debatable though. The doujin scene extends beyond Project Shrine Maiden. Similar to visual kei, there’s no rhyme or reason to what is considered doujin outside of the artist proclaiming themselves as such or conducting their activities in a manner consistent with other circles. Some circles may choose to focus on a certain game, and Project Shrine Maiden is certainly a popular one, but there are tons of artists out there that arrange Persona, Megami Tensei, Ys, and other series.

One of my favorite examples is a little known circle named Electric Red. The lone member and guitarist PEATH2 mixed Meshuggah riffs with Shrine Maiden melodies. TIME OF LUNATIC is literally Chaosphere. The main riff in Death in Conflagration by Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon pays homage to Amon Amarth’s Death in Fire - even the name gives it away! Thousand Leaves at some points is legit Bathory worship. The entire doujin scene takes liberties with music from all over, remixes it, throws in some cute moe lolis on the cover, and sell it for dirt cheap, and it’s been like that since I’ve been into it.

Bar a few circles that seem to be unconstrained by the limits of the independent scene, there is like zero originality in what doujin circles produce. They’re totally up for grabs in terms of comparing the new melodies to where they came from, but that’s the whole point, so to criticize bands for plagiarizing is to miss the point. However, lazy interpretations and interpolations of said melodies are still fair criticism!


The chord progression in the main guitar riff of

is similar to that of

It could just be a common chord progression and i’m not aware of it. Funnily enough, shysuke/shaisuke (rip) left penicillin just after the release of penicillin shock and eventually joined baiser, albeit 2 years after the release of ash

@Missa since you are the biggest Metallica fan I know of, I want to know what you think of these two similarities!

Metallica - One (4:18)

Gackt - Jesus (1:21)

Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire (3:28)

BULL ZEICHEN 88 - 覇烏 (3:31)

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13 years old, but these were just recommended to me on YouTube.

Reminds me of [this series]( that's sat in one of my playlists for a long time:

*Part2 is on NND 似てる曲 100連発 part2 - ニコニコ動画

I was sleeping on this one but it’s kinda obvious if you know what you’re looking for:

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The vocal melody in both choruses of Dead blaze by Deathgaze and Evoke by lynch. (timestamped)

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Oh hey it’s a kagerou cover


Can’t post a second link as a new user, but compare it to LUNA SEA’s gravity solo.

SUGIZO behind both though, so I guess being self-referential or just mining the same melody for inspiration.

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Sounds like

A list of DEATHGAZE’s inspirations that should preserved.

genocide and mass murder
01.venom ( Static-X / Monster )
04.grave ( Rammstein/ Mein Teil)

AWAKE-evoke the urge-
02.-1 ( Static-X / Get To The Gone )
06.quench( lynch. / I’m sick b’cuz luv)
07.forsaken ( Breaking Benjamin/ The Diary of Jane )
08.paranoid parade ( Static-X / DestroyAll )

07.CHILDREN( Static-X/ Black AndWhite )
08.UNDEAD FACT ( Bullet For My Valentine / Wakingthe demon)
09.SIX BLACK NINE ( Static-X / I Am / …InA Bag)
10.GRACE ( 浜崎あゆみ / HANABI-episodeⅡ-)

04.VICE ( D’espairsRay / REDEEMER )

01.闇に雨 腐敗した世界 ( FF3/ 最後の死闘 )
03.DOWNER( Static-X / Night Terrors )
05.死桜 ( Static-X / Start A War )



That was kinda cool, but holy shit that is blatently “Idol Kurui no Shinrigaku”.

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