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I have this huge list of plagios I’ve been keeping track of for years now. I’ll be updating this post regularly as I notice others, instead of writing new posts, so keep coming back to this post for more:

  • “Sorrow still in the Merry-go-round” by Ant1nett is identical to “Final” by Laputa.

  • “Tear Drop” by Milia∞ is a plagio of Schwarz Stein’s ‘Rise to Heaven’ . It’s the same lead in the intro of both songs.

  • “卒業(sotsugyou)” by Blitz has the same intro as “Ai Somaru Koro (藍染まる頃)” by DOWNER (ダウナー)

  • “花壱” by アンド (AND) has the same intro as the song “freak show” by auncia.

  • The last melody the vocalist sings in “独壇場Beauty -R.I.P.-” by BUCK-TICK is identical to the chorus of the song “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead Or Alive, but with different lyrics.

  • The intro to the song “御柱の墓場~Grave of Being~” by MyonMyon is identical to the intro of a song by Rhapsody Of Fire entitled “power of the dragon flame”

  • The bridge to the song “Ragnarok~BattleField of God’s Warrior~” by MyonMyon is identical to the bridge of a song by Rhapsody entitled “emerald sword”

  • “月が照らす欠片 (Tsuki ga terasu kakera)” by Azusa Kobayashi (小林梓) = “fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra.

  • “終夜灯 (shuuyatou)” by Awoi (アヲイ) has a chorus that is identical to Sadie’s “Silent Eve”, even tough the lyrics are different.

  • Towards the end of “パンティ×パンティ” by ねこみみ。(neko mimi) they play a guitar riff very similar to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.

  • “A GLEAM OF HOPE” by CATALYST has a melody in it’s chorus identical to MEJIBRAY’s "Divergence".

  • The chorus of the song “THE SUICIDAL AGITATOR” by ヴァンパイア (VAMPIRE) is identical to “MAD ROID” by Sadie, but the lyrics are different.

  • The intro to the song “Nostalgia” by La’veil MizeriA is a slowed down version of the intro of the song “~Fall the Quicksand~” by 妃阿甦 (PIASS).

  • The breakdown in the song "慙愧 -Sense of deep inside- " by Villers La Ville is just like the intro to Dir en Grey’s new version of 羅刹国 (Rasetsukoku).

  • Goshiki Yuuten Mazochi (伍式融天マゾチー) by MEGAMASSO (メガマソ) is very similar to MAZOCHI (San Gatsu ni Mita Yume no Saikousei) (マゾチ(三月に見た夢の再構成)) by Ayabie (アヤビエ). That’s because they were both composed by Ryouhei (涼平) and MEGAMASSO’s version is seen as continuation to the original, as shown in it’s lyrics.

  • The melody in the chorus of the song “Believe” by Scarlet Valse is the same as the melody in the chorus of the song “STARGAZER~終わらない明日へ~” by 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ (Dennou Romeo)

  • Towards the end of モンストロ (Monstlow)'s - ビッグマウス・マーチ (big mouse march) the vocalist sings a version of the chorus of the song “Mickey Mouse March” from the 1950s Disney TV show “The Mickey Mouse Club” using the same melody from the original, but with different lyrics.

  • “パラサイトイヴ” by ヴァルナ (varuna) has the same melody as the song “「タトエバ」キミ…ガ…シンダ…ラ” by D’espairsRay, except for the chorus.

  • Another song that also samples the same track by Disney is “Cendrillion” by GLORIA.

The bridge of the song “茹でた隠元豆のある柔らかい構造” by 蘭図 (Rands) has the same melody as the famous intro + bridge of the song “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. It also has riffs from 3 songs by KUROYUME: 黒夢, 親愛なるDEATH MASK & 十字架との戯れ.

“ハッピーバースデー (Happy Birthday)” by Gossip-ゴシップ- is pretty much a mix of ガゼット (the GazettE)'s “未成年” and “ザクロ型の憂鬱”

  • “冷淡な狂愛歌” by VURNY is pretty much a mishmash of various AND (アンド) songs. Vocals are also very similar. The influence is undeniable.

-“uNder thE wOrld” by juliadoll has a chorus with a melody similar to Ayabie’s “LEMPICKA”.

  • The first part of the song “だから嫌いなんだ、雨なんて” by GreeΣ, before the 1st bridge, sounds just like “CANDY CANDY” by きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu).

  • GYARANDU (ギャランドゥ) has a song called “Independent”, in which they play part of Mission Impossible’s theme song just before the guitar solo.

  • heidi. has a song called 幻想囃子 which guitar solo has the same melody as the song 彼岸花 (Higanbana) byドレミ團 (DOREMIdan).

  • The very last guitar riff played in the song “電脳花壇-ONE Take Ver-” by DOGinTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ is the same as the famous guitar riff in the intro of the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, but it was most probably just put there as a joke, since the whole song itself is a spoof.

  • The last verse sung in the song 願い星 (Negai Boshi) by キス&ネイト (Kisnate) has the same melody as the chorus of the song 愛2000 by Missalina Rei.

  • There are 2 songs by UNiTE. (ユナイト) that reuse guittar riffs from “Allegro” by CANZEL (キャンゼル): “Eniver” & “small world order”. They are all from the same composer, tough.

  • Towards the end of the song “Cage” by 怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (Kaitou Sentai NUSUMUNGER) you can hear the same bass solo as the one in the song with the same name by Dir en grey.

  • in LIPHLICH’s song entitled “HURRAH HURRAY”, there’s a part in which the vocalist sings (in English) “I Love Visual, So put another dime in the jukebox baby.
    So i Fxxk Visual, So come on take some time and dance with me”, which is sang to the tune of the chorus of the song “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” originally by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

  • The intro of Megaromania’s “Bloodshed” is almost identical to the intro of Rhapsody (of Fire)'s song entitled “Dawn of Victory”.

  • アリス症候群 (alice shoukougun) by メカクシ (Mekakushi) has a breakdown which is just like the guitar riff they keep repeating in Dir en Grey’s new version of 残-Zan-.

  • The intro to “standard pink number” by Dali is very similar to chariots’ “Marvel”

  • MIZTAVLA has a song called “絶望宣言” that’s very similar to Gazette’s “The $ocial Riot Machine$”

  • Another song that has also plagiarized Gazette’s “The $ocial Riot Machine$” is “New Age Revolution” by Neo. The bridge in both songs is very similar.

  • “Strawberry night” by NoGoD has the same intro as “共栄会 (Kyoueikai)” by アンド (AND).

  • The part in which the members of ワン☆スター (One Star) are singing and clapping together in “MIRACLE MUSIC SHOWTIME” is just like the intro to SuG’s “39GalaxyZ”, but with different lyrics.

  • At the very end of the song “PalaPsycho”, by Ru:natic, the singer sings in a melody identical to the chorus of the song “恋心” by 兎(仮) (Usagi).

  • The guitar solo in the song アダルトコーナー (adult corner) by 欲望解放協会テレサ (Yokubou Kaihou Kyoukai TERESA) is identical to Shiver’s 「XXXXノ僕カラ君へ…」 (xxxx no boku kara kimi e)

  • in the middle of “ビッチバンドマン” by SHiSHi they play the same keyboard lead from the intro of the song “Monolith” by Crossfaith.

  • The first part of the song “パラサイトイヴ” by ヴァルナ, before the 1st bridge, sounds just like “「タトエバ」キミ…ガ…シンダ…ラ” by D’espairsRay

  • The last verse in ねこ☆みみ (NEKO☆MIMI)'s “パンティ×パンティ” is very similar to a verse in Metallica’s “Blackened”

  • The bridge of the song “Y氏” by マチルダ (Mathilda) has a melody identical to “ネクロノミコン” by 愛狂います。(Aicle)

  • Iron Attack!'s 緋色の空 is very similar to “2 minutes to midnight” by iron maiden. “Forgotten To Midnight” also has the same intro/main guitar riff as the same iron maiden song. The guitar solo is also very similar.

  • Iron Attack!'s “Cavalrymaid”'s intro and guitar solo are identical to iron maiden’s “the trooper”

  • Iron Attack!'s “Black Sky” is almost identical to Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Black Star”

  • Iron Attack!'s “Future Is Undefined” has the same guitar solo as Helloween’s “Future World”

  • Iron Attack!‘s “Miss Understanding” is basically Unlucky Morpheus’ “Missing Girl” with Helloween’s “Ride the Sky”'s intro and guitar solo.

  • Iron Attack!'s “Shrine Guardian” uses many guitar riffs and the guitar solo from Blind Guardian’s “Banish From Sanctuary”

  • Iron Attack!‘s “Creature Live In A Beautiful Ravine” uses the same melody in its bridge as Unlucky Morpheus’ “Missing Girl”

  • Iron Attack!‘s “Pray” is very similar to Unlucky Morpheus’ “Missing Girl”

  • Iron Attack!'s “Vlad Trans Silvam” is very similar to “Transylvania” by iron maiden.

  • エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を’s “雪の花” has the same melody as Secilia Luna’s “Shard”.

  • エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を’s “THE FINAL ACT” is almost identical to Secilia Luna’s “預言者による黙示録 [Yogen Mono ni yoru Mokujiroku]”.

  • “5150” by 「xxx」is D£AD uses the same main guitar riff as “nemesis” by arch enemy

  • The chorus in エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を’s “Jewel” has the same melody as Secilia Luna’s “ゆりかご [Yurikago]”.

  • Demetori’s “プラスチックマインド ~ Alice in Underground” has a guitar solo very similar to Angra’s “Acid Rain”.

  • The melody in the chorus of Scarlet Valse’s “Believe” is identical to “STARGAZER~owaranai ashita e~ (STARGAZER~終わらない明日へ~)” by Akihabara Shounendan Dennou ROMEO (秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ)

  • The heavier part of ELYSION’s “War of the Dead paradise” is very similar to the heavier part of Megaromania’s “”

  • Lilas’ “Finale” has a chorus identical to

  • The intro to “Misery Dancing” by バレッタ (BALETTA) is very similar to the intro to the GazettE’s “”

  • Unlucky Morpheus has a number of tracks that have riffs ripped off of Angra songs:

  • “時の螺旋” by Unlucky Morpheus has the same intro and guitar solo as Angra’s “carry on” and the same outro as Angra’s “Nova era”

  • “Carry on singing to the sky” by Unlucky Morpheus has a lot of riffs stolen from various Angra songs:

intro - Unfinished Allegro
violin solo - Angels Cry
outro - Nova Era

  • Unlucky Morpheus’ “怨霊師” is very similar to a song with the same name by Onmyo-za (陰陽座)

  • Mercuria-マキューリア- has plagiarized at least 2 old school VK bands:

1 the intro to “緋い糸” is the same as the intro to the song “君が望む永遠と僕が欲しかった唯一の倖せ” by フィオーレ (Fiore)

2 “被害妄想” has the same chorus as “ウソツキ” by DAS:VASSER

  • The intro to the song 影結び (Kage musubi) by 縁 (Enishi) is identical to the intro of the song “Where Heroes Lie” by Luca Turilli

  • PIECElang’s “VIVA☆DREAMER” is just IZABEL VAROSA’s “DeadlyRave” with different lyrics and a slightly different arrangement

  • “Dead Cold Still” by Crazy Voltage has an intro very similar to Metallica’s “Creeping Death”

  • “Night Breed” by Moi dix Mois is very similar to MERE REVEIL’s “琥珀の破片”

  • The intro and a part of the chorus of the song “Kissing Summer” by My Lonely Vacation are very similar to the chorus of “never gonna give you up” by rick astley

  • “1919” by Aika’s solo carreer (愛歌, from 73shiki (七三式) ) is almost identical to Redφey’s “ワチャチャ”

  • The chorus of the song “Na mo Naki Uta (名も無き謳)” by GAUZES. is very similar to AWOI (アヲイ)'s “LAST LETTER (ラストレター)”

  • The main guitar riff in VAMPIRE ROSE’s “血薔薇の宴” is very similar to Angra’s “Nova Era”

  • The chorus of the song “異次元平行世界~あたしどの世界線でもGenocide~” by 鮮血A子ちゃん” (Senketsu A-kochan) has the same melody as the song “HALLOWEEN PARTY” by the supergoup HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. Another song by another band that’s copied this same track is the intro to “All Hallows Eve” by The THIRTEEN.

  • Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー)'s “おさかな地獄 (O sakana jigoku)” is very similar to LUNA SEA’s “TRUE BLUE”, although it’s meant as a parody. The PV for this track is also a parody of LUNA SEA’s PVs for “Believe” & “TRUE BLUE”.

  • 5150 has plagiarized lots of metal bands in their early albums:

  • During the guitar solo to 5150’s “Fire at the Alive” the melodies of 2 Angra songs are copied: “Angel’s Cry” and “Nova Era”

  • The intro to 5150’s “The Flowering Night” is identical to Cradle of Filth’s intro to “Cthulhu Dawn”. The melody of the chorus of the same Cradle of Filth song is also copied in the chorus of 5150’s “Slaughter the Machine”

  • The chorus to 5150’s “Sacrifice” is very similar to a melody towards the end of Cradle of Filth’s “Nemesis”

  • The intro to 5150’s “Crazy Speed Hight” is identical to DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames”

  • 5150’s “聖戦” is very similar to Luca Turilli’s “Black Dragon”

  • The intro and first part of Deathpair’s “傀儡” are very similar to Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots”

  • The song sampled in the beginning of DIVIM’s“404”, right before the chorus, is the prelude from the original Final Fantasy

  • PIKO (ピコ) has 3 tracks that have the same melody in their choruses as the SAMナイトシリーズ(SAM Night Series) by samfree: PIKO PIKO ☆ LEGEND OF THE NIGHT (ピコピコ☆レジェンドオブザナイト), PIKO PIKO ★ NIGHT OF GALAXY(ピコピコ★ナイトオブギャラクシー) & ☆ PIKO PIKO ★ LEGEND OF THE NIGHT OF GALAXY(☆ピコピコ★レジェンドオブザナイトオブギャラクシー)

  • THE CLARE has plagiarized 2 songs by L’Arc〜en〜Ciel: “Voice” & “予感 (Yokan)”. In both cases they stole the guitar riff in the intros and named their songs the same as the ones they copied from Laruku.

  • Kissing The Mirror has copied 2 Children of Bodom songs:

  • “Silent Voyage” by Kissing The Mirror is basically just an instrumental version of “Silent Night, Bodom Night” by Children of Bodom with very few arrangement differences, other than having no vocals

  • The intro to “the eye” by Kissing the Mirror is the same as “Lake Bodom” by Children of Bodom

  • Undead Corporation has a song called “Allyheart” that is very similar to the song “Warheart” by Children of Bodom. Even the cover of the album in which the song is featured (2012’s Parallelism・γ) is similar to Bodom’s album from 2003 called “Hate Crew Deathroll”



is similar to:


is similar to:


is similar to:


is similar to:


is similar to:


is similar to:


The intro to

sounds similar to

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The riff is exactly the same


This is amazing. Thank you for this list!

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The chorus from this

Reminds me of this

There is another song that reminds me of the specific Buck Tick one, but i cannot remember it at all

Similar sounding intros for a couple seconds there.


Omg I love enter the dragon

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Are we sure the energy song isn’t a cover? Or is it actual plagiarism?


The main riff of All Time Low by Nine Inch Nails (33 seconds in)…

… seems to have been re-appropriated by Dir en grey in Phenomenon (16 seconds in).

As a huge fan of both bands, DEG’s song is far superior, even if it does steal an idea.


This tripped me out. Not 100% identical but the song structures and the melody of the chorus overlap heavillyyyyyyy.

lical - world end siren

chanty - ポリシー


It’s funny, I’ve always thought of how similar the guitar part around 0:25 in Ariana is to All Time Low.

the intro of:

sounds similar to the gang vocal part of: