Similar Songs

Uhhhhh…maybe im reaching but listen to the main riff and then the melody of the chorus in the beyonce song… Its been bugging me for years and i couldn’t put my finger on it until today

I hear it.

I will never not think about these two

This Italian song “Gloria” published in 1979(Umberto Tozzi-Gloria - YouTube)

And “Ma cherie” by malice mizer published in 1994(Malice Mizer - Ma Chérie ~ Itoshii kimi e ~ (2011) - YouTube)


Wow, never made the connection, but now I can’t unhear it and my mind inserts the Gloria chorus into Ma Chérie…


Added another song thats similar.

These two songs sound incredibly similar. Am I the only one that thinks this?

I just realized, the chorus melody of Solitude by Moi dix Mois…

…sounds an awful lot like a ripoff of the chorus of Fascism by La’cryma Christi. :male_detective:

The guitar solo in the Nostradamnz ‘at the hard night’ is really similar to the vocal melody in Luna Sea’s ‘True Blue’ chorus

The percussion struck me as pretty similar between these two.

Penicillin’s Inazuma and System of a down’s Chop Suey have a pretty similar intro. Funnily enough, Penicillin released Inazuma a few months before Chop Suey came out

this arashi song sounds an awful lot like everybody by backstreet boys imo

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