sukekiyo New Audio & Video Compilation "Ius Cerebri" & "Sinistro Cerebrum"

Wouldn’t that be a totally diffrent song? I guess it’s just not your taste :sweat_smile: I love the pop stuff they do and I guess I am not the only one. So this is just for people with a diffrent taste.


Out of curiosity, which sukekiyo songs do you like?

After all what’s been said I listened to the full song now. To me it was new, I don’t know the demo version, and nope, it’s not my cup of tea. There’s definitely worse (there’s always definitely worse) but it’s one of the songs of theirs I don’t listen to more than once, I guess.

When it comes to sukekiyo I loved their first album, tried a bit after but didn’t really listen to anything after this until Erosio and to me there’s like four songs from that album that I listen to constantly and didn’t listen to the rest of it more than once. So I’m not surprised by the style of Valentina. But I don’t think it’s a bad song in general, just as has been pointed out above, it’s just not something I do enjoy.

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Yo, why the hell do all of sukekiyo’s pop tunes have the same chord progression? That’s all i wanna know. You could put on Candis/Moan/Valentina/dorothy and aside from certain parts in each song, theyre indistinguishable from one another.


Valentina has always been a great song to listen to while hitting the gym. Repetitive lines such as “a kiss with owowowowow,” “Lie Lie Lie Lie,” and “do you need me?” have never failed to get the blood pumping.


I support kyo’s journey to become a citypop diva.

The only of their throwbacks I don’t love is Moan.


Personally, Moan is my favorite “pop” song of Sukekiyo, i find it super catchy. :sweat_smile:


Giri, giri Darling ~


Yeah! The chorus is catchy as hell!

This, pretty much.

Not all the songs in this vein hit for me, but they’re usually a fun time. Plus, it’s not like their discography is overrun by tunes like this (they have like a small handful), so there’s plenty of room for the enjoyers of the more ‘complex’ works too.


See, I don’t hate moan, like it fine. But it is last in my personal ranking

S-Tier: Dorothy, Candis, Kisses

A-Tier: Valentina demo (still on the fence about the new ver.)

B-Tier: Moan


Visitor x is a recent good one, scarlet is excellent probably one of their best songs. Among the “kawaii” retro style songs I think Candis is the best one. Regarding old ones amagari no yuushi, anima and zephyr are all fantastic tracks.


Pretty solid selection of song, ngl.
What makes Candis the best for you, btw?

All parts of Candis are catchy, the instrumental intro, the verse, the bridge and especially the chorus, even the small part after the main chorus is catchy, the guitar solo in the middle of it.
I don’t think ever will make a better retro-fun song than Candis. Its amazing. You don’t agree it has everything?


Candis is one of the best songs in my opinion, and I don’t just mean in Sukekiyo’s oeuvre. Just beautifully done. Add in the video, and I really could not love it more if I tried.


Candis does have everything… or, at least, it doesn’t have any annoying parts that other sisters do (for some reason I can’t digest Mosaic Shoujo nor MOAN that well).

I’m easy to please. I like all of the Poppy songs, though I agree with folks that moan is a little weird. I think most people never got used to the little rhyme in it. I think my least favorite of the sisters is Scarlett as I just find it lyrically kind of boring and drawn out.
I’m surprised some folks hadn’t heard of Valentina since the “demo” has been around for years.
As with most of their finished tracks they call demos, I find the first version to be superior to the final release. The only exceptions being Yumemidoro and Aishita Shinzo.

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Malice Mizer syndrome.