sukekiyo to release new audio & video compilation AMOR in October, 2022!

A new Audio & video compilation 『AMOR』 by sukekiyo has been announced to be released in October, 2022!

The artwork features an illustration by HIRO, an artist known for his illustration of girls with a mixed taste of Japanese traditional and digital art. The extremely detailed illustration of the beautiful girl, inspired from the music to be included in this new piece of work, adds an unique and memorable atmosphere to the cover.

The track list is made of 3 songs, and will bring you two new tracks, 「Scarlet」 and 「モザイク少女 -mosaic shojo-」, along with 「夢見ドロ -yumemidoro-」, previously released as demo tape back in 2020. The Official Online Shop Only Edition will come with a bonus disc featuring the music video for 「モザイク少女 -mosaic shojo-」, 8 live clips taken from a show of the sukekiyo TOUR2021「Tonari no hekiko」-Shikkoku No Gi-, held at Zepp Tokyo on Dec. 13rd, 2021, as well as a short digest footage titled “official bootleg”, taken from the Osaka and Nagoya’s shows of the same tour.

The Official Online Shop Only Deluxe Edition will be printed in limited numbers, and will come with two bonus gift: a “Backstage DVD” and a ceramic plate featuring the illustration HIRO created for this work.

Preorders for this product will start on Jul. 28th (Thu.), from 20:00 at the Official Online Shop 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP】.
The orders are expected to be delivered on early October 2022.

Audio & video compilation

RELEASE DATE : 2022.10


■DISC 1 [CD]

  1. Scarlet
  2. 夢見ドロ -yumemidoro-
  3. モザイク少女 -mosaic shojo-

■DISC 2 [Blu-ray]
◆Music Video

  1. モザイク少女

◆Live Footage
sukekiyo TOUR2021「Tonari no hekiko」-Shikkoku No Gi-
2021.12.13(Mon.) Zepp Tokyo

  1. foster mother
  2. mama
  3. creeper
  4. 接触 -sesshoku-
  5. 愛した心臓 -ai shita shinzou-
  6. valentina
  8. 憂染 -uso-

sukekiyo TOUR2021「Tonari no hekiko」-Shikkoku No Gi-
2021.12.9(Thu.) Zepp Namba
2021.12.10(Fri.) Zepp Nagoya
-official bootleg-

TYPE : Official Online Shop Only Deluxe Edition 【Limited Press】
PRICE : ¥11,000
DISC : 2 discs
FORMAT : CD+Blu-ray+Plate
※Bonus gift : Backstage DVD
※Get yours HERE

TYPE : Official Online Shop Only Edition 【Limited Press】
PRICE : ¥6,600
DISC : 2 discs
FORMAT : CD+Blu-ray
※Get yours HERE

Manufactured by FW
Distributed by FW

※Contents, title and version are subject to change without notice.
※Available in limited numbers. Until supplies last only.


I was 99% sure we were finally getting an album… What a bummer wow

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Im REALLY sick of these same songs on DVD, in EVERY release.


commemorative plate lmfaoooooo

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What would you eat off of your sukekiyo plate?


So, I assume, this is going to be included on Blu-Ray

dots and hershey’s kisses, shoveled into the hole

while kyo stands on the table in front of me, asking “candis candy fit in your mouth?”


No doubt a full-length album would have been good, but I’m still pretty stoked for this (the CD part)!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about that plate.


that last frame tho, popeye-looking ass



Let me tell you, it’s been a while since Kyo’s eaten his stage spinach. He seems to be reserving that for Petit Brabancon these days though.

Stop this money-grabbing shit and just record a new album already


They probably don’t even have enough in the tank to release an album this year. It’s been sukekiyo tour, Petit release, Diru release and tour, sukekiyo tour, Petit Tour, sukekiyo single so I doubt there’s much time to get together until the fall assuming Diru doesn’t announce a European leg soon.

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people wanting a sukekiyo full length after kyo already dropping 2 full lengths this year lmao my brother in christ just go listen to something else


Sukekiyo is a luxury band. It’s just a really fancy single.


There is enough material for an album already but they prefer drip feeding it

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Yeah Kyo mentioned in some interview that they have 17 unreleased songs

Wasn’t that Petit Brabancon?