sukekiyo to release new audio & video compilation AMOR in October, 2022!


Man, and out of all of those, we got… two more

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would be nice if they would do an actual buyable release.
something for a casual fan, who doesn’t want to sacrifice all their belongings for pleasing their “gods of music”.

I seriously love how fancy and artsy your music is, but don’t become the fucking Gucci of VK because of your “artistry”.
I won’t forgive you that kyo.

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queens of releasing things i’ll only listen to the digital of


Hm. Weird that they didn’t bother with instrumental versions or any other bonus songs (like zephyr on Salus).

I really hope they’re not planning to release another/two more glorified singles just to put remaining doll singles on them.

Also, not getting Rongai again makes me sad.


They have completely ditched that song, haven’t they? They are not even performing it live

Yeah, they only played Rongai twice :confused:

For all the elderly bangya’s fireplace sills


Had to go with the fucking plate since the regular limited edition is no longer available on cdjapan :face_in_clouds: That better be one hell of a plate…

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I’m digging the little sample from the single (if that’s it??). Sounds like a smooth continuation of the vibrant '80s pop inspired vein of their last release.


Same, that little snippet sounds great

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If I heard two teasers of two different songs, then, I guess, there’s nothing for me this time :confused:

coming for that 30+ queer money :moneybag: get it queens

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