TETSUYA new band "Like〜an〜Angel" has formed

TETSUYA (L’Arc-en-Ciel) has formed a L’Arc-en-Ciel copy band named “Like〜an〜Angel”. Their 1st live will be held at “代官山UNIT” (Daikanyama UNIT) on 2023/05/30.

“Like〜an〜Angel” are


I thought this was supposed to be an April fool’s joke, lol.


So is it really serious …?

If they play old songs from their debut career, i’m totally in. This is where the gold is.

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xxxx is such a talented musician that he can play guitar and drums while singing simultaneously.


There is no Laruku now, there’s only T e t s u y a lol. It would be hilarious if it was actually just Tetsuya doing everything himself, instruments, vocals and all

Oh why thank you. I am an excellent god tier musician who plays two instruments at once. :sunglasses:

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It doesn’t sound like his voice