the GazettE 20th anniversary best of album "HETERODOXY-DIVIDED 3 CONCEPTS-" release


Just saw this. What a fucking dumb release.


Well, best album for their 20th anniversary. Nothing extraordinary, no?
Especially since they’re having their own nostalgia tour soon.

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I get where you came from, they are probably going for “VESTIGE of SCRATCHES” style of release with triple disc. in which they would get a bunch different composers remastering their tracks, with some rerecorded tracks throwing in. which dosen’t make any sense unless they are willing give disc 1 a full spot for their pre-nil era which makes disc 2 completely redundant since they already had traces volume .1

Edit: i was right in everything EXCEPT the rerecording part AND the pre NIL Era Part.
Just what in the fucking hell is this!?

Edit #2
alright y’know what?
here’s the comparison between the rerelease and the spooky box
setlist as disc 2 and 3 is based on that one

I’m a super casual fan and even I can see this suuuuuuuucks!

I see that Deluxe edition has somethingsomething box and opening SE collections?

It appears to be a collection of all of the unreleased SE they’ve used during live shows with a code to download it digitally.


Thats cool, but holy fuck this is super underwhelming, especially since these songs have such thick mastering/studio flourishes.

kinda intrigued about the se’s since there was a great one on their website during the guren single release that I keep trying to find.
will i buy it for that? no.

They couldn’t name the first disc anything better than just “Singles”

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I see the disappointment in this thread but I don’t understand it. We’re y’all expecting more indies era works? It seems like they don’t have access to anything pre-NIL. There are a few deep cuts here from singles and it does cover their sound quite nicely. Maybe getting an extra bonus track or two exclusive to this release would be nice, but this is standard for a collection album.


In true the GazettE fashion, the last song on this comp is Tomorrow Never Dies.


I was hoping for live album like the one they did for their 10th anniversary.

Not really interested unless remasters turn out to be much better than the originals…

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And nothing from Mass. I guess, Mass isn’t their best album.

I wonder how many people would complain, if they had included music from an album that got released just like a year and a half before, because these songs were too new to already be released again.

Typical tracklist for a typical best album from a typically popular band, not really surprised.

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“Heterodoxy-Divided 3 Concepts” sounds like a Kingdom Hearts title.


Pardon me, are you telling me they’re not re-recording/remastering the tracks in this best of???

It‘s put as „全47曲 -All remastering-“ on the OHP so why do you wonder?

¿Que opinan de el nuevo álbum HETERODOXY?