Do you think it “deserves” a controversy though?

I don’t think it “deserves” controversy, but I understand why it would be. I think tattoos in Japan are still considered generally taboo (though if I’m wrong somebody please correct me)

Do you think his tattoos are badass? Im not trying to troll btw just curious what you guys think about his “rocker tattoos”

The tattoos are not bad, but with Hyde looking (to me) forever like a 12 y.o. kid, it comes across like trying a bit too too hard to be “tough”.

No, I don’t think this deserves a controversy. I have tattoos so it would be pretty hypocritical of me to think so lmao. I also don’t think his tattoos are necessarily “badass”, I couldn’t see too many details in the photos in the article but roses, thorny vines and a snake seem pretty basic. That said, without seeing closeups, they seemed well made and ultimately that matters more (to me) than whether or not the subject matter fits the “badass rockstar” look.
But, as @NewsMan said, the general opinion on tattoos seems to still be negative in Japan so it’s understandable why really big tattoos like that would raise eyebrows among the general public. Younger generations probably won’t care too much in the future and I imagine a lot of future celebrities will get away with getting tattoos, as long as they’re :sparkles:small and aesthetically pleasing :sparkles:

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I think they’re fine? I like the floral designs, and I’m a fan of tattoos in general as well as have some of my own. I don’t like the word tattoos, but that’s just because I don’t like word tattoos as a general rule lmao

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I’ll have to rewatch the commercial but iirc the full version of PSYCHO LOVE PV will be out on 12/3.

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Nope nvm might never get the PV since this’ll be the WOWOW of their show from November.

So how is it going for these last rockstars? Already lost the energy to keep pushing the project? The most fun was most likely announcing it and getting all that sweet attention.

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I don’t know, why don’t you ask them?

Yoshiki is probably busy editing Hyde’s breath so it’ll be perfect enough to release


:headstone: the LA show at the end of the month.

Social media chatter is saying that his appearance at this Kpop award show taking place at Tokyo Dome on the same day is the reason why the LA show is being postponed:

There’s quite a few tweets from devastated fans who booked hotels and airplane tickets to the LA show. I really hope he doesn’t show up to that award show.

I have no idea what he’s expecting to get out of the MAMA appearance, since everyone watching are only tuning in for their kpop favs. He’s going to be working a dead crowd…

Many Koreans and Kpop idols like Yoshiki…

He has spoken.


I don’t doubt that, it’s the average kpop fan/stream watcher I’m talking about. (Although now that I think about it sober/logically, what the stream thinks or spams in the chat will be irrelevant, so maybe the in-person performance will be fine?)
But there is also the fact that MAMA has had different levels of quality issues every time I’ve watched so…

This may or may not be related but he also tweeted that he feels he doesn’t have much time left as a drummer.

I’m rly not sure if he got aware of his own mortality over the autumn and feels the weight of delaying projects for eternity now, 𝓸𝓻 he tries to stir some shit this way because the attention in ojisan-kei shifted away from ha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Noticed on Twitter that Japanese fans are talking about HYDE’s most recent Nico Nico Douga stream where he discusses the reason for rescheduling the LA show. He states that Yoshiki *collapsed October 20th and was ordered by his doctor to stop any activity that could make his condition worse. They tried to cancel their Tokyo shows but were unable to. Yoshiki will likely need another neck surgery but Hyde says this has been mentally damaging for Yoshiki as well.

Here is the stream source: THE LAST ROCKSTARS 直前SP!! - 2023/11/19(日) 19:30開始 - ニコニコ生放送
and the clip from the stream:

*there was also coverage of him collapsing in August which forced him to delay his designer brand debut at Paris Fashion Week (src: YOSHIKI、過労で倒れる | BARKS)