Of course, Health absolutely comes first. If shows need to be canceled because of it then absolutely do so. Focus on your health first and foremost.

However, the issue is the fact that this information was given to the audience that is not effected by the massively delayed show first. Tokyo gets all their shows.
This is something that should be given to the international fan base, in English. Not the BS “unforseen circumstances”, especially since the real reason came out so soon after the confirmation of the reschedule.

Why deal with such a negative outcry that would not be so negative if people were given at least some sort of “real” reason for the massive delay, and so soon before the show date? Decent people would be bummed still, but much more concerned for his health and understanding of the situation; not raging angry and focusing on the financial loss they incurred.

Some people might see this as disrespectful.

People are going to question why it wasn’t rescheduled back in October. Why the Tokyo show’s couldn’t be canceled/rescheduled. Likely harder to answer. If that gets another BS answer though, well… :grimacing:

Many people already have very shaky respect for Yoshiki in the first place, and how this has played out … well, let’s see if it effects anything moving forward. How it might effect the rescheduled LA attendance. People may be a lot more hesitant to make plans to attend concerts that they would have to fly out for.

This is a mess that could had been a lot less messy…

The only somewhat “nice” side of this is that apparently there are international dates that have yet to be revealed, indicating that there is some sort of international tour being planned next year, of which the LA show is, assumingly, going to be part of.

So, we’ll see, I guess.


Agreed, it seems like we’re the last to know whenever stuff like this happens, and that we often need to find out from second hand information that’s been translated from Japanese.

It just adds to the feeling that a lot of us have that these shows that bands sporadically put on overseas are 75% about flexing to their domestic fanbase and that the fans that will be attending these shows are mostly an afterthought to them.

Which, yeah, I get it. If you can make money on the DVD sales, go for it. If mentioning it to their domestic fans creates buzz, I’m all for it. These tours get expensive, and VIP tickets will help; but make a tour too extensive, and it gets harder to make money. But don’t lose sight of the people that are (often) flying half way across the country, or even other countries, to support you.

I know Yoshiki is used to buying his way or calling in favours for certain things in the West, but I assume that most of the people showing up for this weren’t bought and paid for by him but were genuine fans.

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Collapsed because of high concentration of biggidy biggidy bang bang bang in his blood


I guess the fun is over now, press isnt really caring about them anymore or right now. Yoshiki needs to be in the spotlight constantly. How can he get back to the spotlight? Its everything for him.

Fingers crossed the Y-man gets well soon and/or doesn’t overexert himself. As much as I like to clown on him, I hope he sticks around for a long time and gives some more joy to his fans in the form of new music (I guess all this death in the scene lately has made me a bit sentimental, haha).


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PATA was a guest at last night’s TLRS show, and joined them on stage for Rusty Nail


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tfw you’ve just realized ~Paris~ in 『Paris Mix』 stands for Paris, TX



in the end of the day TLR is less of an band, and more a brand synergy thing-y to sell random songs from different unrelated projects


Let’s hope the mix was at least done during the day and they didn’t spend ~one night in paris~

in hindsight do you think the last rockstars was a smart move by yoshiki who is the man behind it, who used his senpai power to gather the members? Has it been a succesful project for everyone involve? How important and relevant are they in the VK/jrock scene?

Considering how 3/4 of the setlist are not even original songs from the band, but covers of the individual musicians, I think it was just an attempt of old men slowly becoming irrelevant in “their scene” they used to dominate and to promote their own music with a big (domestic) PR hype behind it.
For me the hype was only like 2 days long and they haven’t been releasing anything for too long and not adapted enough to recent trends (tiktok/virality) to stay relevant in a now short lived music scene.


This feels like the most random thing, but I guess that means we’ll get a studio version of this relatively soon??? Excited to hear it? The middle of this song is kind of confusing in this recording, but I think it’s promising

If you follow Tekken community, you’ll know that this is just how Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Project Director) acts in-general, plus isn’t MYV had some connections inside Bandai Namco? his label perhaps? Anyway i won’t be surprised if Harada invite them to his podcast (Harada’s Bar)

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hyde did something for Davil May Cry some years ago, maybe he has some connections in video game industry

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hyde con l’arc made “don’t be afraid” with a VR special for RESIDENT EVIL as well. With DMC it was Hyde’s solo single “MAD QUALIA” (in the European version it did not appear in the game, I think it is a Japanese exclusive)

Both Capcom properties and yet this is Bandai Namco. Weird.