Oh they altered the lyrics; and some parts of the song.

That middle part in particular - isn’t that a passage from that song that Yoshiki was working on with that guy (Yoshi, I believe) that passed away during the XY auditions?

L’arc en Ciel also did a song for DMC4 - Drink it Down. I read briefly somewhere that Hyde was actually a fan of the franchise. Not sure if that’s true though. So that’s two for DMC/Capcom.

Japan’s No.1 Yoshiki Stan, Shinya-dir-en-grey, went to see The Last Rockstars, and took some pics

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No picture with Miyavi?

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My thoughts exactly!

He takes pictures with his senpai.

Or perhaps Miyavi is no longer the rizz king of J-rock.


Damn those pants Yoshiki is wearing, do you guys think they fit him?

They are vacum sealed

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Shinya should have been holding a glass of wine in Hyde pic to make the full combo.

This clears up a lot.

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MIYAVI is currently signed to a sublabel of the Bandai Namco music label, yeah.

Book club at mom’s house be like


Today I learned Psycho Love is also the name of Hyde’s vodka brand…

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★·.·¯´·.·★🎀 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓢𝔂𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓰𝔂 🎀★·.·¯´·.·★


What is this face he’s making??? It looks like he just smelled the STANKIEST fart

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Wrong post, sry mods

How much influence do the last Rockstars actually have on the japanese rock scene? How “important” are they as the OG senpais?
Since Yoshiki is in the group and X Japan has many western fans - has the band started some kind of movement abroad as well? How big are they in the west? Can this become the second wave of Jrock/VK in the west? (I personally consider the first wave to be late 90s-2010-ish)

If there is to be a second boom in the West, I’m confident that The Last Rockstars will have absolutely nothing to do with it. TikTok teens will have more to do with it.

The initial push in the mid 2000s had nothing to do with the bands themselves promoting in the West of their own initiative, but from fans creating a demand and pushing Anime conventions, and Western media sources and tour promoters to acknowledge the demand.


they’re important to me and that’s all that matters!!


Where the hell is the new single?