The THIRTEEN new EP "GLITTER" release

the THIRTEEN new EP “GLITTER” will be released at 2022/01/12


new dadaroma looks great


I hope they’re making a Kaya tribute album this time instead of duping sukekiyo.


World needs more clown-core.

These guys always get some pretty decent stuff going so look forward to hearing this. The look is pretty cool too.

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while the look is great as usual.
I am worried that we don’t get heavier songs once again.


Totally feel that. That’s 80% of vkei though, great looks and generic music. Haha. The title as well “glitter” doesn’t particular give heavy vibes but who knows? Maybe we’re in for a massive surprise. Haha

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Mail order and live-limited edition (10000yen) will include CD (6 songs) and DVD including “Focus” MV, Member Solo Music video & off shot + 32-page booklet with interview and will be in a sleeve case

Limited edition (3080yen) will include CD (5 songs) and DVD including “Focus” MV

Regular edition (2350yen) will include CD (6 songs) only

[CD tracklist]

  1. Tokyo Sympathy
  2. Focus
  3. GAME
  4. moody blues
  5. Flare
  6. daydreamer [mail order and live-limited + regular edition only]

This are really weird album covers
They look like if they just visited an site with an AI and made 10 attempts of creating an image with it and put the “best” one on the album cover.

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Album covers are crap but I have already got the regular version as these guys usually do good stuff so excited for it. Feeling different vibes this time around so maybe it’ll be something a little put the ordinary.

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An album called glitter with no glitter? :roll_eyes:

Maybe they will just cram the cases with it so when you open it the first time you get a glittery mess.


They have moved away from their heavier side since their previous job , I liked their metalcore style more

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This is actually quite pleasant

Everyone has to make that kinda “jazzier” track once in a while I guess


the problem is that his previous mini album is like that, not a single banger song … this new mini will be just as bland … I hope I’m wrong

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I still hope we’ll get something real cool, so I’m not gonna lower my guard till the previews come out

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let’s wait then

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I have up on them years ago but I’m interested in revisiting. But not a fan of this particular song.

I’m not sure whether to be enthused that they are doing something a bit different or disappointed they arent doing what I have so far enjoyed about them. Song is decent enough but not what I’d go to these guys for…