Unli Furps new song "STORY" and digital single "蒼" release

Unli Furps just posted their new look.
Today they will release the 2nd track titled “STORY” (Promotion Edit).

Vocal: 哭(Koku) (ex.ZeroCre)

Guitar: 恋(Ren) (ex.GE+IM(support))

Guitar: Яe:NA (ex.ロゼ(Roze))

Bass: vy Tark


They’re still a thing lmaooo


Koku has potential, and Яe:NA is no slouch either.


The look isn’t bad, but I just can’t take them seriously with that name ahhh

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Unli Furps is my favourite band


The vocalist sings like he’s on sedatives, good lord. The song could be a total banger and the others are rocking out but he’s fucking CATATONIC in comparison. The fizzling energy, the muffled vocals, his uwu vibe, it just totally doesn’t fit the music. Someone slap him, take away his pills, give him a Red Bull or two and then rerecord this. Boom, profit.


2nd truck

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I really wish their mixing were better, I bought their three singles on iTunes just to support them, but they sound so bad compared to the pvs somehow.


Greatest band of 2021 just off the name alone

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Loving Ren’s look :eyes:.

I agree that the audio quality needs to be fixed. Unless that was done on purpose. In this PV they sound a little like yumeleep. Idk.

I did miss the heavyish sound from ZeroCre. Maybe hope to see that return.

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It sound actually good, just the vocals could have some … more emotions.
Vocaloids have more emotions in their voice.
I mean he doesnt screech or anything dumb worse at least, but the song is kinda upbeat.

Does the bassist have a little goattee? or is that make up?
After opening the photos, ok its make up

I mean,… the name stays unlucky, but hey i did listen to a band called itchy poopzkid (nowadays they are only called itchy) so :woman_shrugging:

it’s makeup (poorly) hiding a five o’clock shadow

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New look:

god that’s so fucking bad

except ren. he’s cute :heart:

edit: missed my opportunity to say this look is completely unfappable


New digital single "蒼” will be released at 2021/12/03.

Ah man the pitch correction software being used is really obvious in this one >_< seeing that weird octave solo thing off time on a dean ml hurts my dimebag fan heart haha. Has anyone seen them live here? Am kinda interested in how bad it may be, in a good entertainment way.

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damn daniel, i can barely hear the actual band lmao

Limited sound source “Dissonance” will be given as a privilege for those who bought the tickets.
There are no plans to be published on Youtube or distribution sites.