Upcoming Video Game Thread

Thought it’d be neat to bring this topic back! What upcoming games are you looking forward to?

To start off, I’m excited for the eventual release of Resident Evil 8 and FF16. Hopefully, the PS5 will be more readily available then, lol.

Also looking forward to Persona 5 Strikers that’s coming out in a few months, too.


I’m also very excited for Resident Evil 8! But after watching the game awards I find myself thinking the most about Back 4 Blood and Century: Age of Ashes. I’m also still looking forward to Ghostwire: Tokyo - just hoping that one actually gets released in 2021.

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One of my favorite game studios is making a horror themed point-and-click adventures (They specialize in the PACA arena):

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I’m curious about the validity of the souls style Final Fantasy game that’s rumored Final Fantasy Origin that’s a prequel to the original game and where you’ll play as Garland apparently.

I’m still waiting for this game but it got delayed like 3 times…
This seems like the perfect game for me: Digimon + Visual Novel + permadeath!
I hope this will finally be relaesed someday.

This has me curious too. I’ve only ever played FF7 and FF7 remake and I just tried out Demon’s Souls for the first time a few days ago. That game is freaking tough though and it seems like a bit of an odd pairing with a traditionally more player friendly series.

Kinda psyched for Psychonauts 2. I hadn’t played the first one until just yesterday since it’s on gamepass now, but it’s surprisingly quite good. Very unique with great art direction. The trailer for the second installment actually looks very promising.

Huge plus too for the main character being voiced by the guy who voices Invader Zim and Billy from Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

im looking forward to play FF7 remake -_-… i have been so busy with studies i didnt dare to start play it cuz i knew i would just play play play and not study, so i have been waiting >.<.

I was looking forward to resident evil 8, i really liked nr7 but 8 felt kinda…eh. alltho i liked the first part…duuh, XD (that one i only watched tho letsplay)

It’s looking very likely that the Switch Pro will be announced this week. :scream:

It’s really good! I think it’s wise you’ve put it off to focus on studying haha.

RE7 is amazing. Loved every second of it. From what I’ve played of the demo for RE8, it looks gorgeous. I hear it’s a different experience than the claustrophobic gritty RE7, but I still want to play through in the future.

yeah ikr XD to bad that they didnt do the bathtube scene with the group of men from the original into the new one. but im looking forward going back to midgar in a new look ^^
if they make a remake of ff9, i would be soo happy. i really like the “classic fantasy” feeling it has.

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I heard more news today that it might retail at $400. Apparently some retailers have listings ready set at that price.

Would you buy a switch pro? And for $400? I’m personally quite happy with my switch V2. A portable HD device sounds kind of nice, but I game on my TV anyways. And for $400 their joycons better have no drift :joy:

Hahaha, imagine seeing that scene in the new graphics :joy: I haven’t gotten very far yet, but I can say that the graphics got a huuuge boost from the PS1 version. I’ve only played up until you escape the first mako factory. And the Intergrade version coming out is supposed to have higher quality textures and 60fps which is a plus.

I haven’t played 9 yet. I have it on PS1 I think, but have never ended up playing it. How’s it stack up to 7?

I’m content with my Switch Lite, but I’d like to keep supporting the ecosystem as well.

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Also this :slight_smile:

And buying Scarlet Nexus on the 25th, I played the demo and enjoyed it a lot ^^


Elden ring for sure. I haven’t played any Shin Megami Tensei games yet. I’m thinking about buying Shin Megami Tensei 3 remaster on the Switch. Is it good? Are these games similar to Persona?


Well it is similar to Persona. The system battle at least, the “demons” which are Personas, you can put “Demons” in your team, do fusion, items are the same, etc. The story is not like a Persona game, but it’s still good. But there’s no such thing as “days” or “links”, which was getting annoying, at least for me, to manage all of this. Imo, I love Shin Megami Tensei 3 Remastered on switch. I’m 15 hours in, and it’s easy to go back after a little while. If you love grinding, you’ll love this game, because for bosses, you’ll need good attacks, a good party, and good demons ^^. Imo, if you like jrpg turned based, you’ll love this game :slight_smile: I highly recommend! It’s hard sometimes, but totally worth it! Cheers man!

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This is more gaming news, but I don’t think there’s a thread for that.

If anyone remembers the Playstation 4 CMOS issue (AKA the CBOMB), looks like Sony patched that out! For those unacquainted with the situation there was a problem with the PS4 where if the CMOS battery dies in your system, then the internal clock couldn’t sync up with the Playstation network and render all your games (both physical and digital) unplayable. You’d only get an error screen.

As of today, Sony released a new firmware update 9.0.0 and it appears to have solved that issue. Even if the battery dies you can still play games and earn trophies.

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Anyone tune into the Nintendo Direct today? Some of the highlights for me were Castlevania Advanced Collection and Bayonetta 3. Metroid Dread is starting to catch my interest. The gameplay and environments look pretty good.