Versailles new single "VOGUE" release

yass, they’re so fucking back!! :heart:

I can rarely be excited about short snippets like these, especially when they are mostly poppy-chorus stuff (in my experience omitting the best parts of the song 9/10 times). Will have to wait for the full thing and its b-site to make up my mind.

It is not like I am saying this is bad. But the only times I got excited with preview clips was sometimes with David and especially Femme Fatale and Kamijo’s own Louis promo back in the day. I guess selecting the right part for a preview like this is an art in itself.

I remember being kind of really indifferent towards Destiny The Lovers’ preview clips, especially disliking Glowing Butterlfy based on it, only for Destiny and Glowing Butterfly both to become some of my favourites of later Versailles.



Its a serve, just based on the name!

Try the Prince and Princess single.

If you like all 3 songs on there, then you will most likely like all of the rest of their songs.


Feel like I am party pooper alot here on jrockone, sorry…
Am I the only one who thinks it sounds like a very “safe” Kamjio song?


I agree, the guitar solo at the end is Versailles/Hizaki, but the chorus was just general Kamijo music


Thank you!

Thank you very much!

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JUBILEE is worth your time too! @Varosa and I bonded over it back in the day, so I have to throw it out there.


It remains one of my favorite albums of all time!

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