Visual kei anime, Visual Prison to begin airing in October

Came across this and saw it didn’t have a topic here. The MC’s band’s name appears to be called OZ lol
Elements Garden are a pretty talented group too and the original creator of this show is the president of that group so there is a chance the music could actually be good too (but I’m not getting my hopes up)

Ange Yuki—a boy who wrestles with deep-seated loneliness and can’t fit in. With nobody to call family, he leaves his hometown. Longing to see an artist he admires perform, he heads for Harajuku, where he encounters a live battle between visual kei units ECLIPSE and LOS † EDEN. Overwhelmed by the energetic performance, he is suddenly struck by an intense pain…



And there I thought based on the title they would make an Anime about all the dirty, criminal acts that VK bandomen committed.

But it’s only about pretty boy bands battling each other.


Actual band name is O★Z it looks like

Thanks for the info, going to have to check this out. It doesn’t seem like it is based off a manga so looks to be original.

Harajuku though??? I don’t remember any bands based off of that place

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Oh god. Watch this become a mobile rhythm game (like BaNG! girls, D4DJ, Prince Sama) and make millions. :sob:


I’ve bookmarked this too when it appeared on my twitter timeline and it seems quite interesting. Keeping an eye on this!


I’m already seeing the ARGONAVIS (BanG Dream) vibes. Didn’t they have a visual band in that game? Cazqui tweets about it every once in a while, so I think he wrote a song for them.

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Lostears has made it :clap:

Why do i have a feeling they might actually form a V-kei band based off this anime concept. lol Either way.
Im interested already because i don’t think ive seen an anime do this type of thing before. They prob exist, i don’t know about them or this might be completely new. I also like how they are going in with no manga adaptation. They are just going into this straight with a straight up anime. It kinda creates this suspense vibe on what will happen in the story. Everything will be a surprise which is cool.


‘‘Visual Prison’’ well they surely picked quite the name for this anime didn’t they… To be honest i’m ridiculously excited for this and will probably watch it even if it turns out to be total garbage lol

I’m very excited (just like I’m very excited for every bishounen harem anime that I never watch lol) no, but I’m actually very excited. A lot of vk artists have been covering anime songs in the past… decade? So I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Very original, too. Hope it sells.

@Axius well back then Aucifer and Kaikan Phrase were A Thing! But I’m surprised myself that it isn’t a mobage-turned-anime this time.


I hope this will be good!
Call me a Lost Eden stan from now.


O-o what band is playing the opening?

the in-anime universe band which is called Eclipse apparently … (source)

I am fond of Shoutan (… lol I did say I wanted him in a vk band but … that was a joke universe please don’t get back at me so harshly) and Toshiki Masuda who is supposedly singing that but …
idk …
This is looking like a solid “6/10 just below average” so far?


they tried at least.
OZ doesn’t look VK at all
Eclipse looks better
Lost Eden looks the most promising and most actual VK, but there is still some lack of something.

OZ looks like a band that has already done 10 years of VK and are now softening their look

I swear I’ve seen that chair and background before on the Eclipse pic. I think makeup is too light for their concept unless of course they going for a pirate then I am all in with this band.

Lost Eden looks like anyone one of these newer VK groups.

Hair, makeup and theme is a little disappointing except for Eclipse. I thought Eclipse and Lost Eden would be more proper VK with their looks based off of the synopsis.


O★Z out there looking like Alice Eight-and-a-Half. :joy:


Wow. I can’t believe -OZ- came back just for this anime masterpiece. Natsuki’s farm must be flopping.

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