Visual kei anime, Visual Prison to begin airing in October

Man, this could be SO much better. Not a good representation of VK as well. I’m surprised no anime has really tackled this properly yet.


To my understanding, Golden Bomber is one of the few big names that wide audiences are aware of (without costing a bank and several kidneys like, say, L’arc en Ciel), so them being involved sounds like a marketing choice.

It’s supposed to air today and if it happens to be available on crunchy over here I am going to watch it lol. With 0 expectations.

Still thinking that I’d prefer an ARGONAVIS anime starring Fantôme Iris as the main band, since not only they are very more visual kei (though in that Versaillies way), the musicians involved in music DO hail from the vk scene ( YOUSAY from THE KIDDIE, Touma from CLØWD, kenzo from Ayabie, and Sato from Lc5 )

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I am sure because they don’t really have any talk with actually members of the scene.

Or they are scared of the problematics of the scene? :thinking:


At least they would have covered more segment of the visual kei scene but they just went with Versailles ripoff bands.


If only…

At least there would be something more interesting to see/hear. From Versailles they took only the “uuhrr Vampires…” stuff.


I’m already enjoying this on a ‘so bad it’s good’ level. Everyone seems to have a microphone that doubles as a sword, the CGI is horrendous, one of the band members is called Hyde.


Probably just afraid in general, otaku’s are fairly timid people and we are slightly terrifying XD

I’ll probably check it out this weekend sometime. I know it’s going to be really, really bad but damn that MAL rating is really making me wonder if it is even worth checking out. :confounded:

I was a little curious about Visual Prison but deep inside I knew that it would be a trainweck.
First 3 episodes were not good. The vampire/tournament theme is really cringy. Maybe it will get better. It is disappointing that the Anime is not addressing the fan scene of VK or the actual live house gigs and so on.
Also every band has the same instrumental band and the members are only singing - wtf.

The music is somewhat good I hope there will be a soundtrack.


(apologies for the necro) I just watched the first episode and it took all of my strength to not bust out laughing. I predicted that this was going to be terrible in a boring way, but I actually enjoyed it! Sure, its cringy, barely makes any sense, and it feels like something I would write when I was 11, but I guess I need some dumb, silly garbage now and then. I’ll probably end up watching the rest of it, even if just to torture myself.

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I had already forgotten that this trainwreck was a thing lol

I knew this show was not going to be a masterpiece and i was already prepared for some next level cringe but goddamn this is a whole tragedy. The fact that they are literally just idols is the most disappointing part, I really didn’t think it would be like that… And don’t even get me started on the vampires. I had low expectations but somehow they went even lower, just WHY :sob: