Visual Kei in other media

マオ (Mao) and ゆうや (Yuya) from シド (SID) wrote a song called 「春風と君-Harukaze to Kimi-」 for a fictional band called Knight A (騎士A)

Z CLEAR’s song “JUNKIE” will be the official ending theme of TV Asahi’s program “週刊ダウ通信”

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This is the fourth time that SID (シド) provides OST for the Black Butler (黒執事-Kuroshitsuji-) franchise. The group has recorded a new song, 「贖罪」(Shokuzai) which will serve as the ending theme for the anime. The single will be released on April 12 and you can hear a preview here:

Also, new look:


An Cafe mentioned in another academic paper lol

(I’m researching anime conventions this time)


You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya I wrote a whole thesis on Visual Kei, would ya? Gotta look it up when I have the patience, aka not anytime soon, cuz I don’t have it digitized no more (I think). It’s in portuguese, tough, but it does exist and it got approved. I have a degree in advertising, LOL.


Ayee neato

From 2021 to last month an idol group called OMNI666 was active. They were produced by Dancho of NoGod.

featuring16 from Jin-Machine produced another short-lived idol group called 已己巳己-いこみき- (Ikomiki)

Both started in an event called “CHAIN the RIOT project”, under the supervision of Ryoji from jap death metal band GYZE. Here’s a pic of them with the girls:

from left to right featuring16, Ryoji & Dancho


:joy: just saw this post by jrock news

Oh no it just dawned on me that it’s April Fools Day :sweat_smile:


istg the gackt one will be in the official pipeline at some point

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MiA (ex-MEJIBRAY) composed this song for an idol group called PEDIOPHOBIA

KISAKI’s 30th Anniversary TV special will air again. This time on TV Wakayama

:black_circle:︎2024.4.19 (Fri) “Exciting Editorial Department” 18:00~19:25 Live broadcast guest appearance!!
:black_circle:︎2024.5.06(Mon/Holiday) “Kisaki Band Activity 30th Anniversary Special Program~” 25:35~26:35 Broadcast!!

Casillero del Diablo is one of my mother’s go-to wine. We must have some bottles here. This makes me wonder if I’m gonna be able to buy this wine on our supplier

Visual kei/X Japan being featured in some European magazine about Japanese culture. Pic not mine.


Love how it says it’s from April 2024 but it looks like something that came out in April 1984, LOL

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SID’s 20th Anniversary live will be broadcast on WOWOW
シド『SID 20th Anniversary GRAND FINAL 「いちばん好きな場所」』
2024年4月21日(日) 19:30~21:45

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Shinya (LUNA SEA) & Hazuki (lynch.) will be the hosts of a talk show called Moon Shadow Diner-haretsuki series-, which will debut on the 15th on niconico

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The studio just posted a creditless version of SID (シド)'s new ending theme song for the Black Butler (黒執事-Kuroshitsuji-) franchise. The song is called 「贖罪」(Shokuzai)