Vocalists you want to see to form a new band

he needs to stop disappearing from the face of the earth and come back with something, anything.

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I would like see Zin from Noulla again… In fact, I would like see Noulla again. I loved crazy range of styles and vocal techniques




  • Yu-ki (ex.Malisend). Sometimes I wish he had joined Mediena instead of Ryo.

  • Genki (ex.MeteoroiD). He had a wild, chaotic kind of quality to his singing voice that I found interesting.

Yuki and akito.

I think Kyo from Dir needs to do a new band. He doesnt seem busy these days.


He has like, 3 bands already, do you really want him to become Mike Patton of JROCK!?

Taka of La’cryma, but that won’t happen most likely


RUKI. iirc he had a session band called Lu/V and I wonder if other members had a better knowlegde of western metalcore, also I wonder if Ruki could do well in sounds like Coldrain & Crystal lake, with full English and Full screaming. (I wish they pick a better, more marketable name)

Also, Not a Vocalist but Aoi also had a session band called Aoi with Bon:cra-Z, and I always thought Aoi is a better backing vocalist than Reita (he didn’t scream much now unfortunately) so yeah, can you see my logic here?

He did say in a Petit Brabancon interview that he would ideally like to have 3-4 bands running simultaneously sooo not out of the question! :smiley:

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Mayu (ex.Mazeran)
I was devastated when Mazeran suddenly disbanded

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I would not wish Ruki to do a project using only English lyrics. That would be some catastrophic lyrics for sure.


Well, out of all things that i still have faith on GazettE, it was improving their english,
(Not just for Ruki) I mean, I didn’t even think they would create something new anymore, It’s not like they will release some sort of anything experimental.


Like for example: Releasing a concept album like Division. Where disc1 is an art-kei album featuring Ruki playing lead guitar, and Aoi playing piano, and for disc2 features SiN as their temporary sixth member and was their take on Linkin Park’s Meteora, with a little bit of NIN’s Downward Spiral sprinkled in.

It’s just going to be Ninth 3.0. and besides, isn’t Ruki’s English was sorta improved for the last few years? since DOGMA to be exact. (Well he does tend mumble nonsense on the Verse section for Ugly, but atleast it was no “I Will Walk Toghether”)

I would love for Yui to come back to UNiTE, if not start a new project.
Same for Icchi (ex. Canzel) too. I didn’t really vibe with Hoshi no House. I feel like Shiina Mio is such a magical composer that he brings the best out of vocalists.

I really enjoyed xtripx when they were active, would be great to hear Yo-Shit’s voice again.
Same with Jey from FIXER. Argentum is such a banger.

Mixed feelings on if I I’d wanna hear another project from Byo (ex SCREW), Khryst (or whatever it was called) was hot trash, did not vibe with the instruments and composition at all, which is a shame cause Jin is such a talented drummer and Byo’s got a decent track record of infectious melodies with SCREW.

I really liked Tenten’s stuff with MBHI but never really listened to Lack Co etc. Would be cool hear him with a new band.

And who could forget about “the essence?”; would love to hear something new from Sho. I still bump What’s up on the daily, and it’s one of the first songs I show any of my friends when introducing them to Jrock.

Also ViViD needs to get back together.

I don’t care about vocalists right now. I just want Miharu ex DAMY/ ex Dokuga back. Dude was probably the best drummer the indies scene had.

Tenten is in a new band. It’s pretty good, but not the same genre as MBHI it’s more of a mellow jazz rock fusion. The name of it is 3470.mon and they have all their releases on their YouTube generated topic channel. (3470.mon - Topic)

1st Album:

Also Tenten was in a small project before 3470.mon which was called 9b2. I think they only had 2 releases (of which I could only find one.)

Rosso - Sharon cover:

(Btw if you click the channel and scroll to the most recent upload there is another song with Tenten.)

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Impossible to happen but Eva~イヴ~ from STELLA…, Ibuki from Lamina, Hikari from Vallquar, Daina from Puppet Mammy :thinking: