Weird dreams you had about bandmen

Hi so I had the weirdest dream last night and now I’m curious to hear other people’s weird dreams lol

I’ll go first
So I was bringing some food to my grandma’s place like I did a few days ago, though it wasn’t actually her apartment I was walking to. On the other side of this unknown road there was Kamijo, and I just fucking ran for it. I went straight to the doorbell and continuously pressed it to be let in quick. I was fucking terrified of him for some reason.

Of course this makes absolutely no sense since I am not actually scared of Kamijo, I think… But I did some exposure therapy today by listening to Versailles music all day from breakfast to getting ready for bed. If I get any new Kamijo dreams I’ll keep you guys updated lol

Let me hear your weird dreams, or nightmares!


In your dream you probably thought he was a vampire looking for lunch. I’d have run away too.

I haven’t had a dream with a musician in years :sob: I remember one where Ruki from gazette kept showing me his tongue, he had a stretcher in it and I wanted to see it so I didn’t mind lol it sounds gross, but that stretcher looked cool.

Another dream where I somehow found myself backstage with Aoi (also gazette) and we got talking in both Japanese and Portuguese and laughing at any miscommunication. It was so wholesome.


I’ve had a couple… I think I might just make separate posts for them, I remember these kinds of dreams really well for some reason and I write them down so I don’t forget the funny details. My most recent one was about Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) and I told my friend (not on here but also Kurage) about the dream in detail:

So, I had a dream that I was at a fancy hotel doing sightseeing in this town
I went to this festival just to check it out and lo and behold, I see Ryutaro there. I call out to him in Japanese and he responds, pleased that I speak his language. I stammer and speak with the same amount of grace as a toddler as I tell him how excited I am to meet one of my favourite musicians in my broken Japanese and he extends his hand out for a handshake. I gratefully accept, he tells me that he loves meeting fans in unexpected places, that my Japanese is really good (it’s really not, he just can’t speak English so I’m sure he was happy that we could communicate), etc. Then he starts walking somewhere, and I follow him. I try fishing out my phone from my backpack while we walk. I ask him “Can I take a picture?” but he abruptly stops. Then a notice a group of people has gathered around us and they say in English, “Hey, it’s our turn with him!”. I was like, “What?”, then Ryutaro gives me his camera which he had around his neck. I was like (probably what I sounded like in Japanese) “Picture on my phone, Ryutaro-san, not digital camera!” and try to hand it back but then he starts walking away after giving me his camera. “Take pictures,” he said, in firm and basic Japanese. I was confused but decided to listen to him, even asking “Is Auto Ok? Or is Manual better?” after I ended up with his (rather expensive looking, looked like a Canon DLSR) camera. He leaves to a DJ turntable with other people. Then I notice that those people from earlier have started dancing to VK that started playing. And I realized that I have to take pictures of them. He probably trusted me because I was the only Kurage in the vicinity who could string together a coherent sentence in Japanese but I also coincidentally had photography experience from high school. I snapped lots of photos of people dancing to VK songs. Even my unconscious brain can only summon VK songs in my dreams, it seems. I saw a live playlist on a digital display board and remember seeing popular names such as O.1gの誤算 being played, also ACME. When it was over, everyone dispersed but I still wanted a photo with Ryutaro. So I searched for him (I still had his camera too) but every time I saw him, someone distracted me while he walked away. Eventually, at the end of my dream, I ended up in a sweets shop where he was behind the counter. But the cashier at the shop started sweet-talking some deals to me, Ryutaro walked away, and then the dream ended. I never got my photo… And I still have his DLSR camera.


Here’s one I talked about on MH, but this one hits the funny/weird bill even better:

Dreams about your favourite bands are pretty cool! And I just happened to have had a dream that I saw Plastic Tree hold the worst ever concert. One of Kenken’s drum sticks went flying and some gya screamed in joy or pain when she realized that it hit her/she got to keep it forever. Akira held a note too long but he played it cool, though Tadashi stopped playing altogether and looked really confused before he kept playing on. Ryutaro tried to keep carrying the song but he looked mildly panicked lmao. The biggest offender was Ryutaro though. Ryutaro kept forgetting the lyrics, mumbling his way through them hoping that his usual speech tic of talking like he’s got a bunch of marbles in his mouth would cover him. When they hit the English part of Gentle.Light.And.Soul he sounded like he was speaking some sorta fucked up dialect of Southern-American spoken through a Chinese accent. He also kept tripping over himself. At one point he just fell down face-up and one of the audience members gave him a head pat while he stared upwards, dead inside. And then he ate a bad parfait with the rest of the gang and couldn’t go to the backstage VIP meetings because he was holed up in the bathroom. My dream ended there. God, I wish I could’ve recorded this dream and shown it here because it was the funniest shit ever.

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it wasn’t weird in context, but i just found it strange i ended up dreaming something like this.

i had a dream i went on a date with karma, lmao. :sob: i remember little things like how warm his hand was and i think we even kissed. i woke up that day like “wtf?” because i hardly remember my dreams and it was the first time i had a dream about a person i didn’t know personally. i can’t believe my brain conjured that up. and i’ve never had another dream like that again. goes to show how much he’s my favorite, lmaoooo.


Here’s a secret one I never added to the dreams thread oh MH despite it being quite wholesome, actually. I did tell one of my closest friends (who is also a Garist) about it, though:

I had a dream about Ao like last week but I never bothered posting it to the dreams thread. I was with one of my friends who’s a Garist and we saw Cali Gari performing on the street corner and were soon packing up, so we both followed around Ao who split up from Kenjirou and Shuuji. His Japanese is much weaker than mine so he expected me to be our translator but I could barely speak to Ao because 1. I have really bad performance anxiety (in relation to speaking foreign languages) and 2. IT’S MUTHAFUCCIN AO SAKURAI. So my friend was like “Wow, wow, we’re meeting Ao” and I was like “Yeah, this is great! Put a happy face on!” and Ao laughed like he could understand us talking in English and said something like “Don’t falter now, if you’ve made it this far” in Japanese which made me feel comfortable enough to respond in Japanese with “I’m gonna be strong!”. He smiled and said “Good job!”. Then my dream ended. I hope that when I meet my VK idols it can be like that, where their kindness will make me feel strong enough to use my crappy Japanese

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I had a few since I’ve become a fan.

I had a dream though that George Clooney of all people started a National Visual Kei day in America, but like no one was feeling it. I chased him around I think, when it finally was revealed he was Gackt in disguise.

Other weird ones involve GazettE. Like me having to help Reita with a project that was due, suddenly Bernie Sanders shows up to help us. And Kai turning into a dog while he was aggravating my old Grandma’s neighbor who was out to kill him.

I could go on, but those are my memorable ones.


Not that far-fetched when you think about it tbh :thinking:


I’ve only had 1 and pretty sure I posted it on MH, but I dreamed I talked to & then got kicked in the head by Karasuna Mei, I will cherish it forever thank u for haunting me… …tiger-45 lmao


I was around in my city to a certain point i have feel two hands towards my eyes and a deep voice have told me look who is behind you!

I have look behind me and i have seen Kazuno!

Kazuno was dressed in black was very hot

with an amazing hair style yeah!

Kazuno had the boots black.

I have hug Kazuno with a hug bear lol and i have told to Kazuno come with me!

Kazuno is coming with me and i have offer to Kazuno a great Ice cream was Chocolate with Nuts cream and with up Cream because Kazuno wanted this tasty of Ice crema, then we are gone in my home and we have seen a Japanese movie horror Grudge!

Then was arrived the time for Kazuno to go away the last words was Love you Kazuno!

Kazuno have told me me too!

see you!

Well i have wake up in tears i hope of meet Kazuno someday!:purple_heart::kissing_heart:


That must’ve been a “dreamy” experience!

Well mine was very different we were kinda like a new band the frontman was tomo from vistlip, issei from buglug as the rhythm guitar, and ryutaro as the drummer but he looks soooo young for some reason,

we were kinda rehearsing when suddenly I just see we are all on stage at a local bar just jamming, and then the songs breakdown comes and everyone’s anxious and slowed down for a bit, I really got into the dream and I yelled “WHO DARES WINS” like an idiot but it actually worked, while playing with my ibanez rgt3120 guitar, I was jumping around like an idiot too but it felt good.

The tune was sooooo good tho, kinda like “Boys be suspicious” by nightmare


I don’t remember good dreams that often.
I had dreams here and there with bandomen but i often don’t remember what exactly happened.

Wait, did she try to kill the dog, or Kai??


A long time ago.
I dreamed about a new release from Lin.
Was probably just a single.
I dreamed about the music video. It was a black background with a weird white glowing frame.
I can’t recall much about the song except it was something typical for them. But Kisakis look was very weird. He wore a long white dress with 3 red acoustic guitars attached to it. This acoustic guitars were probably the thing which made me realise it was just dream. I don’t recall what the other members wore, but it was nothing to unordinary.


Never really had one. Did have a dream once I was hanging with Shinoda Mariko talking perfect Japanese. (Note: I definitely don’t speak fluent Japanese.)


dreamed that emiru & saran formed a band with seulgi & irene from red velvet and together they were fighting titans <3


I dreamed last night that I went to a DIMLIM concert, it was in a warehouse full of fences/fenced walls. The audience and the band were sort of separated by said wall, but Sho kept coming through to sing closer to us. For some reason I had access to backstage and was anxiously waiting for them to get ready before joining the crowd. I kept thinking about how amazing it was that sho was so short I could see the top of his bleached blonde head (super rare opportunity for me since I’m 1,54cm). The band was wearing make up, a mix of rijin and vanitas looks.

Weirdly, I was friends with their manager (do they even have one?), he was a big guy and we were really friendly. After the end of the concert, I was heading home by boat…but not before he (manager) came to hug me goodbye and we talked about how emotional we were from the concert.


Only had one dream years ago where I filled in as DEG’s bassist because Toshiya wasn’t there for some unknown reason. I played with a guitar controller from Rock Band.


I had a dream once where my mom went on a very romantic lovey dovey type date with Ikuma (ex Reign) and they got married and Ikuma was my step-dad. Odd part of it was, my mom’s been dead for almost a decade O.o


All the GazettE dreams I had were hella weird… Once I dreamt that Reita kept trying to SMELL me while at a beach. Another time I was backstage playing UNO with the band and Kai got mad at me for reasons unrelated to UNO???


Back then I really liked Dadaroma to the extend of dreaming about having a kids tea party with them (⊙ヮ⊙) (Takashi was very beautiful in my dream btw-).