What are you working on?

Let’s talk about/post our wips! It could be visual art, writing, however you artistically express yourself.

I’m currently working on two original projects, one of which is still in the world building stage and the other I’m kind of just doing as it comes for funsies so it’s far from having anything to share but when I get there, y’all will be the first to see it :eye::lips::eye:


I’m working on my first poem book. I’ve been writing since the age of 13, now I’m 30 and haven’t published anything yet. I can share a poem below if any of you is interested in my work. It’s translated in english, since all of my poems are in french. This one is actually gonna be in the poem book, I’m doing it on mental disorders and everything that goes with it.

Click here for the poem!

This voice

You were born from a soft madness,
This voice in my head always talking
Becoming a part of myself
Making myself sick to the point where I could die…

For how long have I been repressing you?
Growing inside of me, this voice mixing with the others
In an already damaged mind…
I was born with a sickness
Why would you bother me?
Why don’t you go back from where you came from?

This voice whispering me desires
Telling me how I should act
Repressing my feelings
I obey without hesitating
It took control of my mind
It will never stop to talk
She’s with me everyday
May God help me
May he forgive my sins
May he give me my redemption
The one I’m looking for
Since this voice prevents me from existing
From sleeping, screaming my being’s despair
Through a world where you’re not there anymore
Of this soul’s torment which is schizophrenia…

This voice controlling my mood
A softness of me neglected
Abandoned at birth
It gnaws me from the inside
Making my emotions numb
Destroying what’s left of my serenity
She’s mixing with my anxiety
In a mortal cocktail that makes me suffer
What a macabre daily discovery
To play the Russian roulette of mood…
I must admit that I don’t really want
To breathe, to sing my rebirth
Living with this illness every single day
For five straight years

Of asking myself inner questions
Constantly by lack of judgment
Where the soft madness comes back
Surrounding me with her crazy wings
To bring myself down or high, as she wishes…

The encounter of mental illness
One by one, holding hands
Recognize ourselves in suffering
Helping each others
Because when you’re suffering of a mental illness
Whichever may it be, we understand how the other feels
We learn how to tame it, how to present it
To exploit it at it’s full potential
To learn how to love who we are
Towards acceptation of it
Going towards a world with no judgments…
Let’s start with loving ourselves, no?

Maxime Dagenais
August 13th 2017

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Let me know below what you guys think!


just saw @Masato did it, that reminds me of my works.

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ever took minutes to “draw” these. I actually have more complicated one but those are for my album covers, you’ll see them later.


more random stuffs.


Sketch of my custom furry icon for social media. It takes me roughly 7 minutes for making such sketch, and quite much longer to ink, color and shade it. And yes, kanjis on the headband IS a Loudness reference :sunglasses:

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wow I really love it, it’s so emotional and personal :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow thanks. I used to have a thread on here and share them haha. I thought I removed everyone of them. I’m glad I kept this one :slight_smile: Thank you, I appreciate your feedback!

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Yes I am furry
current drawing I am working on.
In the last weeks I make just little progress with the drawing because I need to work on school.
This characters come from a Visual Novel.
I have so big problems with the hands, like I drawn like 5 different sketches of the hands and they still don’t look good.

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Still working on my poem book, finally started back after a few months break.

I translated my newest poem, so I will drop it here in case someone wants to read it :open_mouth:

Start anew

Is it wrong to hope?
Is it wrong that
I’ve lied to myself by habit
In hope to be loved?

From hope to love
From death to life
These daily lies
This crazy lie
That believing, one day
Someone will be there
To comfort me
To believe that this solitude
Might be share with you…

Is it wrong to hope?
This pain is too strong
While waiting in vain
I’ve been telling myself stories
To believe in my in own lies
All in order to meet you…

Reaching the point of no return
Crying and crying again
The lie is exposed
Emotions exploded
They brought me down
Way down below…

Time passed by
There’s nothing I can do
Time passed by
I know I’ll feel better…

A fond memory of you
While my smile is coming back
Thinking to myself that maybe
I can start anew…

May 12th 2021
Maxime D.


I’m working on mixing the EP one of my bands is getting ready to put out.

Been a while since I’ve mixed, this past year in the pandemic was hard on my mental health and I didn’t really do much for my art. But it feels really good to get back in to it. Even if it took me doing a whole mix that I hated and then starting back from zero :joy:

I wanted to share my newest poem here. Here it is :


I made myself believe
In my own lies
To be hurt
By my own heart.

I made myself believe
In my own lies
To finally be able
To be accepted and loved.

Even if I cry
Even if I lie
The pain won’t leave me
The pain is here to remain.

Moving forward
There might be something else
Someone else waiting for me
Out there, who knows?

May 30th 2021

Enjoy :slight_smile: