What are your thoughts on Visual Kei TikTok?

my thoughts on it is mixed i like how i can see so many people who like the same music as me but what some people say about the whole thing or certain stuff are stupid like omg i dress vkei like theres no such thing as dressing as vkei it be called goth or japanese goth etc

Tiktok is a cancer.


i agree on how its like cancer spreads like it too


Oh boy, okay, I guess this is a bit of a rant, so sorry in advance :sweat_smile:

What do I think about VK tiktok? I think that VK getting exposure on there could have been good, and it did bring in a lot of newer fans (some of who are perfectly nice and I’m glad they’re enjoying it!). But I feel like it also exposed the scene to tons of people who have absolutely zero respect for the scene, even going as far as expressing disdain for things normal in the scene along with older/veteran fans just even existing for some insane reason. In some cases to the extent of trying to be moral police to the fandom they just joined, and trying to bully or push out anyone who disagrees with them.

VKtwitter is another issue but I’ve been on Twitter a long time and it seems to have gotten a lot worse around the same time that VK got popular on Tiktok. What I’ve seen on VKtiktok has been far worse, though. I don’t even want to bother trying to promote the bands I enjoy there, honestly.

My advice is if you are going to get involved in either: don’t put up with anyone’s bullshit and be liberal with the block button. And don’t get your vk knowledge from there for the love of god. There’s SO MUCH misinformation going around there, nothing from Tiktok should be trusted.


I stay away from it. It’s a good way for vk to get exposure, but I’m not sure it’s good exposure.


Can someone make a cringe compilation of vktiktok?



Tell me one subculture on TikTok that is not cringe af?? Just one

On another note @bigdaddy your name is cringe af too (don’t take it personal)

If we’re taking about Visual Kei content on TikTok that originates outside of Japan, let me preface with a few points:

  • Visual Kei fans outside Japan had vastly different gateways to the genre depending on their age, country, language, etc. For the earliest fans it could’ve been secondary exposure from traditional media, and as you get increasingly younger, the various alt/goth/emo/anime → internet pipelines.
  • VK TikTok is once removed from limited amounts of translated information curated by forums like ours which is also once removed from actual vk culture.
  • Every subsequent generation will always reappropriate the previous ones culture.
  • Teens grasp onto things that are unique that set them apart from their peers.
  • SNS is a different beast nowadays.

With all that out of the way, what do I think?

TikTok is not for me, but it’s cool that they’re interested in vk. That’s really it, lol. We’ve all done stuff that we look back and cringe on, it’s just in a different format nowadays.

If we’re talking about domestic Japanese TikToks on vk:

Again, not for me, I just use YouTube :man_shrugging: . Also, I find Japanese short-form content to be very spastic.


Nope. I guess I’ve lived a pretty regret free life. :man_shrugging:t2: I can’t think of much stuff I’ve done in my life that hasn’t remained a part of my life.

There’s a visual kei TikTok?


There are tags for everything on TikTok including #visualkei, etc. Most content iirc is made by the current alt crowd that includes goth/emo -adjacent e-girls or whatever they go by today. It’s still just as small, if not smaller, than the foreign vk/jrock fandom anyway so I don’t really see the problem.

Also have to chime in that “dressing vk” isn’t new or wrong by any stretch, vk fashion has been around for literal decades. It might not be the right term for everything, but who cares, really.

I know it is tbh i was panicking when i couldn’t change it

PM a mod if you want a name change.

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People have been saying they dress as vkei but vkei is a movement as you know so what i think theres no such thing

Thank you i was thinking about abandoning this account or sumthin

From my understanding, vkei is first and foremost a style of clothing and appearance. I know wikipedia says “movement”, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s the correct way to describe it. After all, there are no “common goals” or anything to be reached, right.

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as xxxx said, if you want to change it, just ask one of us staff member. We dont bite.
and thanks for not taking it personal XD

I gotta agree with that, there have been also clearly brands that have been accounted as VK brands or have been mainly advertised by VK bands/bandmembers

Usually just shyness gets to me on the Internet

Same as my thoughts on TikTok in general really stupid.