What are your thoughts on Visual Kei TikTok?

It can burn in the depths of hell along with parts of vkei twitter


TikTok is giving all your privacy on your phone away as well. Its one of the most unsafe app to use. They don’t care about your privacy or selling off your data.
So for that reason I don’t use TikTok.

But… its a trending app and people love to use it for any kind of thing. So yes, it’s great to promote your fav band on and yes it’s great for bands to find new people supporting them.

But trusting anything from TikTok?
Know who you are follow, to know if it can be trusted.

Twitter, instagram, tiktok are simply the best apps to promote vkei.

And yes, there is still vkei fashion. Just not as much as before.
Also bandman switched more into combinate very expensive brands to create their all day outfits.


No only that, I had a friend working in their Beijing office…and everyday was bragging about how they all shared some company special accounts to check and “enjoy” all the private videos in the app…which, according to him, were not just typical videos…and all done in the offices…
All this without taking into account all the censorship and “weird” content. I think its the only sns id always stay away (I had to check it a little in my work, a few years ago before its explosion in the west, and had more than enough :rofl:)

I will say i thoroughly enjoy the content that actual vk artists are putting out on it bc it is top-tier cringe material and i am so here for it whether theyre doing it seriously or not