What are your thoughts on Visual Kei TikTok?

Found this on one of my deadman videos

The new generation found deadman? TikTok can’t be all bad I guess…


I’m all for more people finding out about deadman. :face_holding_back_tears:


Same. Hopefully they stick around and snoop further into the scene, and don’t just rest in the surface.

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I’m not exactly the type to thot-shame ppl, but I stumbled upon this gem last night when doing some internet browsing on artist self-promotion, presented verbatim:

Tiktok has by far the most organic reach, but its about 97.5% retarded

so I feel like the proportion might stay consistent within margin of error for fandom tiktok as well…

Can’t wait for all the “Is Mako a DADDY??” TikTok Vids

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I actually recently deleted TikTok purely because I knew that if I opened the app, I would have to see at least three posts talking about “vkei funny vampire music!!” TikTok doesn’t understand fandom culture in general, and personally it’s a big problem. The ‘aestheticism’ of everything means 110% more to them than anything else, and I’m almost absolutely certain that the people drawn into visual kei on TikTok are the same people drawn into K-pop, which has wildly different culture and they aren’t going to spend a single second actually looking to integrate into the actual fan scene that exists.

TL;DR: If visual kei does trend more heavily on TikTok, bands will get more recognition, but it’ll all be empty and shoved aside as soon as they find some other subculture/movement/thing that they decide they’re interested in more.


Even the term “no/boring/normal aesthetics” exist in Titkok there is zero escape you have to belong to at least one aesthetic if not Tiktokers will find one and label you as that even “no label aesthetic” exists