What attracts you towards a band besides their music?

Yeah, yeah i know, everyone will come now. It’s all about music. :clown_face:

But let’s face the truth, there is often other stuff besides music, that does attract us towards bands and makes us invest more time.

I am not talking about their private life.
But band interactions, if with each other or with their fans, behind the scene footage, live photos etc etc

Also if you care more for a band because you simp for a member, i am not judging you for that. I simp myself enough for the bands i like too :laughing:


I think with golden bomber, Kenji attracted me to the band not only with his looks but his humor and personality


i like the 90’s Matina visual aesthetic. nail polish up the fingers, elaborate costumes, feathery hats. the makeup trends now and off-the-rack costuming don’t do it for me in a way that late 90’s early 2000’s vkei did…so anyone that does it these days i like. i still listen to a variety of bands these days even if i don’t particularly enjoy the visuals but i don’t ‘stan’ as hard i guess.


I will invest more emotional energy into a band if something about them makes me laugh. If the members are charming and funny to watch, I’ll seek out more live stuff and interviews


An interesting concept, for example, GRIMOIRE’s concept was about a child trapped in a dark world with his imaginary animal friends (or something similar to that). But if a band has a cool concept and generic music then it’s not enough to keep me hooked. I think recently we had a new band where the members were different animals, and we didn’t actually see the members for a while, but rather, drawings of their characters…or something? Anyway, the music wasn’t that great so I stopped following it.

Bands who share videos of live shows and side-projects also make me want to invest in them.


Bass play throughs from the band own bassist, Or any other kind of playthroughs beside guitar.
it gives the musician in the back the credit they deserve.


hot guy


The name of the artist/group does a lot for me.

If the members have nice styling and look good there’s a good chance I’ll check out their music. If the music isn’t really my style, but I find them funny, I might keep checking their releases from time to time to see if something sticks later down the line.


I’ve come to terms w the fact that a band has to look cool for me to care


To watch the horniest member of the band in action (lol)
in all seriousness i think crowd/bandmate interaction is a reason why i always had fun seeing Girugamesh/Luna SEA live.

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As a designer… Album artwork usually sucks me in :smiley:


Tatsuro head butt Satoshi and Satoshi getting locked up in the toilet were some the best moments for me :relieved:


I wish PSC alumni had a reunion at some point. myv used to be likeable and kai is always a housewive material. (even more now with his matured looks) and isshi tribute… i think he deserve a hide level of tribute.

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Nocturnal Bloodlust.

All the members look BADDER THAN THE BADDEST even if they aren’t Vkei.

I love the absolutely “bruhhhh” vibes Hiro gives off.

Hiro makes dad jokes and I’m obsessed with such stupidity.

Three fifths of the members are absolute gym bros.

Y u T a r o.

Natsu without makeup looks like the nice Ojisan who asks u about positive things about ur life when the original purpose of him paying a visit was to discuss music stuff.

M A S S E R .

Valtz. I like that guy. Idk why. But he’s chill lookin. He’s a vibe.

also I know this may count as part of the music but…

pig squeals ⁽⁠⁽⁠◝⁠(⁠ ⁠•⁠௰⁠•⁠ ⁠)⁠◜⁠⁾⁠⁾


Oh really? i didn’t know that lol. No wonder why they all wear animal ears.

I think the band with the animals you were talking about was Mother

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Aesthetic and clothing choices

I totally agree! I’ll always love the Myv from 10-15 years ago. I feel like he used to be so much more soulful and genuine in his songs and probably as a person in general
:thinking: And what he’s been producing ever since he began aiming for the western market just feels artificial and ‘plastic’. Every even the crappiest song he made from that period was gold to me - like Itoshii hito and Dear my friend.

I feel like once an artist/band gets really big they end up losing their individuality and personality somehow. Mivavi of today looks pretty ridiculous to me and I can’t sit through watching a whole video. So obviously that’s the factor that can attract me to a band or make me lose interest.

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  • Hot bassist
  • Hot drummer
  • Gives the bassist/drummer their time to shine in shows/songs
  • Bandmate interactions off- or behind-stage like was said in the OP
  • Good, strong/shapely legs
  • Foreigners of color/mixed Asians as main figures in their MVs/PVs
  • There is One True Goofball in the bunch