What happened to VIRGE Gu. 紫月 Sizuki?

Well, not every bandman who ghosts other members is the one to blame.
I learned the following info from a fan:
Sizuki had actually been suffering from mental illness. The reason behind his mental illness is crazy fans. Before joining VIRGE, Sizuki had already encountered this “crazy fan problem.” Back then, somehow most bandgyas thought that the band’s vocalist was the only member that mattered, and that the other members were merely garbage. Yep, the crazy fans weren’t Sizuki’s fans, but the vocalist’s. Then the band disbanded, and why they disbanded is pretty obvious. (I don’t know how the other former members feel about it. Hope they didn’t end up having mental illness like Sizuki does…)

Sadly, the history repeated itself. Move on to VIRGE. Ryo also has lots of crazy fans. Sounds like his crazy fans are worse. I’d like to translate something I heard that they wrote on 2ch, so that you can see how crazy they are. “Ryo-sama is such a great man that no other bandmen can ever, through their music performance, fully convey the musical piece he composes. Not even YOSHIKI.” They just don’t show any respect to instrument players, not even to YOSHIKI. They treat the instrument players from VIRGE like trash, and sounds like they especially hate Sizuki. They’d write nasty things on 2ch, like telling him to die. So Sizuki’s mental illness gets worse and worse. Originally a hard-working bandman, he becomes, like, completely someone else. He no longer attends meetings on time, and he’d ghost the other members.
The other members know Sizuki’s mental problem very well, and they feel sorry that they still have to follow the rules and fire him for his “irresponsibility.” (Not that Sizuki is irresponsible, but what he has encountered left him no choice but to escape from responsibilities.) Don’t know if you’ve read Ryo-san’s post about the disbandment. He must have felt sorry that he couldn’t manage fan behavior.

It’s just sad that there were too many crazy fans. Even though I’m not a fan of VIRGE, I really feel sorry after learning the info.
Actually the large amount of crazy fans has long been a problem to be solved when it comes to visualkei bands. Trust me. VIRGE and Sizuki’s old band aren’t the only victims.
And one more thing: Ryo’s crazy fans still write nasty things on 2ch even after the disbandment. At least that’s what I heard.


Did you read the note that Ryo said about everything that happened, available only to the fan club? Its seens not.

Because u are saying is not true and just guessing without no idea what really happened!


Well, like I mentioned, I’m not a fan of VIRGE, so I have no access to any articles that are fan club limited. Unfortunately, the fan from whom I learned the info isn’t a member of the fan club, either. Therefore, none of us know what Ryo published there. We only know that Ryo said that he feels sorry. And I didn’t claim that I know exactly what happened. By “He must have felt sorry that he couldn’t manage fan behavior,” I was stating my conjecture. And don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t blaming him for not having been able to manage his fans. I simply guessed that he might feel that way even though he has done nothing wrong. His crazy fans are the ones to blame.

However, that fan had long been following both Sizuki’s old band and VIRGE. So you can’t say that her info is completely wrong. Her info is mainly about Sizuki’s side of the story. I guess Ryo’s side of the story may not be the same. As to the large amount of Ryo’s crazy fans, it’s true without a doubt. Feel free to go to 2ch (Tanuki) and read what have been posted there, and you’ll see.

And of course, if you’d like to share what you learned from the articles posted at the fan club, I’m “all-eyes.”

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I know what he said in the note! I will not share because is a private for the fan club!

Its wrong!


Okay, then you don’t have to share it.

Well, if Ryo didn’t write anything about the crazy fans, that’s understandable. No bandman would like to risk provoking crazy fans. And “crazy fans” have never been publicly stated as one of the factors behind a band’s disbandment even though it is indeed one of the factors. Unless you mean something else.

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Nice fanfiction my rate is 3/10


I was merely stating what the fan told me, and adding some of my conjectures. I know the fan very well. She’s not the type of person that’d lie. BTW, some of Sizuki’s Japanese fans also know about his mental illness. According to those fans, during the old band era, when addressing a bit about his mental condition, Sizuki did imply that he couldn’t stand crazy fans’ comments. Japanese fans tend to know more info than overseas fans, and I don’t think that they’re lying.
And if you have read the comments on 2ch, you’ll know what I mean. I don’t think anyone can stand being told to die in that way.

I just read your previous comment. Sorry for missing your comment, and thx for sharing. First time knowing what Ryo wrote in the fanclub blog. I think he knows that Sizuki has mental illness, and he knows what the symptoms are. He just didn’t clarify that what Sizuki did is what a person with mental illness typically does (perhaps because they’re good friends, he chose not to reveal too much about Sizuki’s mental condition. Some Japanese people do consider mental condition something personal. They think it’s okay to talk about their own mental condition, but they tend not to talk about others’). I have a friend who has mental illness and used to do similar things like what Sizuki does when her mental condition was pretty bad. She didn’t mean to be irresponsible, but she couldn’t stop herself from spending money in an indecent way, always getting up late, etc. According to her, those were the ways that could help her escape from the cruel reality. Only after undergoing mental health treatment does her mental condition get better. (I asked for her permission before posting these.) Based on what you shared here, Sizuki’s mental condition really seems like hell… Hope he’ll take a nice rest and find a nice psychiatrist. :pray:
I also feel bad for Ryo. Again, his crazy fans are to blame. Even though they seem not be the main reason behind the disbandment, they are definitely the reason why Sizuki’s mental condition gets worse. They must also more or less have a negative impact on the other instrument players. And they could be one of the reasons why Ryo was desiring to disband. I don’t think Ryo wouldn’t know that he has many crazy fans.

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Errr occam’s razor applies here. Got a hard time believing sizuki has been somehow cursed across two bands and doomed to being bullied by fans for being unpopular which leads to a mental breakdown and then a subsequent conspiracy by the band to cover it up. Mind you the source is someone who’s speculating from tanuki which is rife with misinformation. Not saying your friend’s a liar, but that you should think critically.

The more plausible option is the typical bandman running off with money/mitsu/baby mama, getting sick/bored of music and leaving, or unsavoury legal activities that can compromise the band. That happens every year, and is far more likely to be the case for a visual band member getting kicked out.


What a distracting topic even if i only see baseless rumors here! I’m stuffing myself with pop-corn ! :grin:

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On no, I wasn’t saying that Ryo is trying to cover it up. It’s just the way that Japanese people address things. When it comes to something personal or sensitive, they tend to talk about it in an indirect way, or simply choose not to talk about it. Therefore, we shouldn’t understand the whole situation simply based on the literal meaning of his words. Besides, if Sizuki doesn’t have mental illness, who’d endure him for such a long time? Normally bandmen would just fire a member as soon as they find out that he did something that he shouldn’t have done. Two things at most. I know that Ryo said that they’re friends, but I think their friendship is merely one of the reasons, at least based on what I learned from the fans.
And I didn’t write that my fellow fan and Sizuki’s Japanese fans learned the info from Tanuki. Actually, my fellow fan learned the info from a Japanese fan she trusts. As to Sizuki’s Japanese fans, they didn’t tell me where they learned about Sizuki’s statement (made during his old band era), but rest assured, they’re the type of people that hate and distrust what’s being posted on Tanuki, so I don’t think they get the info there. They had been constantly going to the lives held by Sizuki’s old band. They had also been reading Sizuki’s posts and watching his livestreams. I guess they may have heard it or overheard it at the live venue, or during a livestream. Or they may have learned it from something Sizuki posted a long time ago, but I think this possibility is pretty low, for bandmen normally wouldn’t make a public post about such a thing. I don’t know if Sizuki’s mental illness is also mentioned on Tanuki though. Indeed, Tanuki is filled with rumors. Still, correct information can be found there; only a little though. So if Sizuki’s mental illness is also mentioned on Tanuki, I totally understand your point.

Yeah, it’s true that there are some horrible bandmen who do that kind of things. But it’s also undeniable that there are bandmen who were deeply hurt by rude, strange, crazy fans. Like I mentioned above, normally bandmen wouldn’t make a public post to talk about how they were mentally abused by that kind of fans. They’d at most talk about it somewhere more private, so normally only their huge fans know it well. However, there are exceptions. One of the exceptions I’ve seen so far, despite how I hate to bring it up again, is You, the former guitarist from AIOLIN. Before he made the post, the whole incident had already been addressed during a streaming live, that a strange fan (not You’s fan) had been harassing both You and a fan of You on Twitter (now X). You later specifically stated in the post that the strange fan had been faking that fan of his, making nasty comments under his posts and sending him horrible DMs. Even though the strange fan stopped cyberbullying, at least that’s what it seemed like, You already got hurt inside, lost confidence, and wanted to take some time to consider if he should change his career. This was mentioned during another streaming live and in his comment about AIOLIN’s disbandment, separately. Even though You eventually chose to continue being a bandman and returned as Leon from Qjackthe, I figured not every bandman could just return like he did after being seriously mentally abused.
The other exception is the post by Kuro from Rides In ReVellion. Thank god this post hasn’t been deleted.
(This is only a tip of the iceberg though. As to the rest, I can only tell you that not only the band but some of the members have been individually abused by rude, strange, crazy fans. The info comes from a private source, so I can’t make any further statements.)
Although the DM, as mentioned in the post, was sent to the band, not to the member himself, to whom the DM was sent isn’t my point. My point is to show that rude, strange, crazy fans don’t just write nasty things on Tanuki, and that they tend to tell people to die whenever they feel a bit unpleasant. In case anyone doesn’t know, “死ね” is the dirtiest and the worst word in Japanese. I know some non-Japanese speakers think that “死ね” doesn’t sound that awful when they read its translation, but the truth is: it IS considered to be that awful in Japanese culture. And IT’S THE WORD THAT HAS CAUSED MANY JAPANESE PEOPLE’S SUICIDE. Feel free to google what happened to Miura Haruma and Hana Kimura, or how verbal violence/cyberbullying leads to Japanese people’s suicide.
So I’d say that Sizuki may have received similar or worse DMs/fanmails. (I wasn’t saying that Sizuki was bullied by fans for being unpopular. There are comments on Tanuki telling him to die, which is exactly the word “死ね.” Can’t say that no crazy fan has ever directly send the message to him.)

And hey, since you know that Tanuki is rife with misinformation, you must also know that many visual kei artist have LOTS OF rude, strange, crazy fans (and often there are also radical haters, unfortunately). And I have to point out that the mitsu or baby mama thing is mainly from Tanuki and thus can sometimes be misinformation.

Anyway, I’m just trying to make some clarifications. I think two examples are enough to show that rude, strange, crazy fans don’t just, as is often stated in public announcements, hurt other fans. Bandmen can also be their targets. Even though You and members of Rides In ReVellion don’t end up being diagnosed with mental illness, that doesn’t mean other bandmen wouldn’t, either. It really depends on how crazy the fans are, and if a bandman is mentally strong enough.

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And that’s it. I was simply sharing what I learned from the fans, about Sizuki’s mental illness and why he has mental illness. If anyone still feels angry at Sizuki, or chooses to believe only in the general condition, if I’m to put it this way, I can’t stop you anyway, for you have the right to do so. Please just remember to be nice though. Like, what makes you 100% sure that the fans’ info must be baseless rumors :frowning: Not every Japanese fan get their info from Tanuki alright? A “I have a hard time believing in what you’re sharing” is enough. No need to type something like “baseless rumors.” That’s a bit offensive, you know, not to me but to the fans.

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As long as the members of Virge themselves do not relay anything with written or sound proof, these remain unfounded rumors, no more no less.

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TLDR but the moment Tanuki was mentioned credibility went down the toilet, sorry :confused:


In short, I didn’t say that Tanuki’s the source. Some people somehow thought so.

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Thx for restating your opinion in a more neutral way.
I understand. But again, bandmen normally wouldn’t address on personal or sensitive topics in a post than can be read by other people. So it’s up to you if you want to believe it or not. Still, if you get the chance to know some of Sizuki’s Japanese fans, you may change your mind.

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BTW, a good way to learn info that may never be publicly revealed is to go to lives as frequently as possible. In fact, that’s exactly how some former bandgyas of Avanchick learned that NOAH isn’t a nice bandman, long before the news spread widely on different websites. They witnessed NOAH’s misbehavior on stage. Some of them also heard NOAH asking other bandgyas for money. And these were only two tips of the iceberg.
And if you arrive very early at the live venue, you may get to overhear bandmen’s conversations before the RH.
That’s also why I mentioned earlier that Japanese fans tend to know more than overseas fans. It’s usually hard for overseas fans to attend lives held in Japan, while it’s easier for Japanese fans to do so.

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For me these are just fanfiction/fan delusion.

Ryo was clear about him. He was a shitty member from the very start. He took all the money the members collect for the first look shooting and used for himself. How “fan hate” could justify that? He decided to still try keeping him in the band - but stuff like that just kept happening. Not saying he doesnt have depression or anything - don’t really care tbh - but let’s not try to justify his scumbag personality with mental illness.


Jumping in to say that I had to move this to the Rumors section because so far, there is no way to support what you are saying. Because…

No doubt you can see and experience things first-hand at a live that doesn’t translate well into proof online, but as permanently removed fans from the local scene we need a bit more to distinguish between “proof” and “rumor”. The best thing I can think of at the moment is to have multiple people say the same thing, but we don’t have a lot of locals in this community.

That’s why I moved it to Rumors. It’s not a section for things that are fake as much as a section for things that cannot be confirmed to be true. Does that make sense?

I know these “paid thoughts” or whatever you want to call them are becoming more popular, but if we cannot share the information available from these thoughts then it becomes kind of hard to say whether a rumor is true or not. :person_shrugging:

I’m thinking a little of column A, a little of column B. Shitty people can also be depressed, and their depression can drive their shitty behavior. The consequences to their actions, however justified they may be, can also encourage more shitty behavior. And then, as an influencer, you are subjected to the shitty behavior of others whether you deserve it or not.


The Japanese fans and I understand that many fans must be angry at Sizuki. Not saying that mental illness can “justify” what he has done. Just trying to share that there’s a reason behind it. And I did mention that he should try to get some treatment. Otherwise things may get worse in the future if he joins another band.
But at least it’s clear that Ryo does have lots of crazy fans. Read the fans’ comments on Tanuki to see how crazy their thoughts are, talk to Ryo’s fans face to face/have an online chat with them if you have the courage to do so, etc., and you’ll see. And as I mentioned earlier, they don’t show any respect to the other instrument players as well. What’s more, according to some Japanese fans’ experience, some of Ryo’s crazy fans don’t treat other fans very nicely, and it’s very obvious that some follow Ryo only because they dream to become his girlfriend :sweat_smile: These are info that one can only learn from “non-official sources” though. One can only see and experience by themselves.
With that being said, Ryo still has some normal fans. At least I know one of them.

The fact that people are debating whether what another band member said versus what a fan said is true as mind-blowing to me it’s very possible none of them are true. How can someone who doesn’t know the actual truth debate whether something is true or not?