What is happening to koichi (ex. mejibray/8p-sb/trembling bambi)

Why has he deleted his twitter and also some of his ig pictures? I also read that he would be deleting all 8p - sb music videos and songs overall

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It also seems that he has changed his hair color suddenly :thinking:

Login • Instagram he is on ig live rn

looks dead inside
hair color the same
meltdown probably

the queen is busted


Koichi henny u need some?


How long is that guy live on Instagram already, it’s at least 3 hours by now :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


That’s uncomfortable near to the camera

Searching it up on YouTube, the MVs are already deleted including youtube channel from 8P-SB and Trembling Bambi
The music itself is still there but who knows for how long


oh nooooooooooooo what’s next?

are the jakuzza banning him from the tokyo hair salons? botox clinics? are his fans already hoarding the leftover 8psb CD and merch stock?

is he gonna film his next solo video in genki’s apartment garbage backroom?

(I think it was the tremling bambi rock song that finished his solo ambition if his contract stated out not coming back to VK style.)


he looks terrible, is he ok?
i wonder if anyone has a recollection of what he talked about in the live

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Ko went from cutie to butter face :open_mouth:

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Honestly like his no-make up face

So apparently there are legal issues why he had to take down all the videos. Thats all i know, and we will probably get to know.
He keeps most stuff nowadays to his fanclub.

i mean… that’s always been his face, just under makeup, lighting and filters