What song have you listened to the most?

Hi what song have you people played/listened to the most out of any song ever. It can be any genre.
My most played song is To Dazzling Darkness by the GazettE


What are we basing it on? Last.fm or Spotify statistics? Itunes statistics? A gut feeling? I ask because my answer varies.

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Just your gut feeling whatever song you feel like you listened to the most!

  1. The entire Ninth album by The GazettE. I listened to it every so often when it came out and I still do it from time to time.

  2. Rabureta, from Xaa Xaa. I listened to it A LOT when I discovered it and still do. I even know the lyrics, and I can hardly ever learn the lyrics to any song.

  3. I don’t know if it counts, but I always get very obsessed with a specific song. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with some of Kizu - I don’t remember the name - and with Kage, of Xaa Xaa.

I speak Spanish and I am with the translator. Sorry if it is not understood.


For this month, Scarlet Cross or Fields of Bone by Black Veil Brides so far. For this year, 紬糸 (tsumugi ito) by Fatima, though it’s probably really tied with 消せない雨 (kesenai ame). Coulda sworn I listened to Downer/Love Me more, but I guess not. Over the entire time I’ve had last.fm, it’s still zombie by Versailles. I might’ve played the song over and over for a few days back when it came out… lmao


FeaDior’s 恋愛ルーレット (renai roulette) with by now 4.054 scrobbles according to last.fm. Plus all other sources like MP3 players, iPod, mobile phone and when scrobbling was disabled.
The song of theirs I listened to least often is 零-ZERO- with 3.322 scrobbles.
After this there’s Gazette’s TO DAZZLING DARKNESS (1.547), CODA (1.415) and Jewel’s Crazy Game (1.309).

My Wrapped and my Spotistats say Diru’s “Oboro” right now. I listened to it so often that spotify picked up on it and started playing it as the next song after any J-stuff I listened to and I just couldn’t say no to that

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Since '06 baby~ This followed me through my PSP, dumbphones, Blackberry, and every subsequent device that could play music. Shoutouts to my fellow UVERtoots if anyone else remembers that ;).


Don’t know for sure but I’d say it’s 輪郭 by Dir en Grey. Specifically the radio edit. I listened to it religiously before it actually released.

Since I changed my phone in the second half of the year the stats I have are affected by it. My music player says that my top listened song so far is Come as you are by Nirvana followed by Sakura no mankai no ki shita de by Merry Go Round. My all time most listened to song is probably from Korn since I listened to them obssesively when I was in high school. Probably Falling away from me or some of the softer ones like Do what they say or Tearjerker

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My Audioplayer only phone actually keeps statistics of what i play most, they are just a bit messy from me listen each night the exact same Audiobook over and over again.

But according to my Audioplayer, my most played songs recently are Kizu’s Strawberry blue, Fade away by Graupel and Lullaby by A Ghost of Flare (@JohnN you saw that last one coming right? :sweat_smile::joy:)

According to my gut feeling, i know i have been playing Graupels Fade away and Apathy pretty strong on repeat.
And my gut feeling also tells me Lullaby would be still one of my most played songs since the lasty… Weeks? Months? I don’t know :sweat_smile:


That’s hard to say for me. I’m guessing that mostly songs from Opeth will fill up my top 10 since that’s the only band I’ve been listening to on a regular basis since around 2010. Speaking of albums, it’s most probably DOGMA by GazettE. That album is just perfect to me.

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Most often I listen to lynch. and DEATHGAZE, but lately I began to listen something heavier, namely DEVILOOF, DEXCORE and JILUKA.
By lynch. mostly I listen to SORROW, PHANTOM, ASTER and AMBLE. By DEATHGAZE forsaken, SINNER, proof and also SORROW. By DEVILOOF Goujin Sangoku and ESCAPE. By DEXCORE DRAGOUT and Naked. And by JILUKA Ajna and KUMARI.


First songs in the top 25 playlist on Apple Music

MUNIMUNI, KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND and old cali≠gari songs, based on my Last fm.

Probably だらりどろり by Doku and their 僕と嫉妬 single. Maybe just Doku in general.

Also the entirety of Dokuga’s [0] release front to back. It’s so good.


My top 5 are

  1. Henna merry go round by gulu gulu
  2. Kubiwa kyouiku no susume by gulu gulu
  3. Estsutotsu by kiryu
  4. Amaterasu by kiryu
  5. 0 by kizu
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I’ve only had my current music player app for three or so months, my most played on there is Rikashitsu by Plastic Tree at a cool 111 plays, so that’s probably my most-listened to song of the year.

Here are a few contenders for my all-time most-played since I have no way of checking:

Dir en grey - LOTUS

Against Me! - 333

Kanye West - Bound 2

Galneryus - Angel of Salvation

Yellowcard - Holly Wood Died (insert Juice WRLD comment here)

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My fav :heart_eyes:


Oooooh, yes, classic JRock album. Tobira is my favorite, but Yasashisa no Shizuku is constantly on rotation

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