What video games are you playing?

So what are y’all playing? How’s it going?

I’m playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Genshin Impact. In Y7 I’m on chapter 11 and in Genshin I’m doing dailies since I have no reason to do pulls since I got Zhongli at the start of his banner.


@Jenova How is the new Yakuza game? I’ve played Judgement and Yakuza (Kiwami/0), and I liked both of them lot, so I was curious how this one was.

As of now, I’m playing some visual novel games (otome games) and Mario Odyssey. Finding those various moons is a killer, lol.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - Still working my way through this one. It’s a strategy, turn-based RPG with permadeath. Definitely challenging (especially keeping all of the characters alive, lol), but it’s a lot of fun!

@monkeybanana it’s so good ;3; Instead of a brawler, It’s a traditional JRPG with a job system but it’s thoroughly a Yakuza game. I’m planning on doing everything so it’s going to take a good long while to finish.


Been playing Genshin for 1 and a half month now, man this game is addicting!
Also recently finished Piofiore fated memories (otome) and currently playing Cafe enchante (otome).


Oh sweet! I’m actually waiting on my Yakuza : Like a Dragon to ship on next tuesday haha. And I was going to ask how is it, but you answered XD I love JRPG, so this is going to be blast. It’s going to be my first Yakuza actually. I can’t wait to play!

Also, lately I’ve been trying to play Cyberpunk 2077, but so many bugs and all, no sounds in dialogue, gonna wait for a patch.

I’m a bit late to the party but I’m around 15 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn and I’m loving it! Eagerly awaiting the Jan and Feb patches for Cyberpunk 2077 so I can finally play it though.

Recently I’m playing Genshin Impact and I’m in a mood to play some old games like Heroes of Might and Magic III.

I played Asphalt - Urban GT 2 on my PSP a little bit yesterday, 4 single races, and I’m still impressed about the really solid control and visual. I’m not the biggest racing fan in the world, but don’t get used to the control of Gran Turismo on PSP for some reasons in the past, it just feels stiff. Colin McRae series on PSP are fine, but the gameplay is flawed. I think this Asphalt is a worthy title, followed by the best racing franchise on PSP, WipeOut Pulse and WipeOut Pure. nah, Need For Speed titles on PSP are all over the place, maybe No. 4 on the list.

too bad, Asphalt series goes too “far”, since I don’t like mobile gaming in general…

Cyberpunk - don’t even hate. It works flawlessly on the PS5 despite some minor glitches here and there and occasional crashing. I still like the game, the story and the music.

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Sweet, must runs smoothly on PS5, on PS4 Cyberpunk is a pain. I can’t play at all atm :frowning: But for the few time I was able to play before the patch where I don’t hear dialogue, it’s great!

Been super busy the last month but now I’m starting to play all the MGS in chronological order.

I’ve been trying to play Cyberpunk, but playing on a base PS4, I can’t get into a firefight without the game either crashing or dying due to frame loss. There’s so many glitches and texture package losses that it’s unplayable and a miserable experience on base consoles. I’m currently awaiting their response to refunds for those who bought physical releases.

More like Cyberflunk 2020 amirite?

I’ll see myself out now

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I didn’t realize how bad it truly played out on PS4/XBO until I saw some YouTube videos. That is absolutely horrendous. While my experience isn’t as bad as others, I do hope you can get a refund.

Also, I know a lot of Twitter backlash is going towards CD Projekt Red. I don’t really blame them… I blame the stockholders, etc. who were pushing for the game to come out. You can tell the game isn’t even finished or in a complete form. It’s sad and unfortunate but I don’t put the blame on the developers. They have been trying so hard to make it a perfect game. I wouldnt’ve even minded another delay and i’m sure others wouldn’t either since it was delayed so many times before.

The game definitely needed a lot more time in development. I’m sure the decision to release it pre-holidays was entirely on the suits, not the developers, but the constant excuses were bullshit. They hid the base-level console copies and told reviewers they could only use pre-approved footage. Not to mention them saying “no wonder it runs bad on 7-year-old hardware” when this game was announced and started development before the PS5/Series X was even announced or conceived. So nice try.

Given the season I’m playing through some old games that have snow levels, Crash Bandicoot 2, Digimon World, Pokemon Platinum.
I’m planning to get the new Yakuza soon, although I love the gameplay of all of the previous entries I’m a big JRPG fan so a mix of the Yakuza world and rpg system is up my street.

Animal Crossing is about it. I have started Age of Calamity [Hyrule Warriors], but I haven’t been in focus when it comes to gaming.

Been mostly playing DOOM 2, more specifically the WADs that showed up recently on Switch.

Hoping to get Hyrule Warriors 2 for Xmas.

I try to stay away from new games mostly due to the ridiculous hype and toxicity surrounding them. Can’t keep me away from Zelda for long, though.


I’ve been recently getting back into Animal Crossing due to the winter event. It’s so pretty and cute!