What video games are you playing?

I’ve been sucked in by Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on PS4 (after loving it on PS2 I finally got to have this remaster) and some Pokemon Brilliant Pearl on Switch.

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100%! This was the reason I stopped playing for a month. The beginning and middle of the game I thought were pretty nice and remembered thinking “wow the pacing is great!” and then there’s a point at the start of the end where I just lost all interest. I finally decided (after a month break) to just sit down and play through the end and get it over with.


Yep this was my exact experience lol. The back half was such a slog. IMO it really needed to slim down its story if it wanted to be a pure action game with basic MMO sidequests. I’m curious to see just what they do for DLC, but I wouldn’t say I’m excited


@Missa @Coyote I was able to find some time today and just finished


fighting Kupka in Rosaria.

How much further would you guys say I have left?

You still have quite a ways to go, I think you’re around halfway there. Your home screen will give you a percentage when you hover over the game and that’s quite accurate. If you’re doing all the sidequests, though, your playtime is gonna balloon towards the last few story events.

Oh, yeah still quite a bit. Yeah, I see all the time but have found the accuracy varies from game to game. I know I can look it up, but am trying to avoid spoilers. I am trying to complete all the side quests at least for my first playthrough. But I’m dreading the end now. Those side quests are a mixes bag.

Yeah I also went through the side quests, it feels necessary for a game that wants to prioritize its narrative. If it’s any consolation there are a number of quests in the last two batches that are decent to almost-enjoyable, so that helps. But it did really stunt the pace of my playthrough near the end.

You’re real close to where my interest started to die hahahaha


Good to hear there are at least a handful of good ones coming up. I’m also playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and honestly, I enjoy FF XVI side quests a looot more. The rewards are kinda bunk in the game since gear, accessories, and gil don’t really matter. But I like there are at least story bits and character interactions. In a game like Tears of the kingdom, I just don’t care what the characters are saying and what the overarching story is since it hasn’t changed since the very first NES game. So, I give FF XVI that much.

Wonderful, I can begin to hate! I’m at least looking forward to a change in scenery. I know there’s a desert coming up.

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I’m in the same spot and I’m growing weary too, lol.

And… I’ve been playing pretty well only FF16 since it came out, which proves how little time I have these days D:<

Right now, I’m back in Resident Evil 4 for the Separate Ways DLC. It’s been awesome.

Oh, man, I shouldn’t be allowed in this topic.
If we avoid all the small aside games, here’s my prime list:

Darksiders 2 - 20 times
Darksiders 2 Deathinitive edition
Darksiders 3
Darksiders Genesis
Flatout 2 - over 10 times
Flatout Ultimate Carnage
NFS Most Wanted
Asphalt Airborne 8
Resident Evil
Assasin’s Creed
Sims 3, come on, building houses. Other things I don’t care about.
No More Heroes
No More Heroes 2
No More Heroes 3
Travis Strikes Again

Tried Witcher but laptop spit it out at my face, it was way too heavy for my poor machine XD

Am currently picking myself back up after waltzing into an optional boss’ dungeon that I never knew existed and thinking it’d be a cakewalk in Octopath Traveler.

The dang thing and its lackeys took one turn each and laughed as half my party died/were vanished away because of them. I was totally not ready and had no idea it existed.

Man did not plan and God laughed harder.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, 400+ hours and counting. I’ve been playing FOB missions currently after unlocking all the achievements.


Currently playing retro bowl college - https://retrobowlcollege.com/

@Missa @Coyote finished the game a couple days ago. And all those side quests! I’m very split. The side quests in the last act were much better than the first half of the game. But they put too many of them near the end. They definitely could have trimmed a lot of the other side quests + streamlined some of the multi-part quests + sprinkled some of the late game quests earlier. I didn’t mind doing them though as I felt like there were greater payoffs to the tales told in those late game side quests. Overall, I felt that they helped to flesh out the game’s world and its characters. But my god were some of the quests bad.

My issue is that so many of them are centered around characters that I can barely remember the name of, or the story being told is generic or belabors the point the game is trying to make. We needed more quests that focused on the main cast of characters whether it’s the “party” or people at the hideaway. A lot of cool characters felt underutilized because of this.

Another issue I had with these quests is that a lot of the stories were told rather than shown and their plot points came suddenly. The game is like, “oh yeah, I used to know this nasty person I have unfinished business with. They did all sorts of terrible things. Can you help me?” Then you go to where that person is, kill a bunch of low tier ass mob enemies and then the game just moves on. The Lostwing Quinten quest made me laugh hysterically. His vendetta against that politician or whatever came out of nowhere and the tone of that village takes a 180.

The game for me stuck the landing. I got close to crying and felt like the team pulled off the ending well. I liked that it didn’t tie all the ends neatly so that there’s some room for discussion. From what I’ve read, many others wanted a very definitive ending, but I felt it was clear that the the team chose to end the game that way because they were unsure of the game’s success.

To my surprise, I wanted more to do in the game after finishing it and wasn’t ready to move on. All-in-all, a solid 3.5/5 for me. Some of the most amazing moments in gaming mixed with some of the most dreadful gaming moments I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to a Final Fantasy mode playthrough in the future.


I have just finished my Elden Ring NG+6 playthrough. Things are getting tougher each playthrough. It’s the first time I have summoned someone to help beat the last boss, and it went smoothly in one take. I’m now at level 386 and will start NG+7 soon which is the hardest difficulty of the game while waiting for the DLC.


I finally got the time to pick up Baldur’s Gate 3 for the holiday break. I am so fucking lost…first day spent on character creation, reading up on all the classes, testing playstyles and even choosing m+k or controller.

It seems like classes matter on this one, so I can’t treat it like other rpg starting as a spellcaster and finishing the game lvling to melee

Thankfully I got the time for it during the break to figure all this out.

Does anyone else here like a good fighting game???

I like to throw a good :arrow_right::arrow_lower_right::arrow_up:+MP from time to time.

I’m more into earlier games though. Street Fighter III, the Darkstalkers series, the classic capcom versus series like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.

I’ve tried newer games like Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 6, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate too but they’re more fun playing with someone in the same room.

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