What video games are you playing?

Started The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy XVI. I forgot just how gorgeous the game is.


Hope you’re enjoying it!

I’ve completed everything in the lead up to the last boss of the base game and I’ve enjoyed it so much more than Rebirth. People complain about the side quests but I found them infinitely more interesting than mushroom picking and chicken herding.

The combat is definitely repetitive though!

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Finished it a few days ago and it was great! Honestly, some of the best content in the whole game. I haven’t played Rebirth yet (and probably never will) so can’t comment on mushroom picking, but I was mixed on the sidequests.

The quests themselves are pretty lame since most of them are fetch quests or “go kill x amount of monsters”. I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with them if they let us turn off all the destination markers and guides. Feels like you’re just following an arrow rather than playing a game.

The lore can be interesting, but I wish they:

  1. Removed like half the amount of side quests
  2. Wrote a majority of side quests to revolve around the main cast of characters rather than random npcs
  3. Included more high quality cutscenes as “rewards” for these side quests instead of showing characters standing around with the same animations

Some of the last handful of side quests were really good. I just wished they wrote them all like that.

To your point, since all you ever do is combat, it would’ve been nice to give us some other stuff to do than fighting and walking around. Doesn’t have to be a mini-game persay, but a breakup in activities would’ve kept the game feeling refreshing. The Rising Tide felt close to perfecting the formula they started with the base game though. Would’ve loved for the whole game to have gone more in this direction.

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Totally get your points. I’ve burned myself out on RPGS with awful side quests so this was a nice change of pace for me.

I guess I really enjoyed the majority of these as they helped to flesh out minor characters as well as your comrades. I really felt like my actions were improving the world I lived in, rather than just guiding some rando from point A to point B, needlessly killing someone etc.

As for the combat, Clive pretty much has a 4 hit combo, a thrust, a slam, and a magic attack so the gameplay loop gets old very fast. Considering the combat director was involved with Devil May Cry 5, I expected something a bit more deep. I think the combat could have been vastly improved if you could play as Cid, Jill, Joshua, and Dion, just to mix it up a bit.

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I’ve been playing League of Legends on the KR server pretty seriously for about a month or so now, and I genuinely can’t tell if I still suck or if the skill floor is just THAT high :smiling_face_with_tear:

Just beat Elden Ring DLC’s last boss in NG+11.


The difficulty was so insane that I thought I would never finish the DLC. But with a greatshield and a thrusting weapon, you can attack the last boss as you guard at the same time. Summoning an NPC will unnecessarily make the fight more difficult as it increases the boss’ max HP.


You’re gonna make me replay the entire trilogy, if you have a second joystick you can enter a debug command. It allows you to cheese certain annoying parts!

After about 200 hours in the game, I’m at the final boss in the Elden Ring DLC.

I hate this game.


That’s very true. It does feel like the quests tie in with the narrative of the game.

Now this is true. His basic moves are so basic. Without the Eikonic move sets, it’s incredibly simple. Any time you’re waiting on cooldowns doing the same combo gets ooooold. It’s just 4 melee attacks, or 4 attacks with a magic burst in between each hit. It’s literally 1 combo that you just make longer.

Granted, when you start using accessories and find a good eikon set, you can do some pretty fun combos and stack damage nicely. Elemental effects would’ve been a very welcome addition.

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Exactly that, it’s definitely not the best. The whole set up seems like it’s aiming for God of War style combat, but the regular attacks are nowhere near as fun due to the lack of combos, timings, or elements. Torgal, as adorable as he is, is also pretty redundant.

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I have been helping people beat the last boss in the Elden Ring DLC and have been rewarded with almost 50 more rune arcs from doing this so far. It’s the most fun boss fight in Elden Ring ever. You have to stay focused managing the stamina bar while guarding; otherwise, you’ll die in a hit or two.


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